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Summoning At Random - Chapter 7


Chapter 7 : A troublesome power

*It has been a while since I entered the status of writing.

’’Please calm down, Anri Sama!’’

’’Let go, Tena.’’

Reiji's consciousness surfaced with voices audible from his side.


However immediately after that, Reiji groan involuntarily due to headache and nausea. When he suppressed the bad dizzy feeling and opened his eyes, Tena and Anri's figures were upside down.


Why are they upside down, he sputtered before blinking and staring, looking carefully, he could see that it wasn't just them, but the whole room was upside down as well.

At this point, Reiji finally recognized the situation.

It was Reiji himself who was upside down, not Tena and Anri.

Bending his neck to look at his own body, something dark colored was coiling around it and at the end, his feet were handing from the top of the ceiling.

The headaches and nausea that attacked earlier was a result of blood rising to the head from hanging upside down.

’’Wha, What's this......?’’

’’Well, you noticed right? Mr. Reiji.’’


Tena and Anri noticed the voice Reiji unintentionally raised, and Tena gave words of relief while Anri clicked her tongue.

To the Anri's reaction, Reiji tried to recall what was before losing consciousness some time ago, and her face was seen reddening by reflex.

However at the next moment, a darkness bullet graze his cheeks, causing him to turn pale.


’’Wa, Anri Sama!?’’

Reiji and Tena screamed to the sudden violence of Anri.

’’Forget it.’’

’’Eh, no....’’

’’Forget it.’’

’’Even if you say such a thing......’’

’’Forget it.’’

’’Okay, I get it! It's forgotten!’’

Although her expression is not showing with the mask, Reiji involuntarily breaks into a cold sweat along his neck towards the intensity of Anri repeating the same lines indifferently, with an earth-shattering sense of intimidation.

’’First of all, although I want to be lowered soon as the blood is going to the head.....’’

’’It's no good until safety is understood.’’


’’The natural course of action for someone who suddenly hits the other party with magic.’’

Anri interrupts Reiji's words curtly and ignores it.

However, considering that she was suddenly struck with magic against herself, her response is not necessarily wrong. Rather, it seems to be a considerably gentle category.

’’It's wrong! I didn't do that...’’


Anri has been staring quietly at Reiji who was trying to make an excuse.

Despite not seeing her eyes over the mask, strong doubts can be sensed in those line of sight.

’’Um, Anri Sama. I think Mr. Reiji isn't lying.

Even when I met him, magic came out from his hands although Mr.Rejididn't try to use it.’’

Tena gave a follow up from her side towards Reiji's dilemma. Hearing those words, Anri's suspicion of Reiji also relaxed a little.

’’That's right! I can't use something like magic! ’’

It's probably some kind of power was passed to me by the 'Evil God' encountered before coming over to this world.

’’...... I understand, forget it.’’

When Anri let out a sigh to Reiji's words, she removed the dark color ropes binding him.


Although Reiji was released upside down as he was when the ropes binding him disappeared, he landed on his foot by twisting his body. It was a movement that was hardly possible in the original world, but it was not too difficult for him with his current improved physical ability.


Finally freed from the restraints, Reiji massaged his arms lightly. Anri gave an instruction to that Reiji.

’’I want to you to test it out. Try chanting 'status'.’’

’’Eh? St, status?’’

Although it was chanted a little tepidly, some kind of black board appeared in response to Reiji's words.

His status was shown on the display window that was completely like a game.

Name: Reiji

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Occupation : Evil swordsman

Level: 5

Title: Hero from a different world.

Mana: 3935 - 1528307

Skill : Automatic Magic (Lv. 8)

Random summoning possession (Lv. 7)

Sword art (Lv. 6)

Light Magic (Lv. 5)

Item Box (Lv.3)

Equipment: None

’’Wh, What's this......?’’

’’What's written?’’

A question from Anri flew to Reiji who was perplexed at the contents displayed. To that question, Reiji changed his standing position to an angle so that Anri can see the display window.

’’What's written..... as can be seen.’’

’’Only the person himself can see it. Me and Tena cannot see it.’’

’’Ah, is that so. Then I will read it out.’’

When saying so, Reiji sequentially read out the status from the top.

When one of the section among those was heard, Tena and Anri showed a response at the same time.


’’Concentrate your senses on that 'Automatic Magic' portion.’’

’’Eh? Ah, okay.’’

Reiji stared at the 'Automatic Magic' entry shown on the display and concentrated his consciousness after receiving additional instructions from Anri.

Thereupon, the indication was replaced with details of the skill.

<Automatic Magic>

A skills which lets you invoke magic automatically without chanting.

Selection is not possible, and magic invoked and frequency is random.

Magic is fundamentally invoked using the palms as a base.

Lv.8 - all magic that can be invoked based on the person's training will be within selection target.

Classification: Always in operation.

On-off: Not possible.

High-Low: Not possible.

’’It's probably because of this!?’’

’’For now, aim towards outside of the window with both hands pointing out. It would be a problem if you shoot anymore magic here.’’

’’Ah, Ahhaha......’’

To the Anri who was waving her hands in a shooing motion to emphasize her demand, Tena laughed in a dry voice too.

’’Uu....... I understood.’’

Because what Anri said was justifiable, Reiji reluctantly walked to windows and pointed both hands outside.

It was a stupid appearance, twisting his body to talk while his hands are placed outside the window.

’’For the flames when summoned, the electric shock when attacked by the big wild boar and the wind a short while ago. It was all because of this 'Automatic Magic' huh......’’

’’I said you should forget about the incident of the wind.’’

’’So, sorry. I forgot it perfectly!’’

Anri glared over the mask at Reiji who carelessly mentioned the subject of the wind a while ago. Reiji somehow managed to convince Anri with a flustered excuse.

With a sigh, Anri began talking about her deduction.

’’It probably isn't only that. It usually takes over dozens of days to walk from Luxiria Theocracy where you were summoned to here. It's hardly the distance that can be covered in a few hours. I think metastasis magic was automatically invoked while you were moving.’’

’’Come to think of it, it's true that I was suddenly moved to a meadow when I was being attacked by wolves in the forest.’’

Reiji was convinced that was very likely the reason he was moved instantly to the meadow while being chased by the pack of Forest Wolves.

’’And you met me there right? That was an amazing coincidence.’’

’’Such an accident is too good to be true. To simply jump in by chance and get to know Tena just now, as well as meeting me who can explain the matter about the evil god and circumstances of this world and the original world is an astronomical probability.’’

Like what Anri mentioned, to jump in and get to know the other party who just happens to be the follower of the person previously thrown into this world, and subsequently getting to know information from there, it's too much to call it a coincidence. Furthermore said, attacking the pope with flames, as well as rolling up Anri's skirt by wind is too well timed.

’’Is it not a coincidence?’’

’’It's justified to think so. As to whether it's being manipulated from the back, or fortune being played with, I think it's one of them.’’

Operating with such a convenient timing is understandable if the 'Evil God' who gave the ability is moving behind the scene.

Or if fortune such as luck and misfortune has been overwritten, unnatural and convenient timing may be put into place too.

’’However, it's dangerous to be dependent on for things to turn out fine when it's risky.’’

’’I know that, of course.’’

’’'Whether it's Evil God's whim or luck, that's too insecure to be counted on to go by.’’ Reiji nodded honestly to Anri's advice when thinking about it.

’’And what kind of contents are there in other abilities?

I understand from the words of sword art, light magic and item box.’’

’’There was another skill that I have not heard of before. Was it 'Random summoning possession'?’’

’’Let's see.’’

Reiji concentrated his consciousness and stared at the letters of 'random summoning possession' at the words of Anri and Tena.

Thereupon, the details of the new skill are displayed.

<Random summoning possession>

A skill to summon and use the power of the someone who has been met.

Although the summoned object cannot be chosen, it's limited to a living creature of human type.

Lv. 7 can reproduce 90% of the summoned power.

Classification: Random invoking.

Duration: 30 minutes (cannot be canceled along the way)

Limitation: Cannot be reused for 24 hours after using it once.


1. Know the name of the target

2. Visually recognizes the target

3. Has communicated with the target

’’It seems very difficult to use again......’’

’’Summoning power, what on earth will it feel like?’’

’’Why is it only such an ability.......Hey, come to think of it, there was something said about unifying the 'Evil God'.’’

’’The content of mana is strange too, usually there is only 1 figure. It's not displayed within a range.’’

’’As expected....’’

To the details of the displayed skill, Anri speaking in shock and the puzzled Tena who is tilting her head to one side, Reiji was left hugging his head in his heart as he was unable to do so due to his hands being pointed outside the window. (TN: Hugging his head means troubled)

It was an uneasy line up of skills with really grim future prospect.

<Words from character>

Tena ’’Errr, it's probably a good thing......’’ (hearing Reiji's skill)

<News from the author>

The following was put in the keyword because of Reiji's ability

’’victory depends on the luck of the day!’’ (It isn't always the strongest who wins.)

’’Unfortunate cheat’’

’’Im in danger Neeee!?’’

’’There is also a time when the main character is the strongest.’’

Looking back once again, the keyword field is terrible, isn't it?


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