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Summoning At Random - Chapter 11


Chapter 11: Beautiful Hero

’’Is this the weapon shop?’’

’’Yes, although there are other weapon shops, this is said to be the store with the widest selection of goods in this town. You can buy not only weapons, but also armor and shield here too.’’

With the guidance of Tena, Reiji arrived in front of the shop with a sword and shield signboard hanging at a corner of the town.

’’Oh? But Mr. Reiji.

There's a sword and armor included in Mr. Reiji's item box, isn't it?

Is there a need to buy them again?’’

’’No, I do not want to use a sword without understanding where it come from unless it's the last resort.

And, as for the armor too.......that is also not usable.’’


The leather armor included in the item box has nothing particularly unusual in itself, an extremely normal item, but it had been changed completely after bestowal of divine protection from Anri last night.

<Scale mail of Evil Dragon>

A scale mail woven from the scales of an ancient evil dragon.

With a lightness contrary to its toughness, ordinary blades are unable to penetrate it.

Moreover, it also boast a high resistance to magic such as breath and so forth.

However, putting it on would cause one to be manipulated as it's filled with grudge and malice of the evil dragon, causing one to attacking people around indiscriminately.

Although the probability of the item becoming cursed from divine protection was a 50-50 gamble, but sure enough, the result was being cursed as you can see.

Though it was brought along for the time being shut in the item box as it is, but it's not something usable and is expected to just hoard space.

It's too dangerous to be able to sell off carelessly too.

Because Reiji also consented to his item receiving divine protection from Anri, thought he did not intend to blame the result, her having prepared a lot of money might also have a somewhat reimbursement-like relation to this matter.

’’Oh? However, if you did not think a weapon will be bought, why did you guide me here?’’

Reiji suddenly remembered a question.

If she did not recognize that Reiji needs a weapon, it wasn't necessary for Tena to consider guiding him to the weapon shop as well.

’’Well, the reason is because I also want to purchase a staff, but the primary reason is to meet a person.

This morning, the target person is asked to come here by Anri Sama.

’’Target person?’’

’’Yes, it's the person who will train Mr. Reiji.’’


Reiji let out an astonished cry hearing Tena's talk for the first time.

’’Umm, is it a thing to study under the person?’’

’’Yes, there is a limit even to self taught training, and Anri sama said that there is much to learn as she could also use light magic.

We got in touch yesterday night, and she was able to come since he was near by chance.

Given that I heard that she will be in this shop the whole of today, I arranged to meet there.’’

’’Is that so.

Well then, lets enter the shop soon since he might be waiting.’’


Opening the door, 2 people enter the shop together.

Various arms lined up filled the interior of the shop. So as to prove Tena's words of having the widest variety in town, there seems to be a considerable number.

However, each type of armor is exhibited in a well-organized manner, there was no disorderly image.

’’Hmmmm..... Ah, she came!’’

Tena which was looking around the store for the intended person announced towards a certain direction.

When Reiji looks at the same direction upon hearing it too, there was a figure of a woman with an unexpectedly tidy appearance there.

’’Ms. Orlaine.’’

When Tena greeted her, the woman looking at the bow hung on the wall turned around.

With light purple hair extending slightly below her shoulders, the woman had a fleeting appearance.

However, looking at her eyes with that impression too, one would realize their mistake.

The strong will carried in those pupil clearly demonstrates that she was not the feeble existence that was suitable for her appearance.

And that, could also be seen from the light weight armor worn and the bow that was releasing terrifying aura carried on her back.

Although her age could be seen to be around or a little above Reiji's, the atmosphere that those equipments gave off tells of a veteran warrior with a long serving record.

’’Ah, Ms. Tena. Hello.’’

’’Yes it's been a long time!’’

The woman approached Reiji and Tena, exchanging greetings.

’’And, that person ....?’’

’’Yes, he is Mr. Reiji.

Mr. Reiji, this is the hero, Ms. Orlaine.’’

’’I am Reiji. Nice to me yo.........., a hero!?’’

Reiji did a self introduction after Tena introduce him, but a word in Tena's introduction caused him to give a startled cry.

Orlaine, the woman with a tidy appearance, rather than a hero, even saying a nun would be more agreeable.

’’A, Ahaha...... I have been granted divine protection from St. goddess Sophia for the time being and holds the title of 'Hero of the Sacred Bow'.’’

’’By accepting the request of Anri Sama, it has been decided that she will assist Mr. Reiji's training.’’

’’Yes, although my I specialize in the bow, I can also use light magic to some extent.

As I think I am able to help you learn some basics, so please take care of me.’’

’’Similarly here, please treat me well!’’

Reiji grip the hand Orlaine has presented and exchanged a firm handshake.

’’By the way, I want to arrange Mr. Reiji's weapon and armor before entering the dungeon.’’

’’I see, well then, I shall select something.’’

Tena who also considered that it's safe to have Orlaine make the selection as she is personally well-acquainted with arms and have plenty of experience as an adventurer, decided to consult her about the choice of equipment for Reiji.

Orlaine undertook it willing it too.

’’Shall we take a look from weapons first?

Is there anything you wish for regarding the type of weapon?’’

’’Mmmmm, even if you say something I wish for....’’

Reiji was at a loss for an answer to Orlaine's question and groaned.

For a Japanese high school student who was unrelated to weapons and so forth., there possess no suitable image even if asked about the type of weapon.

’’Thinking about the the sword contained in that item box, wouldn't the sword be the best after all?’’

’’The sword contained in the item box?’’

Orlaine exclaimed in a curious voice at Tena's suggestion.

Looking at the situation, Reiji and Tena explained 'the sword left to fate' contained within the item box to her.

’’I see, I understood the situation.

In that case, one handed sword would be good for a weapon.

With that, a light armor might also be more appropriate for protective gears.’’

’’The weapons may be so, but why for the armor?’’

’’Because it's wasteful to not use a precious unique sword.

While it is dangerous to rely only on that, there is a very effective possibility when utilized well.

With a normal sword used as a balance, how about a two-sword style with the sword left to fate aiming at one-shot reversal? (TN: turning the tables with a single attack)

If you decide on two sword style, protective armament on the light side is suited as agility is important.’’

’’I see.’’

Reiji raised a voice of agreement to Orlaine's words.

Although he did not intend to use the 'sword left to fate' without knowing what will appear, her opinion of it being effectively usable if it was used as the subweapon was persuasive.

’’Well then, in that direction please.’’

’’Yes, I understand.’’

When I nodded, Orlaine began inspecting the swords on display.

’’Then, I'll have a little look at the staff.’’

’’Ah, understood.’’

Tena left the situation to Orlaine and decided to choose her own staff.

When Tena returns a while later after finish choosing the staff, Reiji's appearance with an aspect completely changed was there.

Wearing a lightweight black leather armor with silver metallic parts placed only at important positions, the form of two swords visibly intersects behind his waist.

Although originally without a muscular appearance he had looked somewhat unreliable, his appearance now did not feel strange although he had become an adventurer like others.

’’Waa, It looks good. Mr. Reiji.’’


’’Is, is that so? Thank you.’’

Reiji stated his thanks while scratching his cheeks and blushing when Tena praised him.

’’Tena, was the staff found on your side?’’

’’Yes, I made a decision even though I had a little difficulty choosing and hesitated.’’

When saying so, Tena lightly lifts the staff in her hands and shows it to Reiji. It is a simple stick with a blue jewel.

’’Then, shall we settle the bill and leave the shop?’’

’’Ah, yes. I got it.’’

’’Yes, let's go.’’

◆  ◆  ◆

Three people who have finished paying the bill was walking in the town.

’’Where is the place you want to stop by later?’’

’’I'd like to prepare the medicinal herbs, let's register Mr.Reiji as an adventurer at the adventurer's guild before that.’’

’’Adventurer's Guild huh.’’

’’I got it. Let's go straight to the guild since it's close by.’’

With those words, Three people turned their steps towards the adventurer's guild.

<Words from a character>

Orlaine ’’Eh? Are you Lionel? I do not understand because it's scattered.’’


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