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Super Soldier King - Chapter 144


’’I have some friends over there, so I'll go ahead.’’ Ye Qian scanned the room and found Mo Long and the others, so he smiled faintly and said.

’’How come you're so late? I thought you wouldn't come anymore. If you didn't come, who'd pay for this.’’ As Ye Qian was taking his seat, Mo Chun Hua laughed and said.

’’Something came up so I got delayed.’’ Ye Qian said. ’’It's somebody's treat tonight, order whatever you like.’’

At this moment, the Zhao Tie Zhu who had been stuffing his face with fruit nonstop shouted with muffled words, ’’Waiter, one more fruit plate.’’

’’You only know how to eat, not afraid of bursting to death.’’ Mo Chun Hua looked and Zhao Tie Zhu helplessly and said. ’’Right, you said it's somebody's treat tonight. Who is it?’’ Mo Chun Hua asked in amazement.

Ye Qian shrugged and said, ’’I didn't bring money, actually I just planned on dining and dashing.’’

Mo Chun Hua gave Ye Qian a stunned look, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. Zhao Tie Zhu also stopped and stared Ye Qian blankly, then he continued to stuff food into his face. ’’Ye Qian, you didn't tell us to come here just to eat and run right? Is there something up or not?’’ Mo Chun Hua asked.

’’This bar is the territory of my brother Wang Hu, but last night it was taken by the Qing Gang. They also severely injured Wang Hu. So tonight, I came to look for Situ Liren, I want to see if he has three heads and six arms to be able to dare to touch even Ye Qian's brother.’’ Ye Qian replied casually, but a killing intent faintly issued out of his body. Mo Long could feel his rage. Ye Qian was the type that would cover up for his friends even if they were in the wrong. If his own people were at fault, outsiders should not interfere. Mo Long remembered how once when Qing Feng was drinking at a bar in Russia, he had a disagreement with one of the local mercenaries and got a little injury. After Ye Qian found out, he did not ask why, he directly called the Wolf Fang's people and they uprooted the mercenaries. Only when they got back to the Wolf Fang did Ye Qian called Qing Feng out and have him punished.

’’Ye Qian, have you got water in your brains? The Qing Gang is the biggest gang in Shanghai, how can we fight them?’’ Mo Chun Hua asked in surprise.

Ye Qian smiled disdainfully and said, ’’I don't care how powerful the Qing Gang is. As long as you offend my brother, even if you're the King of Hell I'll make you kowtow in apology. You know why the Wolf Fang can tower above the others world of mercenaries and become the marvel in the mercenary world? It is because of our solidarity, as the saying goes ’’one who does not fear death will dare to unhorse the emperor’’, we do not accept defeat. If we don't avenge our brother just because the enemy is too strong, then the Wolf Fang would have disappeared from this world long ago. Mo Chun Hua, the reality is your strength not adequate to join the Wolf Fang, but do you know why I told you about everything and invited you to join? Because in you I saw ambitiousness, I saw a spirit that will not concede to defeat. This is something every member of the Wolf Fang must possess.’’

Mo Chun Hua smiled awkwardly and said, ’’Why are you being so serious, I was just yapping off. With just the word from you Ye Qian, I, Mo Chun Hua, will do it come hell or high water. Damn it, they're just the Qing Gang, f*k, laozi will sort them out tonight.

Ye Qian nodded his head satisfactorily then said, ’’Good, now that's a good brother of mine. Let's stop drinking now, we came to smash this place up.’’ As he said this, an evil smile emerged on Ye Qian's face.

Zhao Tie Zhu still didn't stop stuffing his face with food, he muttered, ’’F*k, can't you wait, I'm not done.’’

Ye Qian was quite fond of Zhao Tie Zhu's personality. He didn't talk much but put all of his effort in handling things. Perhaps it was really as Mo Long said, Zhao Tie Zhu was a natural hunter, he had the potential to be sharpshooter.

Mo Chun Hua gave Zhao Tie Zhu a helpless look, then gave Ye Qian a mischievous laugh and said, ’’I'm really good at picking a fight, watch.’’

After he said this, Mo Chun Hua grabbed a bottle of alcohol from the table and smashed it against the table, then he yelled, ’’Waiter, waiter!’’

After hearing Mo Chun Hua's shouts, the bar's host came over and respectfully asked, ’’Greetings, may I ask if there is anything you need sir?’’

Mo Chu Hua grabbed alcohol from the table and yelled argumentatively, ’’F*k, what kind of damn bar is this, bringing fake wine to trick laozi? Think we're fools?’’

The host became dumbstruck. He knew that Mo Chun Hua was just picking a fight. He had been in this kind of place for so long so he had a sight for these things. But guests were still guests, he hadn't really caused a real argument yet so he still had to be respectful. ’’Sir, I think you are mistaken. Our bar's alcohol comes from a properly regulated distributor, all of it is genuine. There are no fakes.’’ The bar's host replied.

’’Genuine? Genuine is like this? There's no aroma at all, you think laozi is an idiot?’’ Mo Chun Hua said.

Just as the host was preparing to reply, Zhao Tie Zhu finished his last piece of watermelon. Immediately and without warning he picked up a plate and brought it down onto the host's head. Instantly the plate's shattered pieces fell to the ground and fresh blood flowed down from the host's head. ’’Quit babbling and bring the manager.’’ Zhao Tie Zhu said.

This scene made Ye Qian, Mo Long and Mo Chun Hua stunned. This xiaozi was really direct.

Zhao Tie Zhu gave Mo Chun Hua a look then said, ’’Yammering all day, if you just did it like this then the problem would be handled immediately, f*k.’’

Mo Chun Hua was thoroughly speechless. He gave Zhao Tie Zhu a thumbs up and said, ’’You're awesome, damn.’’

Situ Liren who was at the back of the bar knitted his brows when he saw this happen. He said to the people beside him, ’’Who are those people? Have you seen them before?’’

The junior brother behind looked at Ye Qian and the others and then said, ’’Never seen them before, they must not mix up in the underworld.’’

Situ Liren nodded and said, ’’Go out and settle that. Remember, diplomacy before violence, we're cultured people, understand? Tell them this is the Qing Gang's territory. If they fail to cooperate, still don't make a big mess. Just teach them a little lesson.’’

’’Yes!’’ The subordinate behind Situ Liren called a few people over to go with him.

When they reached Ye Qian's table, he gave the host a meaningful look, hinting for him to leave, then he swept his eyes over Ye Qian and the other and said, ’’Everybody, is the service not satisfactory?’’

Translated by:

  • korezmi

Edited by:

  • Furutze


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