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Super Brain Telekinesis - Chapter 48


Chapter 048 Documentary: Primitive Exploration

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The following day, Wu Hao, through a variety of ways and disguises, exchanged these hundred some jades to several domestic companies and Hong Kong buyers. Exchanging them for US dollars, Wu Hao had long ago prepared an anonymous Swiss bank account for this.

And these hundred plus pieces of jade had brought him a full 1.5 billion US dollars. Such speed in making money was really god-like.

Investing in jade stones, in just one night, it brought the best outcome for Wu Hao.

Of course, no one in this world would have such cheat ability like Wu Hao. In a sense, Wu Hao's current ability was even more formidable than that childish x-ray vision.

Because what x-ray vision could do, Wu Hao could do the same thing too. And he could even see better! And what x-ray vision couldn't see, his ability wouldn't have such problems.

’’With this 1.5 billion US dollar, it should be about enough to buy the appropriate equipment and materials. And this investing in jade stones, doing it once is enough! If I were to continuously repeat this, it would only bring more trouble for me instead! Moreover, my documentary would bring me a nice income too.’’ Wu Hao was very clear about this trip of his in Myanmar. It was the same as gambling in casinos, such methods could only be utilized once.

Even if you were to repeat them many times, unwanted problems would definitely arise.

For example, this time Wu Hao only took action for the first time and several people had already marked him. If he was to come again, even with some disguises, he would still be marked.

This time, he met with someone who made their move secretly. Perhaps the next time he wouldn't meet with such opponents. After all, in Southeast Asia, all kinds of dark forces and mercenary organisations infested the other side of the land.

Especially the mercenary organisation which offered services for money, you could get all sort of guys from there. Although Wu Hao's current ability was formidable, he wasn't completely invincible.

Bombs and other similar weapons were still a threat to him. But if he were to face ordinary firearms, he could naturally and easily resist them.

With such money, Wu Hao's next task was to purchase corresponding materials and equipment through a variety of channels . Also, he would have to look for a suitable location to establish a base.

For such a place, first it must be a secret spot and be able to avoid all sorts of detections and satellites. For any location to meet such conditions, it is without a doubt amongst the vast mountains.

In the jungle within mountain ranges, with various human detection devices, the effects they brought were simply negligible.

This was because the mountains were full of magnetic fields. These natural magnetic fields were more than enough to render the world's most advanced satellites and detection tools useless.

However, to build a base which met all the requirement to manufacture a flying device within the vast mountain, it was obviously not a simple matter.

First of all, in addition to the difficulties in building the base, after the completion of the base, there was one factor which needed to be considered, a power supply.

This was the root of all problems in modern industries. Only by solving the energy supply problem would all operations would be able to proceed smoothly.

’’En, I will have to explore around Qinling to find any suitable spots to build the base. If not, then I will look for it in the southern region, Shenlong or the Kunlun Mountains in the west.’’

Although Shenlong wasn't as big as the mountain ranges of Qinling, its level of mystery and diversity of wild animals is not any less than Qinling. Instead, its mysteriousness is even one step higher than Qinling.

After all, Shenlong was located at the so-called mystical 30°north latitude. In this dimension line, there were countless magical event that occurred here.

As for the peaks of Shenlong, most of them were at 1500 meters above sea level. The highest peak recorded was more than 3000 meters. Other than for concealment purposes, the other aspects also seemed to be good.

Of course, if Wu Hao decided to build a secret base in Shenlong, which was far from here, he definitely wouldn't visit the highest peak.

As for the Kunlun Mountains in the west, although there was no beautiful scenery of green mountains and rivers, most of such region was occupied by huge rocks.

However, to be named as China's Ancestral Dragon Vein, that was clear enough to highlight its magnificence. Moreover, since ancient times, there were countless myths and legends about the Kunlun Mountains and were widely known as the 'Paradise of Immortals.' (E/N: For those of you who don't know Chinese mythology, Kunlun is like the boundary between the heavens and the earth, so it's half like Avalon and half a gateway into the divine.)

The Kunlun Mountains belonged to plateau region. The weather was very cold and always covered in snow. Lacking green plants as cover, it wasn't an ideal place to hide from detection. Therefore, compared to Qinling, the Kunlun Mountains were considered as a final option.

Just like that, after he finished dealing with the jades, that very night, Wu Hao flew to Qinling. Along the way, he did rest for a while. A few hours later, he began to head out again to travel across thousands of kilometers back to his wooden house.

After he left for two days, the takin that had been eaten to only the bones was left by the golden eagles. There were only some incomplete parts with the fur intact like the head and legs which didn't have much meat.

It is worth mentioning that the appetite of golden eagles were quite huge. In these two days, because of this huge prey, the two adult golden eagles didn't go out and hunt. It could be considered as a rare two days break for them.

In the usual scenario, unless the weather was extremely bad because of pouring rain, the golden eagles would fly out of their territory everyday to hunt for prey.

After all, although they were at the top of the food chain, as an avian predator, the chances for miscalculations were still not small.

If they weren't hard working enough, they might have to face the risk of hunger. If the bad weather continued for a long time, their physical strength would be greatly affected. Hence, the success rate in hunting would be lower too.

’’If I keep providing prey for this family of golden eagles, will they eventually become domesticated animals?’’ Wu Hao gave some thought to this. Although his idea seemed to be justified and made sense, it was still impossible to turn them into domesticated animals.

At most, he could only make them become familiar with him. Besides giving some simple orders, the nature of these birds as predators wouldn't change.

That was unless they were kept in a cage. However, doing so would eventually cause their death not long afterwards due to being unable to adapt to such an environment.

Back at his wooden house, Wu Hao first uploaded the first episode of his documentary 'The Original Adventure' to Youdou, a video site. (E/N: Think Youtube for China.)

Because today was Friday, this was the day when his plan officially launched.

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