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Summoning At Random - Chapter 16


Chapter 16: In search of power

’’Mr.Reiji, you are not doing it on purpose right?’’

’’It's not on purpose! Please believe me......’’

Tena asked with reproachful eyes while hand a dry cloth to Reiji.

Dripping wet, Reiji who should have been going through light magic special training but somehow transformed into a water fountain receives the cloth and begins wiping his hair.

Tena's glance is cold as Reiji had splash water on Orlaine too, exposing an unladylike appearance.

’’That reminds me, you rolled up Anri-sama's skirt too, right?’’


’’Well, It can't be help because magic flies out on it's own!?

Ouch, Ouch, don't peck me!’’

The crow starts pecking at Reiji and although he made an excuse desperately, his blushing from remembering the scene from that time did not even have an ounce of persuasiveness.

’’I think the timing is too good.’’

’’Uu......but it might be so.

Then, it's the Evil God! It's undoubtedly a plot of the Evil God!’’

’’Stare-?’’ (¬_¬)


’’Please forgive me......’’

The crow goes along with the lukewarm gaze Tena made specially.

When Reiji is crestfallen and implores disappointingly, it seem like Tena was not truly serious too, breaking her appearance into a wry smile.

’’Fufu, it's a joke.

Ah, However it's no good if you do not apologize properly to Ms.Orlaine, you know?’’

’’That is of course, I have that intention.’’

To the words of Tena, Reiji nodded with a serious face.

Even though it wasn't of his own will, her immodest form was seen in the end after splashing water.

He agreed to Tena's opinion for a need to apologize properly.


Such a Reiji nervously addressed Orlaine whose moisture was evaporated with Eligor's fire magic.

Reiji who saw that form expressed his apology the first thing after opening his mouth.

’’I am sorry!’’

’’I beg your pardon!’’



Just like Reiji who lowered his head deeply, Orlaine who was supposed to be apologized to bow at the same time.

It became a situation where they bow mutually, and respectively both raised a perplexed voice when they were apologized to though they intended to apologize.

Err, Why are you apologizing Ms.Orlaine?’’

’’That, as I upset and hit you, I'm truly sorry.

It was painful, right......’’

Certainly, Reiji who have seen her unladylike figure got hit in the crown of his head with her bow immediately after that.

That single blow doesn't seem to have been release from the slender arm of a woman, hiding an intense power.

’’No, about that is okay.

More than that, I am sorry too.’’

’’It's all right.

I have already gotten dry.’’

’’My magic isn't a substitute for cloth, yet......’’

Although Eligor who was made to cooperate forcibly to dry her clothes says so, his dignity was also halved after being overwhelmed by a bloodcurdling Orlaine and dejectedly cooperated.

’’Although it was interrupted, Let's resume training of light magic again.

Ah, this time I'm sure you will let me look in a remote place, right!’’

’’I understand.

Still, 'Auto Magic' will not continously activate like that too.’’

Reiji who said an optimistic thing, just as one thought, made a water fountain again a few minutes later.

◆  ◆  ◆

’’It's done!’’

Although Reiji was turned into a fountain twice, third time's the charm, and he successfully released light magic finally during the third time.

The magic only illuminates the surrounding and do not have any offensive powers, but the light emitted from Reiji's hands is powerful with brightness equivalent to daytime outside despite being indoors. Reiji who was deeply emotional at succeeding to cast magic on his own for the first time, was waving his light emitting hands and looking pleased at the swaying state.


Although there was an unforeseen accident for a while, you are learning quickly even for someone holding skills.

It's troublesome, so let's memorize a few more magic as you are now.’’

’’Eh? Ah, Wait......’’

However, by the Sparta instruction who was ordering task in succession to the beginner who have successfully release magic one with his own strength just a few minutes ago, that emotion crumbled away in an instant too.

Although Orlaine has a gorgeous smile floating on her pretty face, she might still remain angry subtly as expected.

Reiji was chanting light magic one after another demanded by her like this.

The effect of the magic skill is enormous, the magic that cannot be learn normally without spending a considerable amount of time, he was successful one by one.

However, if that much magic is fired in rapid succession, naturally it's exhausting.

’’Haa, Haa......Wa, Wait, let me take a break please.’’

’’Eh? Ah! I'm sorry!

Because learning is smooth, I just......’’

When Reiji who has become exhausted from overusing magic appeal, Orlaine finally accepted a small break.

Reiji collapse on his bottom the moment that was heard.

’’Thank you for your hard work, Mr.Reiji.

Here, please use this.’’

’’Ah, thank you. I'm saved.’’

Tena who was watching the scene of special training while sitting a little away rushed over, handing over the flask filled with water to Reiji.

Reiji drinks it down in gulps after giving thanks while receiving it.

’’For now, the learning of magic doesn't seem to be a problem.’’

’’Yes, It's above expectation.’’

Eligor who was practicing swordplay approached too after seeing that they were having a break.

’’First of all, let's make him participate in battles, and the top priorty is for him to be accustom to it.’’

Well, that would be good.’’

’’......By the way.’’

Said up to there, Eligor turn to the direction Reiji was seated at and continued speaking.

’’If I'm not mistaken, there was another mysterious skill.

How about trying it when you are taking a break?’’

’’Do you mean 「『Random Summoning Possession』?

Although I don't mind, but it will not be usable for 24 hours after using it once.’’

’’You have to grasp it before deciding whether it's usable, you won't be able to use it if it's dangerous.’’

’’I got it.’’

Saying so, Reiji sprung from his sitting position and stood up.

’’Is it okay already?’’

’’Yes, I have settled down considerably.’’

When Reiji set foot on a slightly distant place from the 3 people, he turned around and look back.

With feet shoulder width apart and both hands lowered into a natural posture, he closed his eyes and concentrate his senses.

Although it was his first time using this skill, he could naturally feel the method to use it in this way.

’’Random summoning possession.’’

Saying those words, Reiji opened his eyes which had been closed.

Random summoning possession is a skill to summon and use the powers of a person who has been met.

Although the subject summoned is literally random, there are several conditions besides the one that it must be a humanoid living creature.

Those conditions are, 'knowing the name of the target', 'visually recognizing the target' and ' having exchange words with the target'.

Although in the case of someone living in this world would have quite a lot of people targeted, for Reiji who called on this world from a different world, the person corresponding to those conditions is fairly limited.

Anri and Tena, Orlaine and Eligor.

All of them are people whose fighting power exceeds Reiji currently, and whoever it selects can be expected as a war potential.

Although Eligor tested the random summoning possession of Reiji while thinking so, sure enough the result......

The figure of a translucent person floats a little on top of Reiji, and is absorbed to be assimilated.

Reiji's hair turns white, and his clothing changes from lightweight armor to a regal looking robe.

Even if that is said, that robe is something like a 3D existence which is a substance of external appearance only, and the tactile sensations did not change.

And, Reiji was gradually attacked by lower back pain.

’’Ouchhhh! M, My waist is......!?’’

Reiji who was screaming instinctively to the unexpected pain slouches.

’’A, Are you alright!? Mr.Reiji!’’

Looking at Reiji who was groaning in pain, Tena rushes up frantically and rubbed his back.

’’The heck, whose power was summoned?’’

’’That any chance, Pope holiness from the Church of the Sacred Light?’’

Eligore was puzzled from looking at Reiji's appearance, but Orlaine seemed to remember the clothes appearing on Reiji's body was able to make a guess of the person summoned for power.

When he was summoned to this world, Reiji met the Pope and exchanged a few words.

The condition of random summoning possession was cleared. Very unfortunately.

In addition, it should be noted that although the Pope of the Church of the Sacred Light was chosen by election, the criterion that was important was the work behind the scene, and not the ability.

Thus, because the Pope doesn't have a special power, the result was that only the bad status of lower back pain was given.

Frankly, it's totally worthless.

’’Can't be used right away, this.’’

’’Certainly, it is fatal if it becomes so during a battle.’’

’’If we are challenging the boss of the dungeon, it's possible to try ahead of that.’’

’’Indeed. When good results comes out we will challenge the boss,and if the result is bad we wait until the effect expires, huh.

If that's the case it's likely to go through.’’

Next to Eligor and Orlaine who are calmly analyzing and making cruel decisions for Reiji, Reiji is still groaning in pain and Tena has put his head on her knees to nurse him.

’’Qu, Quickly let 30 minutes pass......’’

’’P, Please get a grip〜’’


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