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Swallowed Star - Chapter 767


Chapter 767

Chapter 767: Sworn Enemy

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’’Fu Wei San, the target's scanning device should be lousier than ours, they haven't detected us.’’ The stronger looking undying being said solemnly.

’’Hm.’’ The intrepid scaled being nodded, his gaze sweeping over the 20 sector lords. ’’Children, the targets haven't detected us, we'll sneak in. Remember, you all have to stick close to Tuo Lu, that way our scanning device can jam theirs and make them unable to detect us.’’

’’Yes.’’ The 20 sector lords all seemed to be frantic to go.

’’Distance shrinking, 10 million km, 8 million, 6 million...’’ The stronger looking undying said softly.

’’Slowing down.’’ The one called Fu Wei San ordered.

The living ship swiftly stopped.

’’All get off, we'll fly over.’’ Fu Wei Sand ordered.

Immediately 20 bloodthirsty sector lord scaled beings all rushed out. The other two undyings followed.

In space.

Luo Feng and their team were engaged in battle with another team. Without a doubt, Luo Feng's team had the advantage as the enemy had only two sector lords remaining.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng gazed into the distant black blur, ’’Enemies?’’

Tai wo's scanning device was only worth 120 mixed elements, maybe it was better than the Lei Quan race's device. However, amongst the undying, there were many that had devices better than Tai Wo's. Luo Feng's scanning device was much more advanced, with his status, with a huge discount, he bought one at 3.9 million points.

The auction of that same device would hit up to over 10 million mixed elements.

Hence...when they were 1 billion km away, Luo Feng's scanning device had already detected them. The only thing was he didn't care too it was very likely that they were simply passing by. However, as they drew closer and began to head in their direction, Luo Feng understood that they had been discovered.

’’Small things.’’ Luo Feng thought, his inherited memories had allowed him to know of these creatures.

Qiu Shi race: One of the tens of millions of energy life forms, blood thirsty and enjoyed swallowing other life forms, they are very brutal.

Just like the rock life forms, some had souls while others didn't.

The blood and flesh life forms, some had weaker bodies while some had bodies stronger than even the metal life forms.

One theory was that the energy life forms, as one of the powerful life forms had all sorts of creatures. Some were well known for assassination like the Mosha clan, standing at the pinnacle of the energy life forms. However, there were others more commonly seen like the Qiu Shi race, they had terrifying soul attacks but couldn't change their forms like the Mosha, stuck in fixed forms.

However the moment they exploded their bodies, they could still reform it, this was a power of the energy life forms.

However everytime they exploded, the harm to their bodies was huge.

And also, they swallowed other life forms, using them to replenish their energies as they absorb, this was also a power of the energy life forms.

Swallowing living bodies, there were many in the universe that enjoyed doing so.


In the distance.

The scaled beings were suppressing their excitement as they drew closer, the skinny scaled being ordered, ’’Slow down, Tuo Lu, we'll attack them first and heavily injure them.’’

’’Alright.’’ The stronger looking undying was obviously excited.

Chi chi...the two undying scaled beings extended their two claws. Mad undying energy began to gather within, condensing and forming a fire god core crystal kind of attack. The fire god core crystals were incredibly condensed undying crystals, melded into a crystal and used to detonate into an explosion.

Even an emperor level undying wouldn't have the ability to condense enough energy to form a core crystal level kind of power.


The two undyings swiftly flashed forward and the 20 sector lords immediately followed.

As they drew closer, the two undyings were already prepared to unleash their undying energy balls.


’’Qiu Shi race, blood thirsty and proficient in battle.’’ Luo Feng thought. ’’Two undyings and 20 sector lords, quite troublesome. Hm? Condensed undying energy?’’

’’Haha, hurry and collect the spoils, once we are done we will return to our base.’’ Captain Tai Wo laughed and said.

’’This battle was easy enough.’’ Illusionist Wei laughed.

’’Back to the nest.’’ Poison cheered.

’’We can finally rest.’’ The white robed God smiled.

The group of sector lords swiftly collected the floating goods about, Luo Feng pretended to look about, suddenly he stared into the distance and shouted to the group, ’’Enemies!’’


’’Where? We haven't even battled for 3 minutes and others have come?’’

Tai Wo, Poison and the others all looked in the direction of where Luo Feng was looking. In the distance, two beams of lights were rushing over.

’’Condensed Undying energy attack!’’ Tai Wo's expression changed as he immediately raised his hands.

Rumble! Rumble!

Two light pillars shot out from Tai Wo's hands headed straight for the two beams of light. Tai Wo simultaneously shouted, ’’Retreat, hurry and retreat.’’ The sector lord team swiftly began to flee.


His two light pillars clashed instantly with the condensed undying flame energy, creating a terrifying explosion. The powerful undying energy instantly tore through up to 1,000 km of space, rippling in all directions. Luckily Luo Feng had warned them quick enough and Tai Wo reacted quickly...hence their team was far enough to be slightly hit by the ripples without anyone getting injured.

’’This undying energy!’’ Tai Wo's expression changed.

’’This flame undying energy...’’ Poison who was originally serious suddenly began to grow enraged as he shouted hoarsely, ’’It's them! It's them!!!’’

The most collected of the team, Tornado felt the flame undying energy and even his expression grew mad. One had to know that every undying energy was unique. His eyes grew bloodshot as he howled, ’’It's that flesh eating freak, that flesh eating freak!!!’’

’’The flesh eating freak!’’ Demon lady and Wei, the two illusionists changed their expressions too.

Mad Wu!



The captain Tai Wo!

They all flew into a frenzy.

’’What's going on?’’ Luo Feng and Rock were stunned.

’’Madman, Rock, that team is our sworn enemy, don't hold back, use everything to kill them. Kill all of them flesh eating freaks.’’ Tai Wo ordered.

’’7th brother! 7th brother!’’ Poison howled as tears welled up in his eyes. He could never forget the scene of the number two of their team back then, 7th brother, risking his life to save them from that undying scaled being. He finally died and was even eaten before the team. Poison had gone mad back then.



Captain Tai Wo and the 7 old members all were enraged, charging straight into the distance, Luo Feng and rock naturally followed.

A group of lights shot over too.

’’Haha, they actually didn't flee.’’

’’We knew it was the bunch of humans that survived back then. I didn't expect you all to come and fight.’’

The two undying scaled beings were excited as they laughed, they were very clear of the enemies' strength. This human team only had one undying that was harder to deal with. Back then, there was another fighter that was very powerful, able to match up to an undying. However he was still finally eaten by Tuo Lu.

Two teams.

One with one undying and 9 sector lords.

Another with two undyings and 20 sector lords.

Both met in space and almost instantly clashed.

’’Children, kill them all, eat them all.’’ The intrepid scaled undying cackled as he ordered.


’’Yes lord.’’

The group of sector lord beings laughed madly, all wielding blades and knives etc, all extremely fast and nimble as they rushed forward.

’’Ah!!!’’ Poison's voice was hoarse, his expression manic as he howled. The originally 1m tall little childlike being instantly grew stronger and bigger, his body began to shoot out dark green vines that madly spread in all directions, he flipped his hand and brandished a colorful potion that was instantly swallowed by the vines.

’’Grow!’’ Poison roared, ’’Die!’’


Poison had already grown into a 12m tall giant, his chest glowing with a glaring engraving gold light, that light shone on the vines. The dark green vines that had absorbed the potion began to go through a special change along with Poison. The originally dark green vines...grew a layer of gold membrane over it.

’’3,621 years!’’

’’7th brother died for us.’’

’’I've been making potions everyday and studying them, finally I succeeded in making one that can combine with my plant life form, all for this day...all for this day!!! Go and die, all of you!!!’’ Poison howled, a total of 72 vines, almost like 72 gold snakes pierced through space and madly waved about.

The two scaled sector lords originally rushing at him were instantly wrapped by two vines. ’’Pu chi...’’ They were instantly torn to shreds, causing their internal life core to break. Their internal worlds collapsed and countless items flew out.

’’It's you, you.’’

’’You ate 7th brother.’’

’’Go and die.’’ The manic giant Poison howled as he stared at the stronger looking scaled undying.

Rumble...72 huge vines covered in gold membrane shot through 1,000km, all aiming towards that undying.

’’Kill.’’ Tai Wo was engaged in battle with that intrepid scaled undying too.


The battle had reached its climax in an instant.


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