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Summoning At Random - Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Servant of the Black Rose

’’Well, Nice to meet you.’’

’’Ah, yes. Nice to meet you.’’

After driving the Giant Horn Boar away, Reiji faced the girl once again.

With a greeting coming from the direction of the girl, he returned the greeting although additionally, there was a little feeling of being saved.

However, recalling what was forgotten until a while ago due to his inevitable death, Reiji broke into a cold sweat in his heart.

And that is, him being in body that was being pursued in this world.

If for example, in the situation that the girl in front of him knows about it, he does not know what kind of responds will be given.

’’Well, I am Reiji. Shito Reiji. And you?’’

’’Eh? Ah, yes. I'm called Tena.’’

Reiji and the girl - Tena - exchanged names with each other.

However, Reiji is troubled by the next topic.

Although he had wanted to hear various topics in the case that he is able to have a conversation with a resident of this world, that conversation was for the sake of his own situation.

’’Are you from Riemer town, Mr. Reiji?’’

’’Riemer? No, Sorry.

Honestly, I don't even know where this is...’’


Seeing the looks of Tena tilting her head inconceivably, Reiji thought 'Oops!' in his head, but it was too late.

No matter how you think about it, him not knowing something such as the his location is not a normal situation. However, it is not effective to make corrections since he have already said it.

’’About that, actually I was suppose to be running in a forest, but I was on this meadow when I noticed.’’


Reiji becomes flustered being unable to give a clear explanation of the contents of the statement he himself has yet to understand properly, Tena has a wondering expression without understanding the meaning as expected.

’’Well,first of all you may be attacked by monsters again if you stay here, so do you want to come to the mansion I live in for now if you do not have a place to go?’’

’’Eh? Mansion?’’

’’Yes, it is the mansion of the person whom I serve.’’

’’Well.. is it okay to not ask the person you are serving?’’

’’It's okay. As Anri sama is a kind person, it is bad not to do so.’’

Reiji who did not have a choice besides walking aimlessly, have no choice but to arrive similing while saying so.

◆  ◆  ◆

While being guided by Tena, Reiji walked along the highway.

Reiji holds the luggage which Tena had.

Although Tena tried to refuse firmly with restraint, Reiji felt awkward being empty handed himself while the girl who is apparently younger holds the luggage, he did not hand it over.

While walking diagonally behind Tena going into a narrow forking road along the way, Reiji asked what was on his mind.

’’Come to think of it, it was amazing just now.’’

’’Just now?’’

’’Ah, that wild you not understand it though?

You defeated a monster just now, isn't it?’’

To Reiji the Giant Horn Boar was seen as a mutation of the wild boar, but he doesn't know if the word 'wild boar' is understood in this world. Thinking that the girl also used the word 'monster', he expressed it in another way.

’’Oh, yes.

Having been taught to me by a certain person, I was able to use darkness magic.

Mr. Reiji surely used magic just now, wasn't that right?’’

With that subject brought up, Reiji thought about it.

Certainly, an electric shock was release from Reiji's hands and repelled the Giant Horn Boar once, but he doesn't have a judgement as for whether that is magic.

’’That is, as expected, magic?’’

’’Eh? Isn't it magic?’’

’’No, because I haven't seen magic until I came to this world...’’

’’Until I came to this world?’’


Having made a slip of the tongue, Reiji would have held his mouth if his hands were free.

He unintentionally talked too much because it was difficult to be cautious when the other party is a younger girl,

’’Perhaps.....were you able to come from another world?’’

’’Wh, Why that!?’’

’’It is so after all.

Mr. Reiji is a hero..... or is similar right?’’

’’No, I'm not a hero or something like that....’’

Although the people who summoned Reiji to this world were certainly calling Reiji a Hero, he doesn't regard himself as one.

In the first place, he realizes that a hero who has no hesitation in declaring himself as such is a painful fellow.

’’Fighting against Anri are not going to right?’’

’’No, and I do not even know about the matters of that Anri Sama person, there is not in the least hostility.’’

In this world that unreasonably tries to evicts Reiji resulting in him being in a mess, nevertheless he himself doesn't have the thoughts to be hostile against someone at least.

And he is not going to be hostile for fun to the other party that he has not even heard rumors about.

’’Or how should I put it, is that Anri Sama person also hostile against heroes?’’

’’No, there isn't hostility apart from the current existing heroes.

However, given that me not know what happens to a person who is a new hero....’’

’’I see.

Well, I'm all right.

I'm not a hero or something like that.’’

’’Understood. It does not appear to be a lie and I believe it.

Oh, it has come into view.’’

Lifting my head at Tena's words, in front of my eyes a huge mansion with a majestic appearance could be seen.

’’He, here?’’

’’Yes, this is Anri Sama's black rose mansion.’’

’’Is that so? It's really an amazing person.

By the way, I'd like to ask one thing.....’’

’’Yes? What is it?’’

’’What is that?’’

A certain huge black armor was kneeling several meters in front of the gates of black rose mansion was the destination Reiji was pointing at.

’’Ah, That is the gatekeeper, Anril Armor.’’

’’Ga, Gatekeeper?’’

’’Ah, its okay.’’

If it's not a suspicious character, it will not attack.’’

’’It's good then....though it has stood up and is coming towards this way?’’

’’Eh? What?’’

Anril Armor that was waiting by the knees until just now is rising and preparing a sword and shield from somewhere.

And then, slowly facing the 2, walking and approaching towards Reiji.

’’Have I, by any chance, been treated as a suspicious character?’’


At that time, Tena noticed she have forgotten something.

She is a resident in the mansion, naturally she is not treated as a suspicious character going in and out everyday, but this is the first time Reiji visited.

’’Wa, Stop!’’

’’I,I'm sorry! It can only be stopped by Anri Sama!’’

’’That's a lie right!?’’

In the meantime, Anril Armor reaches near Reiji and Tena and raised it's huge sword overhead.


’’Kya -!?’’

Reiji and Tena embrace together to protect each other , closing their eyes.





When the 2 people wonder why the impact of the attack doesn't come no matter how much time passes and looked up, there was a figure of Anril Armor which was stopped with sword raised.

’’Ah, Anri Sama!’’

When Tena looked at the entrance of the black rose mansion and noticed the shadow of a person, she raised a joyful cry.

Attracted, Reiji turns that way and there was a figure of a woman in a black dress wearing a mask.

If the words of Tena is to be believed, she is the master of this mansion and he guessed she had stopped Anril Armor that was trying to attack the 2 people.

The woman clad in a dress with an troubling black rose design that gave little places to look has full, long black hair.

However, what stands out relatively more than anything incidentally would be the mask with bright red pattern and black background covering the eyes.

As a result, her eyes could not be seen from the outside.

Although the face is not seen, it could be seen from her height that she was from the same generation as Reiji, just a little older. It would be calculated to be 2 or 3 years older than Tena.

But then, she would be defeated in thickness of armor of a certain portion.

Only the design of the dress is bewitching, that fact stood out conspicuously.

’’Welcome back, Tena.’’

’’Oh, yes! I returned just now.’’

’’And.... who is that?’’

To those words, eyes of Tena and the woman of the mask who said hello....... Anri's sight turned to Reiji.

Due to the eyes and words that was suddenly turned towards him, Reiji was instinctively confused and was not able to answer well.

’’Oh, I'm...’’


’’!? Wh, Why....’’

Certainly, it can be said that Reiji who doesn't dye hair is the appearance that is easy to imagine from the characteristics of Japanese people. However, there shouldn't be a person who knows that living in this world.

Even though that's the case, Reiji is shocked by Anri's is 'japanese' judgement for himself.

’’It seems to be necessary to talk in detail.

Come inside.’’

Following Anri who entered the mansion like this, Reiji and Tena also set foot into the black rose mansion.

<Words from characters>

Anril armor’’ !’’ (Suspicious person discovery, moving to eliminate’’

<News from the author>

In addition, there is no plan to change the heroine to Anri.

She's the 'sister-in-law' role.


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