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Super Gene - Chapter 177


Chapter 177: Shooting the Commercial

The whole process of shooting the commercial lasted a total of thirteen days, much less than the original plan. Liu Changming and Xu Wenchang were more than satisfied with the result.

Han Sen too was happy about everything. In addition to working with a beautiful actress, he also ended up having his Silver Killer modified.

After the modification, Silver Killer was not only equipped with a weapon system, but also shrunk in size. It was only as big as a fifteen-inch laptop at this point and Han Sen could take it with him anywhere.

Liu Changming told him that it was the best the current technologies could reach and a breakthrough in science had to be made before its size could be further reduced.

In accordance with their agreement, Han Sen was also given an SKTS, which had a special Digang mark on it, meaning it could enjoy life-long free maintenance service. Unless this warframe was completely scrapped, anything could be fixed for free in a Digang maintenance station.

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