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Summoning At Random - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: The challenger

The door opened with a 'Kiii' sound.

It's 3 person who have newly arrived at the adventurer's guild in Anrinia - Reiji, Tena and Orlaine.

Although there are several adventurers other than the reception staff at the adventurer's guild, their eye catching appearances caused all to notice them and turn around. It can be said that Reiji's appearance is also relatively conspicuous with black hair and eyes rarely seen in this world, but above that, being with 2 other person who happens to be girls with beautiful looks makes them extremely eye catching.

When a young man is seen leading 2 lovely girls, it isn't strange to receive and get entangled with jealousy. Reiji looks around the guild with vigilance as he is also aware of that, but somehow there are no such indications. On the contrary when their eyes meet, the adventurers turn away even though some of them looked curious.

Reiji looked puzzled to the reaction that differ from his expectation, but that was due to matching well with the 2 person accompanying him.

Firstly for Tena though, she was originally worshiped in this country as a representative of Anri, a girl with the role as the shrine maiden who convey that voice. With her exposure being higher than the shut-in Anri who almost never directly dealt with immediate believers, she had a history of being active. Although she has left that position now and no longer holds official powers, orders from the upper echelons of the country to treat her politely are common knowledge. Even if that was not taken into consideration, her role as an target of worship remains unchanged in the views of the believers, and anyone who harms her in this country is likely to get beaten up en masse.

On the other hand, Orlaine was not a subject of public power and belief. There is a more direct reason why she is being kept at a distance. She visits the adventurer's guild relatively frequently due to her activities. Initially, there were never ending call-outs from guys due to her appearance and among them, someone even made advances on her forcefully.

However she is a hero, a top tier warrior among the human race even without an in depth analysis. Although she is a rear guard who uses the bow, being a high level adventurer too, just her physical ability have enough power to overwhelm the adventurers of the neighborhood. A gigantic man close to 2 meters who tried to commit an insolent act was easily dealt with, and beside giving him a kick to his male symbols which cause him to swoon while foaming, he was thrown out mercilessly from the door, letting others left shaking in that place understand that she was someone not to be angered.

After that, although the rumor that she plunged dozen of men into disability was supposed to have spread excessively, Orlaine herself did not have the reason to know such a thing.

Even though there is the fatal problem of missing the marriageable age and giving birth as a result of keeping too much distance, because the person in question does not know the cause, the possibility of resolving the issue wasn't raised despite her impatience.

’’Considering her going together with an unusual guy, there seems to be a reasonable cause.’’

There was a man who talked to such a Orlaine. Although there was a racket in the guild momentarily, it was settled after looking at the man who addressed her.

A middle aged man with short silver hair wearing a black mantle over his armor came to address them. A red glint in his eyes supports the belief of strong confidence and shines powerfully. The large sword shouldered has also been used for a long time, telling of his combat experience.

’’Mr. Eligor!?’’

When Orlaine turned around towards the greeting, she exclaimed in surprise.

’’Is this someone you know?’’

’’Yes, well......He is Mr. Eligor, an 'adventurer'.’’

Although Reiji who was vigilant to his surrounding asks Orlaine, she hesitates with her reply for a moment before introducing him while emphasizing on the 'adventurer' portion.

Feeling a sense of discomfort from the situation, Reiji looked at the man - Eligor's appearance again.

Other than being called a veteran swordsman, a worrisome aspect is his ears. Those ears are unusually long and pointed compared to others, and it meant that he was a different race from others in the surrounding. That race was one Reiji happened to know of. Beside the human race, other humanoid races also exist in this world.

’’It can't be......of the demon race?’’

’’Yes, that's right. However, not just of the demon race. He is......’’

Orlaine draws her face to Reiji's ears when saying that. She whispered so as not to be heard by the surrounding into the ears of Reiji, who was in a fluster due to her fragrant scent.

......and he was the previous demon king.

◆  ◆  ◆

’’Why is the previous demon king in such a place?’’

Reiji who finished his adventurer registration arrived at a table in the guild and sat opposite Eligor to talk. Tena was seated on Reiji's right, and Orlaine to his left respectively.

Although the purpose of Reiji is to return to his original world, it is necessary to clear 3 problems that the Evil God gave. The first one gave was 'Let the demon king of this world recognize your ability'.

For Reiji who wanted information on the demon king, there was no choice to leave like this on hearing that the identity of the man was called the previous demon king. Fortunately, Eligor is also interested in Reiji who was accompanying hero Orlaine, and willing accepted the offer to have a conversation.

’’I am somebody who have already distant himself from politics. As a mere swordsman now, I challenge unrivaled labyrinth that has not been set foot on previously.’’

’’Ahaha, but I have not given up yet....’’

When Eligor was still holding the position of demon king previously, there was a time when he accepted the command from the God of Darkness and challenged the dungeon of Anrinia 'Sanctuary of the Evil God'. Because he collapse in front of the formidable enemies at level 30 at that time, ha has not reach the stage to travel all over.

There was nothing more he was able to do at that time, and by handing over the throne to become a swordsman by himself, it's the story of one becoming an adventurer to clear himself from the regrets of that time by challenging the dungeon alone.

By the way, as Orlaine was one of the party member who challenged and reach level 30 of the dungeon together too, the demon king and hero who should be incompatible originally are in a situation where they are acquaintance by that opportunity.

In addition, Tena remained silent because she was on the dungeon side that was challenged and secretly expressed a wry smile.

’’Can I hear about the current demon king?’’

Since Reiji's matter was lightly brought up at the time of self introduction, Reiji interrupted the conversation with those words. Such a question probing the internal circumstances of one's own country would usually only treated with silent contempt, but since the God of Darkness that the demon race worship is also participating, it will not be treated with disdain.

’’Hmm, my daughter Leonora acts as the demon king of this generation.’’

’’Eh? Daughter?’’

Reiji who never thought that the demon king would possibly be a woman instinctively raised that question.

’’A very beautiful one.’’

’’Huh? Does Tena also know?’’

’’Yes, she is a friend of Anri sama and stayed in the black rose mansion for a period of time.’’


To Tena's words, Reiji stared at her in shock.

In that case you should speak of it beforehand, he thought from that.

Actually, if they know the demon king of this generation, there was no need to purposely hail Eligor to talk.

’’Ah, I, I did not hide it particularly! As the talk was to acquire a suitable ability and head towards the demon race territory, perhaps I should have said a little earlier.....’’

’’Well, certainly even if I know it now, there is nothing I can do.’’

Reiji was convinced from Tena's explanation that she did not intend to hide this knowingly and let go of the issue. This time a question is posed from Eligor to Reiji.

’’And, will you challenge the labyrinth now with that?’’

’’Oh, Yes. For the time being, I cannot get permission from Anri sama to travel if I do not clear up to 10 levels.’’

’’10 levels huh......I think it's a little harsh with just you guys.’’

’’That is......’’

With the experience of challenging the dungeon once, Orlaine also found herself to be at a loss of words to Eligor's remark.

Although the dungeon 'Sanctuary of the Evil God' has a depth of 31 levels below ground, the residential area on the 31st floor is among those and the labyrinth area is only until level 30 in reality.

A strong monster is deployed at level 10, 20 and 30 respectively as a boss, and it has become one of the great obstacle for the dungeon challengers.

In Orlaine's judgement, even if she cooperate fully, it didn't seem possible to defeat the level 10 boss with Reiji and Tena.

’’Hmm, then I will go along too until the labyrinth is captured.’’

’’Is that okay?’’

Orlaine's face darkens due to a proposal of Eligor, and the feeling of uneasiness was seen on Reiji and Tena face after her expression was seen. As the previous demon king, his ability is considerable. Reiji clung to such heaven sent words.

’’It is also some kind of fate to get acquainted this way. Moreover, I want to see whether you are a person worth of challenging my daughter. Since I have some understanding regarding the sword, you can leave the basics to me.’’

’’Certainly, Mr. Eligor is more suitable than me who uses the bow.’’

’’I got it. Then, please treat me well.’’

Thus a new member, although temporarily, joined Reiji's party.

A visitor from another world, the original shrine maiden of the Evil God, a hero, demon king predecessor and a strange crow while we are on it, they did not notice that it was a colorful group that gathered nothing but members that are hard to deal.

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Adventurer ’’Do not make eye contact! I will be crushed!’’

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