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Supreme Arrow God - Chapter 38


Chapter 38 - Duel (Part 2)

Previously, many disciples believed Ye Xing would be angered to the extent of vomiting blood prior to the duel.

However, they were mistaken. The current Ye Xing's expression was indifferent and his whole face was smiling. There was not even an inkling of anger. However his opposite was Ye Yunkong. His faces smiling expression in an instant became dark and gloomy like stormy clouds.

’’Ridiculous! Ridiculous!’’ Ye Yunkong felt like vomiting blood.

Liu Shuangling and himself had arrived hand in hand with the purpose of attacking Ye Xing. In the end, Ye Xing wasn't attacked, instead it resulted in his face being attacked by Ye Xing!

He was the grandson of an Elder, and an elite disciple ranked in the top ten. Yet Ye Xing had stated that he has picked up thrown-out shoes, thrown-out shoes that were below Ye Xing which he didn't want? How could he bear this insult?

Ye Yunkong's face was filled with dismay, and he retracted hand. He looked unemotionally towards Liu Shuangling and asked in a quiet voice: ’’You've already been thrown away by Ye Xing?’’

LIu Shuangling was frightened by Ye Yunkong's ice-cold glare, and with a pale complexion, nodded!

’’Master Yunkong!’’

’’Snort!’’ Before Liu Shuangling could think about how to explain anything, Ye Yunkong had already shoved her away and roared in a low voice: ’’You cheap woman. You dared to hide the truth of this matter from me. Scram!’’

LIu Shuangling did not dare to look confidently at Ye Yunkong. She had not thought that the Ye Xing talking about their falling out would cause yet another. However, within her heart she did not want to believe and hate Ye Yunkong, instead she shifted the resentment within her heart to Ye Xing.

Her eyes glared at Ye XIng, radiating an intense hatred. Within her heart she was cursing: ’’Senior Yunkong becoming hostile towards me is entirely your fault. I curse you to be crippled by Senior Yunkong, and be disabled for a lifetime!’’

Regarding Liu Shuangling's gaze of hatred, Ye Xing turned a blind eye towards in and walked directly towards the center of the spacious plaza.

’’Senior Yunkong, come up already. I'll allow you to receive a harsh beating!’’ Ye Xing beckoned as he grinned and looked at Ye Yunkong.

Ye Yunkong's complexion paled and he clenched his fists, as a cracking sound resounded out.

However, before he could wait for Ye Yunkong to respond, a towering figure had already rushed out from behind Ye Yunkong, and ran directly into the center of the spacious plaza.

This was the disciple that Ye Wenying had received recently, Ye Man. He glared angrily and Ye XIng, and shouted: ’’Ye Xing, you want to fight with Senior Yunkong. I must test you and see if you truly have the qualifications to do so!’’

Ye Xing's eyes narrowed, and the corners of his mouth lifted to reveal a dangerous smile and spoke: ’’You mere defeated subordinate. It seems that the lesson that I taught you last time is insufficient. I heard that afterwards you had not stopped bullying Ye Feng. Very good, I shall take care of you first!’’

During the month that Ye Xing had been imprisoned on Sinful Cliff Mountain, some people had been rather unkind towards Ye Feng. These people were often brought by Ye Man to beat Ye Feng up. At the time, Ye Xing was helpless to do anything about it. Therefore, today, Ye Xing would completely return the pain from this month of bullying Ye Feng had to endure.

Ye Man clenched his fists, and the cracking noises sounded out from his bones over and over again, and he shouted:

’’Ye Xing, you really think that you can still defeat me like you did one month ago? Pui! My cultivation base has already reached the 5th layer of Wudao and have been promoted to an elite disciple. However, for this entire month you have been imprisoned on Sinful Cliff Mountain to ponder your sins. How can you even have the ability to fight me?’’

’’Hei hei hei hei!’’ Ye man spoke before breaking out into a chilling laughter. He coldly spoke: ’’What you gave me a month ago, today I will return it to you with ten times the intensity. I must break every single bone in your entire body, turning you into a cripple for eternity!’’

Ye Xing coldly smiled and replied: ’’Break every bone in my entire body? For a duel between fellow disciples, this seems somewhat inappropriate!’’

’’Why is it inappropriate?’’ Ye Man gloomily smiled.

Immediately, Ye Man turned to the side and respectfully greeted Ye Wenying who was within the garrets, and spoke: ’’Master, Ye Xing is extremely powerful, thus this disciple must use all of his strength to defeat him. Unfortunately, martial arts does not have eyes, if I were to injure Ye Xing, my actions were not intentional. I ask Master to uphold this justice!’’

All of the martial artists within the audience turned to look at the garret that Ye Wenying was within.

Everyone understood that Ye Man must have been instructed to inflict injury.

Ye Wenying's voice sounded from the distance: ’’When exchanging blow, injuries are unavoidable. Thus for today's fight, as long as no lives are taken, it shall be considered acceptable and will remain unpunished.’’

’’Yes, master!’’ Ye Man once again respectfully saluted and turned around to look at Ye Xing with a savage smile on his face.

At this moment, there was also a similar savage smiling expression on Ye Xing's face. His gaze became swift and fierce!

The fight today, as long as there wasn't any loss of human life, all would be unpunished! What Ye Xing wanted the most was to hear these words!

In the garret beside Ye Wenying's, Ye Yundie looked at Ye Xing and Ye Man in the plaza and frowned. ’’Yunlong, today's battle, I'm afraid he won't give up. Why don't you put a stop to it?’’

Ye Yunlong glanced at some of the fans below him and showed a faint smile:

’’Why should I stop this? This was a challenge that Ye Xing himself initiated. Since he dares to duel with Ye Yunkong, it shows that he has a certain amount of confidence. If he wins, he will become an extraordinary talent for the Ye Family. If he is defeated, then it we serve as a lesson for all. If the branch clan disciples want to step on the heads of the elite disciples from the main family, they must pay a price!’’

’’Brother Yunlong, Ye Xing had only just recently stepped into the 4th layer of Wudao. He only went to the Martial Arts Pavilion a single time before being given the punishment of being imprisoned on Sinful Cliff Mountain to ponder his sins for one month by Elder Wenying. He only just came down from Sinful Cliff Mountain, and now is forced to duel. This is extremely unfair for Ye Xing!’’

A twenty-three year old youth(who was slightly younger than Ye Yunlong) at Ye Yunlong's side spoke out.

Ye Yunlong was obviously close to this youth and patted his shoulder: ’’Yunxi, acting heroic has a price. The way of this world, there is no absolute fairness, however it is still very fair!’’

Ye Yunxi could not understand Ye Yunlong's tongue twister: ’’He is quite an interesting person. Personally, I actually hope that he can win!’’

Ye Yunlong showed a faint smile: ’’I also wish that he can win. Both the Xiong Family and the Wei Family have people who are peak talents in the Amethyst Mountain Academy Talent Class. My Ye Family does not have one. If he can defeat Ye Man and Ye Yunkong, his talent would be of the peak rank. OUr Ye Family desperately needs such a talent!’’

While those within the garret talked, Ye Xing and Ye Man had already begun to move!

’’I'll let you taste my Middle Grade Martial Skill, Roaring Tiger Fist!’’

Ye Xing let out a large roar, and his body descended like a fierce tiger would descend a mountain. Suddenly he appeared in the area in front of Ye Xing, and released a single fist strike. Gales suddenly rose, and there was the faint sound of a tiger roaring.

Ye Man's attainments in the Roaring Tiger Fist were more profound than Ye Yuntao. He had achieved the small accomplishment realm, and it possessed frightening might.

One month ago, during Ye Man's and Ye Xing's battle, he had not used the Roaring Tiger Fist. In merely one month, Ye Man's cultivation of the Roaring Tiger Fist managed to reach the small accomplishment realm. This progress speed was amazingly quick!

Ye Xing's cultivation speed of Martial Skill were quick because he had the Superbrain as a supplement. Thus, he was an exception. For a normal Martial Artist, to cultivate a Middle Grade Martial Technique to the small accomplishment realm, even if they were diligent, would usually take two to three months.

Thus it can be seen that Ye Man's profound attainments in the Roaring tiger Fist were not only because he cultivated diligently, but also because he received another's direction and guidance!

For one to be able to advise another on cultivating a Martial skill, one's self must have cultivated this Martial Skill to a very profound realm. Even if it was not Perfection realm, it must be at least approaching perfection. Otherwise it would be difficult to the the insufficiencies and flaws in others Martial Skills.

Those with the ability to cultivate the Roaring Tiger Fist almost to the PErfection Realm, or even Perfect Realm, were few within the Ye Clan. Those who could instruct Y Man, there was only Ye Man's master, Ye Wenying!

During this one month, Ye Wenying had taken the trouble to instruct Ye Man. Thus Ye Man's cultivation base had quickly broken through to the 5th layer, clearly there was a purpose.

Ye Man would interrupt Ye Yunkong and challenge Ye Xing. Naturally, this was an arrangement by Ye Wenying.

He would first let Ye Man take the lead. If he won, Ye Xing naturally will be taken care of maliciously. If he was defeated, then he would be able to wear down Ye Xing's physical strength, as well as allow Ye Yunkong to see Ye Xing's weaknesses.

The moment Ye Man attacked, the entire plaza became silent. The vision of everyone was locked onto the center of the plaza.

Facing Ye Man's imposing fist, Ye XIng looked indifferent. He had not even taken a half step back, instead he took one step forward. He planned to face Ye Man head on/

Within Ye Man's fist, the sound of a tiger roaring rang out and right as he was about to fiercely attack, Ye Xing palm was raised as if it was a blade as he welcomed Ye Man's fist in order to cut it.

Low Grade Martial Skill, Seven Sectioning Slash!

Many people's complexion paled. Although the Seven Sectioning Slash was an extremely fierce Low Grade Martial Skill, it's might was not particularly formidable. It's major purpose lied in interrupting others' strength.

If the opposite parties and the user's cultivation base were similar and this Martial Skill was suitable for the user, displaying the Seven Sectioning Slash was a good choice. However, the opponents cultivation base was higher, the displayed Martial Skill must be more powerful than oneself. At this time, displaying the Seven Sectioning Slash was basically recklessly attacking someone stronger than themselves!

The disciple did not dare to look. Ye Man's fist was so formidable, it would definitely break the bones in Ye Xing's palm.

Only a few people, such as certain elite disciples, deacons, as well as Ye Wenying in the garret, in an instant realized that the Seven Sectioning Slash that Ye Xing displayed was out of the ordinary. Within their eyes, they revealed a startled expression!


Ye Xing's and Ye Man's fists collided!

Instantaneously, a sorrowful and high-pitched blood-curdling scream resounded out!

The disciples were surprised. The blood-curdling scream was not from Ye Xing. Unexpectedly, it was from Ye Man who had displayed that rumbling fist. It was as if they all received an electric shock.

Within Ye Man's heart he was panic-stricken. He was clear that the bones in his fist made a breaking sound, his attack was completely deflected directly by Ye XIng's palm!

He did not wait for Ye Man to retreat, Ye Xing had already launched an attack. Both hands were like blades as they repeatedly cut over and over again.

Every strike embodied one of the seven different forms, the attacks were endless as well as incredibly profound, the strength was astonishing. He cut separately on both Ye Man's hands and feats.

Every cut was followed with the sound of breaking bones. Ye Man's whole body became unstable as both of his legs were rendered unable to support him and he felt like falling towards the ground.

However at this time, Ye Xing let out a loud roar: ’’Who taught you your Roaring Tiger Fist? This is not even enough to satisfy this itchy feeling, let me allow you to experience the one and only true Roaring Tiger Fist!’’


Ye Xing's fist rumbled with the sound of a fierce tiger roaring, as it approached Ye Man!

The breastbone of Ye Man was instantaneously broken into several fractions. A sorrowful and high-pitched blood-curdling scream sounded out, and his body whizzed backwards. After flying several tens of meters, he fell on spot. The pain was unbearable (T/N: For some reason the author asterisked this...? So this is what I'm guessing it was supposed to mean...) to the point he could not even crawl.

In the distance within a garret, Ye Weying's complexion was completely pale. His hands had tightly gripped into fists, inside his heart it was as if someone was punching it with explosive power. He felt extremely uncomfortable!

Unexpectedly, Ye Man was easily defeated by Ye Xing. In addition he was beaten to such a pitiful state, it really heightened their anticipation.

Especially Ye Xing's statement 'who taught you your Roaring Tiger Fist'. This was completely shaming Ye Wenying! This was intended to aggravate him!

Ye Yunkong also gripped his hands into fists, and his brows wrinkled slightly. He been completely unable to figure out the level of strength Ye Xing had reached. Before, he had not regarded Ye Xing as important, however he now not only regarded Ye Xing as important, but saw him as a powerful enemy!


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