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Swallowed Star - Chapter 965


Chapter 965: Departure

The Virtual Universe, in a city of the Hong Alliance.

After receiving the inheritance, Luo Feng appeared at the booth of a restaurant on the same day. Luo Feng, Thousand Rain Emperor, Cha Man Emperor, and Li Li Emperor had gathered together.

"Blade River Emperor, why did you call us here?"Li Li Emperor asked bluntly. "Do you need to unwind after someone tried to assassinate you today?"

"You think Blade River Emperor is like you?"Cha Man Emperor ridiculed Li Li Emperor. "Didn't you see how he looked after the assassination? Under the eyes of millions of heirs, Blade River Emperor walked out from his mansion unflustered."

"It's hard to tell what he wants,"Thousand Rain Emperor said jokingly, studying Luo Feng.

"Guys."Luo Feng held up a wine bottle and poured wine for his three guests. "I want to ask you for a favor."

"Even the most common wine becomes a rare vintage if Blade River Emperor serves it,"Cha Man Emperor said, holding up his wine glass and taking a tiny sip. "Blade River, tell us, what can we do for you? We will try our best without hesitation."

For them, it would be an honor to help Blade River Emperor. It was well-known by now that as long as Blade River Emperor didn't die, he would attain remarkable heights in the future. It was challenging to build and maintain a friendship with such a great being. For example, the sovereign of Ganwu had taken an indirect approach;instead of visiting Luo Feng, he chose to help Luo Feng's family.

"Just say the word,"said Thousand Rain Emperor.

"We will spare no effort to help you,"added Li Li Emperor.

"I want to gather the detailed intelligence about the secret region of the Ancestral God School,"said Luo Feng. "As far as I know, plenty of the heirs of the Ancestral God School head to the secret region through the transport passage in front of the palace of the master of Bauhinia Island. Many of them must have collected a great deal of information. I need the intelligence."

Holding his wine glass, Cha Man Emperor frowned. "The Ancestral God School has set up three passages, leading to the land of valuables, the land of inheritance, and the secret region, respectively. Apparently, the school wants the heirs to adventure in these places. Plenty of heirs have done so. They would team up and help each other. What's more, once the heirs apply to form a squad in the World of Glory, the squad members must not kill one another. In the secret region of the Ancestral God School, the heirs'consciousnesses can always be linked and sent simultaneously to the World of Glory. If anyone dares to kill their partners, they will be expelled and hunted down by the Ancestral God School."

Both Thousand Rain Emperor and Li Li Emperor looked at Luo Feng. They were speculating whether Blade River Emperor was going to the secret region.

"If you are going, you'd better join a team,"said Cha Man Emperor.

"I need the intelligence,"said Luo Feng. "Just tell me if you can get it."

"No problem,"Cha Man Emperor said, nodding. "Plenty of heirs have been to the secret region, and there are many bits of intelligence within the Hong Alliance. Besides, information is frequently shared among different groups. Give us some time, and we will collect the detailed intelligence about the secret region of the Ancestral God School."

"Blade River Emperor, if you must go to the secret region, you should be careful,"said Thousand Rain Emperor. "That place is so dangerous that even the detailed information and the strength of the undying level aren't enough for you. I know that you have multiple bodies and can revive even if you die there, but the adventure would be for naught if you lost your treasures in that perilous place. You'd better join an adventure team with universe knights. For example, universe knights from the Hong Alliance, or knights from other races that have good relationships with Hong Alliance."

"Come on, then,"said Luo Feng, raising his glass. "Let's drink."

Since Luo Feng didn't want to say more, his three guests stopped talking and enjoyed drinking with Luo Feng.

The banquet didn't end until much later. As they watched Luo Feng leave, the three guests stood in front of the restaurant and looked at each other.

"It seems like he is very interested in the secret region of Ancestral God School,"Cha Man Emperor said.

Thousand Rain Emperor frowned. "Who isn't? It's the most magical and advanced secret region. But I have the feeling that Blade River Emperor wants to go there alone."

"No worries,"Li Li Emperor said. "Blade River Emperor's methods are beyond our imagination. It's a rare opportunity that he asks us for a favor, so let's gather the intelligence quickly."

In an instant, the three emperors left the virtual universe and headed to the World of Glory.


Bauhinia Island. Luo Feng's mansion.

"The secret region of the Ancestral God School,"muttered Luo Feng. "The most advanced secret region of the universe. It harbors the most treasures and special organisms. Hence, it is also the best place for me to search for my third body."

Hands on the railings, Luo Feng looked at the sky in the distance. The halos containing numerous law engravings enlarged, faded, and revived in the air.

"Now that I have fulfilled the third volume of Nan Shen Seven Forms, I can access the second pattern of Shi Wu Wings, which can form spatial turbulence. My ability to escape will be 100 times stronger than it is now. Fulfilling the third volume also means that my law comprehension has reached the limit of the 20th level of Heavenly Bridge. I can't delay anymore. It's time to choose my third body."

Luo Feng's blood was burning with anticipation and desire. Right after the inheritance was concluded in the land of inheritance, the first idea that came to Luo Feng's mind was to find a unique life form suitable for incubating his third body. And then, he could step into the undying level.

"The universe has known my name,"he said, "and the three pinnacle races have decided to murder me. I must improve my strength as soon as possible. When I become undying, I believe my genes will be essentially the same as Zhu Chong Emperor. By then, I will possess the strength of a universe knight, and no ordinary universe knights can be my rivals. Now, I should wait patiently for my third body. It is crucially important for my growth in the future."


Luo Feng was physically present in his mansion, waiting for Cha Man Emperor's intelligence, but his heart had floated into the mysterious secret region, where he was sure to find a special organism suitable for his third body. He waited for 16 days.

Virtual Universe. In a city of Hong Alliance.

On the 16th day, in the same restaurant, Luo Feng, Thousand Rain Emperor, Cha Man Emperor, and Li Li Emperor sat around a table containing cuisine from throughout the universe. As Luo Feng clicked the air, a screen occurred and floated in the air. He clicked open the mailbox and read the message content.

In the long history of Ancestral God School, an array of heirs who didn't think they could make a breakthrough on their own efforts had ventured into the secret region early. They traveled in groups and were extremely cautious. Some received special treatment and thus became successful. Their experiences had left behind a high amount of intelligence for the generations to come.

"What do you think?"said Thousand Rain Emperor jokingly. jokingly.

Staring at the screen, Luo Feng nodded several times. "Very good. Better than I imagined. The intelligence is very detailed and has recorded many dangerous places and special organisms."

"Blade River,"said Cha Man Emperor, "because we are friends, I want to tell you something, though it might upset you. Even with this intelligence, many heirs have died in the secret region. It is so large that nobody has fully explored it since the dawn of the universe. As detailed as this intelligence is, it has recorded only a small part of the secret region. You might want to think twice before going there alone."

"I see."Luo Feng turned off the screen. He would study the intelligence carefully on his own later. "Relax. I won't do anything stupid."

It was a promise given to reassure his friends.

But Luo Feng was not so easily swayed.


The day he got the intelligence, Luo Feng left Bauhinia Island through the God Country Transportation and arrived at the Star Tower of the outer region wars.

At the center hall of Star Tower.

Since Luo Feng had already left letters in the Star Tower, they could be delivered to the center hall at any time.

"I have only 100 stars in my Star Map,"he said. "52 stars have been consumed in my second move. I'm afraid the stars won't be enough for me in the future."

Luo Feng came to the edge of the center hall. As he flipped his hands, an enormous floating scroll appeared. Meanwhile, Luo Feng controlled the stars around the center hall and made them fly toward him.

These were the temporarily unused stars in the Star Tower.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Like raining hail, one after another star shrank and blended into the scroll swiftly. Moments later, 1,700 stars were integrated into the parchment. The Star Map now contained as many as 1,800 stars. Luo Feng extended his left hand, and the large scroll in the air shrank rapidly into his palm.

Looking at this scroll, Luo Feng felt that the star-dotted map was just like the sky full of stars. As he counted, he found out there were 1,800 stars in total.

"The Star Map feels different after integrating 1,800 stars."

On the surface, the Star Map was not Map was not different from before. However, since Luo Feng's consciousness was connected to the scroll, he could sense the massive, formidable power contained by the giant stars inside it.

"By the time I can rouse these 1,800 stars, I'll probably be a universe knight,"Luo Feng said to himself. "With these 1,800 stars, the Star Map is sufficient for me to use for a long time."Luo Feng smiled and added, "Star Tower! When I come back next time, I can control you completely!"

And then, rays of golden light appeared in front of him.


Luo Feng left through God Country Transportation.


After carefully studying the intelligence about the secret region of the Ancestral God School, Luo Feng purchased some treasures that he could carry from the human race's domain. Later, he returned to Bauhinia Island.

Luo Feng stood in his mansion and said, "I have a Mosha clan body, so I can send it to explore many dangerous places. How could I possibly be suitable company for other heirs now that numerous groups are trying to assassinate me? Adventuring with other heirs would only complicate matters."

"Honed Heart Emperor,"he instructed. "Stay and guard the mansion. Remember: Never set foot outside the mansion."

"Understood,"Honed Heart Emperor said respectfully.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Feng had entered the World Ring. At the same time, the Luo Feng's Mosha body appeared.

"Aha!"As the Luo Feng in black clothes grinned, he stirred up the air flow. By copying the talents and techniques of the original Luo Feng, Mosha Luo Feng turned himself into an heir of a different race, but his breathing was still the same as Luo Feng's. Since Bauhinia Island was within the five-color aurora lake, everything that happened on the island was supervised. As a result, the five-color aurora lake was aware that the transformed heir was Luo Feng.


Luo Feng's Mosha body teleported himself.

At the same time, he appeared at the square in front of the palace for the master of Bauhinia Island. He took a step forward and entered the water curtain of the spring at the right side of the square.


He vanished and was sent to the secret region.


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