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Summoning At Random - Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Misfortune of 1/7,000,000,000

This work speaks of throwing a young man by parallel summoning into the world of ’’Evil god average’’ (released by treasure island company on 7 September 2015).

I'd like to write it so that even if a person does not read that, you will be able to enjoy himself, but if you wish to enjoy it further, please take a look at lower part of the table of contents if you are interested. (Buy here)

’’Then, lets begin the ceremony of hero summoning.’’

’’Yes, I understood.’’

Beneath the cathedral in a secret chamber, a ceremony was being performed. Only limited personnel are able to set foot into this place.

In response to the command of an old man wearing a regal priest robe, a young girl in white clothes arrived at the corner of a magic formation drawn on the floor and took a prayer's kneeling stance. 3 girls dressed in matching attire lined up evenly around the circle, and gave prayers just like the girl before.

Clothes worn by the girls were made of very light materials, to the extent of seeing through what was underneath. Since they are not wearing underwear too, their body are exposed. However, this place completely lacks an obscene atmosphere, and on the contrary, a holy atmosphere wraps the surrounding.

The girl with light blue hair, who is presumed to be the leader out of the 4 people, begins chanting a ritual prayer for the hero summoning slowly.

’’Merciful saint goddess Sophia,

We are believers and servants of you, my lady.’’

Hero summoning is a secret art to summon a warrior from another world - although the person summoned may be great in this world but not the other.

The title hero is granted naturally by this world's system to the one summoned, and with it strength to play an active role.

’’We offer our prayers to my lady, please give us your mercy.’’

However, it does not mean that a hero is merely anyone summoned from any world. Someone in this world who have received divine protection from the light goddess may also appear as the hero. In fact, there are 3 people present in this era.

If so, why a perform a summoning from another world? That is because those summoned from another world is stronger compared to those living in this world.

In legends passed down, those summoned from another world all hides superior physical and magical power compared to those in this world, and additionally they possess powerful innate skills almost all the time.

People of this world know from legends that they from a parallel world are endowed with strength, but they do not know as to why. This is because it isn't necessary. What is needed by the summoners is the power they bring as a result, and they are not interested in the principles.

That is why when they encounter some difficulties, they rely on hero summoning.

’’Now, we who desires compassion are in a dilemma.’’

The reason why those summoned possess powerful strength is because of the power relationship between this world and that world.

The residence of this world have no way of knowing, but this world is constructed based on the other world, which is the birthplace of those summoned heroes.

As a result, it will have a lower rank in the power relationship between mutual worlds, and summoned visitors are compensated for this power relationship when crossing the boundary between 2 worlds. There must be a reason for the superior to be superior, and for the notion of matching consistency, strengthening and granting of skill is all performed for that sake... and that is the reason they are powerful.

’’Once again, we implore you to drive away the menace.

We pray for our lady to give us your honorable assistance -’’

Until here, there may be someone with a question.

If the people of a different world falls higher in the power relationship of the world, it is unnatural for residents here to be able to summon them freely.

That question is correct. The fact is that the initiative is actually on the side of the superior world.

When the inhabitants of this world holds a summoning ceremony, the administrator of this world acts as an intermediate, and the administrator of that world decides whether or not to permit that summoning.

In the situation that it is permitted, a qualified person is selected and the transference formation is connected the location of that person.

’’Opening the doors to another world, we invite a powerful person!’’

At this time ordinarily, a kind administrator will choose someone among suitable people with enough aspiration of being a hero and determination to respond to the summon .

In this case, it is not a misfortune for the choose person.

Even if he nurse a grouch for the summoning in appearance, it is welcomed in the heart.

Therefore, many of these people would eventually settle down one way or another in this world.

’’Hero of another world, hurry in response to our voice.’’

However, there is no such thing as all administrator being good. There is naturally wicked and evil nature ones present among administrators. That is an existence called evil god or devil and such.

Those that do not take into consideration general good sense of that person and the existence of the will to accept summoning.

Thus among them, an unlucky victim is occasionally born.

『That's okay. Since I am just bored, I will choose it properly.』

◆  ◆  ◆

That young man is standing in a pitch black space before he knew it.

’’Eh? Wha, What's this.....!?’’

The youth who has been in a high school classroom up till then, Shitou Reiji looked around baffled by the sight in front of his eyes. However, nothing could be seen as the surrounding was pitch black.

Reiji was a comparatively tall, 18 year young man wearing a blazer uniform, and it was considerably unusual for students at this age to have undyed black hair. It would be slightly exaggerated to say that he is a matchless handsome man, but with fairly well arranged features, he is still popular with girls.

Although he does not have a face of someone who studies too much, he is not a delinquent either. It was an ordinary student found everywhere.

『This is the interval between worlds.』

’’Wh, Who is it!?’’

Reiji turns toward the direction of the voice, but nobody was there. Only unchanging darkness is reflected in Reiji's vision.

『It's useless, because I am not visible now.』

’’Wha, What do you mean....?’’

The voice is heard from another direction, and Reiji turns towards that place. However, there is nobody still. Being toyed with, Reiji gradually felt flustered and broke into a cold sweat.

『It's fine for me to make an appearance.

but because most company go insane after looking at me directly, I am only using my voice, you know.』

’’Wa, insane?’’

『Although to get used to that kind of me is another accomplishment.

In your situation.... a fifty-fifty chance?

I do not particularly mind it either way, should I try it?』

’’No, please refrain from doing so.’’

With these unsettling words, Reiji gave up looking for the master of that voice. It is not the case of trusting the 'voice', but with a 50% chance of insanity, he does not look forward to seeing it.

『Well then, let's get down to business.

First of all congratulations, you have been chosen.』

’’Chosen? Wha, What on earth......’’

『It is a summon from a parallel universe.』


Reiji made a stupid voice to those unrealistic words from the voice. However, the 'voice' does not care about Reiji and carry on as it pleases.

『At the time of crossing over to the world on the other side, some kind of power is given. Is there anything you wish for?』

’’No, please wait a moment!

Summon from another world, to suddenly say something similar to novels and manga like that.’’

『It seems like you do not have anything you wish for. Then it's up to my side to choose freely.』

’’Wa,wait a second!?’’

Reiji tried to stop this extremely unreasonable development in a panic, but the 'voice' does not stop. Up until now, Reiji keep in mind to use a polite tone as much as possible so as to not provoke his opponent, despite wasting time.

『That's right. Because skills from god group has just been done, it is not owned.

Other than that, its interesting... ... Ah, this maybe something good.

Because it is so troublesome, shall I unify all other skills in that area.

Oh, be at ease okay? Because I will boost your physical abilities to maintain the status quo.』

’’No, the explanation earlier...’’

『Then, have a nice day』


Without listening at all, while ignoring all Reiji's protest, the 'voice' finished it's single sided conversation conveniently. Immediately following the 'voice’’s declaration, Reiji's consciousness began to fade rapidly.

Among his fading consciousness, Reiji at least managed to ask the 'voice'.

’’....Where on I going to.....?’’

『Since you guys love the human kind, it shall be a lower order world of creation origin.

What you do in that world will determine if you enjoy it or not.』

At the end of those words, Reiji's consciousness was interrupted.

◆  ◆  ◆

Reiji's form disappeared into the darkness and is replaced by the figure of a black haired boy emerging.

『Now, in order to have as much fun as possible, minimum amount of preparation must be made.

Since its troublesome, shall I have them help me too?』

And saying so, he disappears into the darkness.

A faint sneer is floating on his mouth.

<Words from a character>

Evil god ’’Let me enjoy it~’’


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