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Summoning At Random - Chapter 8


Chapter 8 : Evil God's letter

’’Now, isn't there some sort of clue placed into the item box?’’

After confirmation of the skill is done for now, Anri asked Reiji a new question.

’’Well, how should I confirm the contents of the item box?’’

The words 'Item Box' certainly refers to the skill column in the status window but unfortunately, Reiji did not understand how to use it.

As usual, with the figures of his hands outside the window as it was, Reiji asked his question.

’’A window will open for you will be able to check it's contents by chanting 'Item Box'. As much as possible, say it in a low voice, 'Item ’’ and after amassing for 5 seconds shout out 'bo -x!'.’’

’’Pardon?’’ Mu,.. Must I do such a thing?’’

Reiji breaks into cold sweat when told of the unexpected requirement from Anri. Tena beside was startled by the unexpected subject, but Reiji did not notice it unluckily.

’’Listen up, quickly.’’

’’I, I understand.


Prompted by Anri, Reiji begun to chant the incantation unwillingly.

From the bottom of his stomach, with a low voice as much as possible, he made a 5 seconds accumulation according to the instructions.

Although Anri's expression is not visible over the mask, Tena beside her was holding her stomach and mouth desperately trying to stifle her laughter.

’’Bo -x!!!’’

’’fufu’’ (holding laughter)

Reiji yells after accumulating to the limit and a display window different from just now came up. At the same time, Tena who was enduring crosses her limit and burst out laughing.


’’I, I'm sorry, Mr. Reiji!, it's painful......’’


’’Wa, Anri Sama! Don, don't laugh.....fufu.....please~!’’

Reiji was surprised at the figure of Tena who burst into laughter suddenly, and on the other hand, Tena who was delighted was laughing painfully. A final blow to such a Tena was made by Anri who was beside. Tena was desperately adjusting her breath in order to stop laughing while tears was forming to the direct hit with apathy in Anri's ’’Bo-x!’’ line.

’’Did you by any chance..... deceive me?’’

’’I did not deceive you. Though it isn't visible to us, a display should have appeared.’’

Those words are not false. Certainly as Anri says, a display window showing the contents of the item box was revealed.

’’Will it not appear if I chant it normally?’’

’’It will appear even if you chant it normally.’’

’’It's done! Then, why did you let me say it in such a way!?’’

’’For the feels?’’

No matter how you consider, it's simple harassment.

It's like revenge regarding the shameful posture seen just now due to the wind.

Suddenly understanding that, Reiji who thought that questioning anymore on this incident would be bring unnecessary trouble to himself, gave up and shifted his attention to the window reading it aloud.

Sword left to fate x1

Leather armor x1

Letter of Evil God x1




Three people remained silent to the contents, wonder where would be good to begin with the perplexing contents. With this line up, even seeing the rather normal leather armor mixed in looked strange.

’’Just like before, try confirming the details.’’

Hearing Anri's direction, Reiji first concentrates his consciousness on the 'sword left to fate' and a detailed explaination was displayed.

<Sword left to fate>

The sword that changes blade every time it's whipped out from its sheath. What kind of sword it'll be is random and cannot be chosen. After pulling it out, it cannot be put back into the sheath without swing and hitting something. For Reiji's exclusive use, when other people try to use it, they will be struck with the curse of restraint.

’’Not only the skill, even the sword is completely random....there is no mercy.’’

’’Pl. Please do not get depressed, Mr. Reiji!’’

’’As for the other two?’’

Although I validated Anri's question to examine the remaining 2 item's details too, a special content is not written there. It is an ordinary armor and letter.

’’Apart from the armor in any case, I have no choice but to take the letter out to read it.

How can I take it out? ......Oh, without yelling please.’’

’’Tsk. By keeping your conscious in mind, you can take it out.’’

Anri clicked her tongue once and replied Reiji, who makes it clear while remembering the trick a while ago, telling him how to take it out from the item box.

When Reiji receives those words and consciously took the letter out, the space before his eyes distorted and a black envelope fell from there.

Reiji reaches out his hands that is sticking out of the windows to pick up the letter.


The sharp restraining voice of Anri reaches Reiji who was stretching out his hands for the letter. Reiji unconsciously duck his head to her sudden reaction as she did not even raised her voice once so far.

’’Eh? but I meant to take it out to as I couldn't read it......’’

’’Listen up. Tena, bring me the chopsticks.’’

’’Eh? Eh? Ch, chopsticks? I understand!’’

When Anri gave the instructions to Tena, she ran to the kitchen to take the chopsticks with a puzzled look.

After a few minutes, upon receiving the long chopsticks from Tena who returned, Anri used that to pick up the letter and placed it on the table.

’’Iyaa, can you not make it like you are touching something more filthy than anything?’’

’’Because it may have a curse on it, that is the natural handling.’’

’’Cu, Curse!?’’

Though Reiji is surprised, when she thought about it, Anri wasn't left optimistic that an item such as ' - of Evil God' is not cursed.

Because all items she was wearing with the Evil God's divine protection were cursed, she had realized it from experience.

Although the curse of her accessories was in fact granted by her own self.

Anri opened the evelope wih chopsticks skillfully without direct contact and opened the letter inside.

’’Yo, I wonder if you are reading this because you were able to meet her? Perhaps, you may have been the one to opened the item box without help, but.....oh, it's fine either way. In any case, there would be no change to say that you are able to understand the situation for most part.

Well, though it is likely to have been understood already, you have been summoned by people of this world. However, I do not have a particular duty to obey the person who summoned you. You're as you are, and I'm not concerned about you moving to move. (TN: doing your own things)

Nonetheless, it'll be a way to return to the original world you are most worried about now, right. Although I want you to enjoy yourself since I've sent you in with trouble, because a person with a target would become motivated, I will show you the method to return.

The condition is to clear a trial given by the 3 administrators in this world.

If that is achieved, I promise to return you to your original world.

For the start is a trial from the God of Darkness, Anbaal.

The contents is 'make the demon king of this world recognize your ability' after all. Whenever one is cleared, the remaining trial will be conveyed.

P.S. As this letter will terminate 60 seconds after opening, it's better to get away.’’

The moment the last part was read, Anri picked up the letter using the chopsticks at once and fling both items out of the open window.

After the weight of the long chopsticks is added, the letter flies forcefully from the window to several meters away.

The letter raised a column of flames and flared up at the next moment.

’’That was dangerous.’’

’’It's good that it didn't burn in the room.’’

’’Oi oi.....’’

Though Anri and Tena accustomed to the unreasonableness of the Evil God exchanged words cheerfully without being particularly upset, Reiji unconsciously broke into a cold sweat at the scene.

’’Well, That aside....In the end, I will have no choice but to clear the three god's trials for me to return to my original world?’’

’’Mr. Reiji.....’’

’’Since the method to move from this world to your world is being held by the above mentioned, I think there is no other way.’’

’’That's so, isn't it. Still, to get over the trial of gods......there should also be a limit to an unreasonable demand.’’

To overcome the trial of gods....hearing those words again, it's an outrageously unreasonable demand.

Although Reiji was greatly troubled by the grim prospects of the situation, his stomach sounded with a Guuu then. Even if he is troubled, he gets hungry as he has not eaten anything for nearly half a day, so it's also reasonable to become hungry to think about it..

’’Ah, well, as for now.....’’

’’Fufu, will you worry later and have dinner for now?’’

To Reiji who was trying to make an excuse while blushing, Tena proposed that to Reiji and Anri with a smile.

’’Let's do that, preparations from now?’’

’’No, I think I can prepare it at once as Lili makes the preliminary arrangements.’’

Saying that, Tena tilted her head in confusion towards Reiji, no more accurately, looking at both his hands pointing outside the window again.

’’Ah, but......what shall we do with Mr. Reiji's magic?’’

Certainly as Tena says, it's not possible to have a peaceful meal in the dangerous situation currently when magic will be projected at an unknown timing.

’’It's alright.’’

Saying so, Anri pointed her hands at Reiji and begin chanting a spell.

An ominous purple fog gushes out from Anri's hands with the incantation and surrounds Reiji.


Reiji uttered a cry involuntarily when he was suddenly attacked by the weird fog. When Reiji's body has been veiled in fog, most of it is drawn into his body and some drifted around it.

’’N, Now what?’’

’’Dark magic that interferes with the use of magic. While this is in effect, you shouldn't be able to invoke magic.’’

’’I, if you knew such a thing can be done with the skill, I would not have to make such a foolish appearance.....’’

’’I'm sorry, it didn't come to my mind at first.’’

To Anri who cannot be seen over the mask and was hanging her head in shame, Reiji panicked since he wasn't intentionally blaming her for having turned out like this.

’’Ah, well, I did not intend to blame you! I'm sorry, I was helped!’’

’’I noticed it in the middle, but because your appearance was amusing, I left it just as it is.’’


Reiji who was was in a hurry to assist Anri who was depressed was betrayed, being told the statement that he was left as he is because it's amusing, he instinctively put up a retort.

<Words from a character>

Anri ’’Bo-x!’’


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