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Super Gene - Chapter 119


Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Ji Yanran

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

To enhance team spirit among students, Blackhawk always trained students by room. So the leader of a room would have more say in most things. That was why they were all trying to be the leader.

’’Shi Zhikang, that does not really make sense. Age does not represent anything. I think as a leader, one must be intelligent to gain most benefits for our room. My IQ is 167. How about you? ’’A gentle and delicate teenager blinked and said.

’’Lu Meng, that is not true either. IQ is nothing. I think for a leader the most important thing is EQ. Many with high IQ are idiots in real life. How can someone like that be our leader?’’ retorted the cunning big man Shi Zhikang.

’’Who are you calling an idiot?’’ Lu Meng squared his shoulders and wanted to argue with Shi Zhikang, but cringed as he saw Shi raising his sturdy arm that could bear the weight of a horse.

’’We are all in Department of Archery, so let's decide who the leader is by archery. Whoever is the best shot should be our leader so that we could establish a goal together,’’ suggested Zhang Yang with big eyes, bushy eyebrows and sunny disposition while doing push-ups.

’’New guy, what do you say?’’ Shi Zhikang and Lu Meng looked to Han Sen.

’’I think that fellow has a point. Since we are all archery students, the best archer should be our leader.’’ As a part of the group, Han Sen felt it was necessary for him to express his opinion.

’’Two votes versus one vote versus one vote. It's done then. We will see who is the best archer by each shooting ten arrows and whoever gets the highest score will be our leader,’’ Zhang said and jumped up. Sweat fell from his bronze skin and he disregarded it. Hugging Shi Zhikang and Lu Meng, he said, ’’In any case, we are classmates and roommates. Learning and making progress together is the most important thing. Before graduation, we need to make our Department of Archery the best in the entire Alliance. Brothers, work together!’’

’’Get out!’’ Shi Zhikang and Lu Meng threw Zhang's arms off. They were tired of the preaching of this hot-blooded kid the past few days.

The four young men went to the training hall, and Zhang Yang got the highest score, shooting at bullseye every time.

Lu Meng was second, Han Sen third, and Shi Zhikang the biggest and oldest was fourth.

Han Sen did not want to be the leader, runner-up, or the last, so he got himself the third place.

The first three months in Blackhawk was the hardest. Every day they must attend the collective training and lectures. They must grasp all the basic knowledge in these three months.

Although they were in Department of Archery, they still needed to learn using firearms, operating warframes, driving aircrafts and other fundamentals.

Blackhawk had way better facilities than the integrated compulsory education system. All kinds of firearms, warframes and aircrafts can be practiced on and Han Sen had learned many things that he had not even heard of before. In these three months, Han Sen was learning like a sponge constantly absorbing water.

Three months later, all four of them passed a comprehensive assessment and officially became Blackhawk students.

In addition to a few compulsory courses, the rest were all elective courses. Apart from not being allowed to leave the school, they were quite free. As long as one could pass the semi-annual assessment, one could even skip all the courses.

But if one failed the assessment, there was only one opportunity to take it again, and if one failed the second time, one would be expelled from school with no exception.

There was a special teleport station on campus, and anyone could go to God's Sanctuary at any time. There was not too many restrictions about that.

The four young men who had just passed the comprehensive assessment ordered a few dishes and several bottles of wine at the cafeteria, celebrating the beginning of their life in Blackhawk.

When they were enjoying the meal, the holographic image in the cafeteria became a match, and instead of combat, it was a game of Hand of God.

’’Ji Yanran!’’ Shi Zhikang suddenly shouted, staring at the pretty girl in the holographic image.

Even Lu Meng and Zhang Yang were staring at Ji Yanran.

’’She is famous?’’ Han Sen saw Ji Yanran and was reminded of their agreement on the way here. But then he was too busy and forgot about it.

’’Are you serious? You don't know our campus belle? She is a junior now. Her sweet face, seductive figure, fair skin and 36D...’’ Shi Zhikang stopped and looked around. He continued when seeing everyone was paying attention to the image, ’’Ji Yanran is also the president of Hand of God Society. She is among top 5 at this game in our school. A goddess with both brain and beauty. She has many suitors but no one was successful.’’

’’Why?’’ asked Han Sen.

’’No one is good enough for her. I heard that her family has quite some influence in the military, and ordinary families simply are not their match,’’ said Shi Zhikang with some regret.

’’Even if her family was okay with it, Ji Yanran will certainly not go out with you.’’ Lu Meng curled his lips.

’’As if she would go out with you!’’ Shi Zhikang was unwilling to show any weakness.

’’Ha-ha, where there is a goal there is hope. You have to stay hopeful. Since Ji Yanran is the president of Hand of God Society, let's join that society and try to approach her. If she sees our potentials, maybe she will go out with one of us,’’ suggested Zhang Yang confidently.

Shi Zhikang and Lu Meng's eyes lit up, and they agreed hurriedly, ’’Great idea. Let's go. We will apply for Hand of God Society right now.’’

Before Han Sen could finish eating, he was dragged by the three to Hand of God Society.

When they got there, all four of them were stunned and understood the meaning of ’’people mountain people sea.’’ The line of applicants was so long that it almost went out of the school gate.

’’Ahem, I think we are so handsome that we don't need to be with Ji Yanran all day and she will still go out with us,’’ Shi Zhikang said.

’’Shi, well-said. We are in Department of Archery and must join an archery society. No need to waste our time here,’’ said Lu Meng solemnly.

’’I agree with both of you.’’ Han Sen nodded quickly when seeing the long line. If he waited in the line, his whole day would be wasted.

’’Go in the line now! A real man never quits.’’ Zhang Yang grabbed Shi and Lu and joined the line.

Han Sen was lucky that Zhang Yang did not have a third hand. It chanced that his comlink was ringing and he saw the call was from Fang Jingqi.


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