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Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 7


Chapter 7 Super Zhai Nan

’’Mum, I'm Jingwen, can you hear me? Mum....’’ Su Jingwen agitatedly grabbed the woman's hand and calling to her non stop.

The woman's hands moved and then her eyebrows twitched. Slowly, she actually opened her eyes. Confused, she looked at her daughter who was full of joy and tears and wanted to say something. However, Su Jingwen excitedly swooped into the woman's arms and cried: ’’Mum, you're finally awake, I........’’

’’Wen Wen......’’ The woman on the bed gradually woke up. She felt a light refreshing air slowly circulating inside her body making her spirit gradually recover.

’’What happened to me, Wen Wen.’’ The woman on the bed was completely awake and was about to struggle to sit up. However, the long term lying down made her limbs numb rendering her unable to sit up. She even felt that refreshing gust was still recovering her limbs.

Su Jianzhong stared at this incomprehensible scene with his mouth wide open in shock. He even forgot to speak. It was the first time that he found out there really was those unexplainable things in the world. What is a hallucination?


Ye Mo felt very pleased with his new residence. He still had tens of thousands of dollars on him right now and for the moment, he didn't need to go out and earn money. Every day, he stayed in the yard to cultivate and he also carefully moved the Silver Heart Grass into another flower pot.

After a month, Ye Mo also knew that the person living in the west side was a 20 or so year old woman. However, Ye Mo cultivated every night and went into the yard every morning to practise martial arts. Meanwhile, the woman also seemed to go to work very early in the morning and by the time she got back each day, Ye Mo had already begun cultivating in his room. Therefore, after a month, the two still didn't even see each other for once.

Ye Mo didn't care at all what sort of woman lived on the west side. Although his life was mundane, he didn't even have enough time to cultivate each day, how would he have to time to chat up.

Although Xu Wei knew that the house owner also rented out the east side, she didn't know what sort of person rented the house. She only knew that this was a male youth that was about the same age as her. However, she went to work every day at 6am. By the time she came back, it was already nearly 7pm but she had never seen this person. Because the director of the state hospital was doing work inspection this month, she didn't even get a day of rest on the weekends.

Meanwhile, this youth never appeared before or after she went to work. If there wasn't the change in the flowers in the flower pot in the garden each day, she would have thought that this person didn't exist at all. But as the time went by, she understood that the person who lived opposite to her room was probably a zhai nan and one of those super zhai nans.

There was another half a month before school started. This month of cultivation only made Ye Mo's chi more pure but it was still far from stage 2 of chi gathering. From this, it could be seen how much the spirit chi in the world affected cultivation. However, his mortal martial arts didn't lag behind and was becoming more and more proficient.

Ye Mo also knew that if he wanted to reach stage 2 in this place, it was impossible without the help of external things. However, those Chinese herbs in those shops were unable to help him break through. His only hope laid with the Silver Heart Grass in the yard.

There was only one Silver Heart Grass so Ye Mo wanted to keep this barely a spirit grass thing alive. Ideally, it would bear seeds and he could cultivate another batch.

However, the growth period of Silver Heart Grass was two years. Perhaps this Silver Heart Grass grew by itself and had only been around for a year. Even with Ye Mo's careful cultivation, it would be at least another three years before this one matured and he could really harvest. However, hope was better than nothing at all.

Ye Mo walked out of the house and saw that there was a 20 year old or so woman washing clothes in the yard. With one glance, he knew it was the lady living next door. Before, she always washed clothes at night. How come she didn't go to work today and washed clothes in the morning?

When Xu Wei saw Ye Mo walk into the yard, there was a hint of smile on the corner of her mouth. This dammed zhai nan. She'd been living under the same roof with him for a month but didn't get to see him in person at all. It was only because she was taking night shifts for colleagues who were getting married these few days that she got to see him. This guy was really zhai but he wasn't bad looking, how come he wouldn't come out? She wondered what job he did.

’’Hello, my name is Xu Wei, I live next to you, I work at Li Kang Hospital.’’

Xu Wei was very open and greeted Ye Mo.

Ye Mo also smiled and nodded: ’’I'm Ye Mo, a jobless nomad.’’

It was also Ye Mo's first time seeing Xu Wei, she was a very gentle looking lady. The smile on her face was really genuine. Her hair was curled up on top of her head and therefore didn't seem very long. However, her skin was very white. Although she wasn't as pretty as the lady who bought the charm from him, she wasn't too far off.

’’You don't go to work?’’ Hearing Ye Mo say he was a jobless nomad, Xu Wei began to get tense in her heart. A youth in his golden years, not working yet renting a house staying there all day long. What did this mean? There was no wifi here so he couldn't be playing games at home. Moreover, the way he looked at her didn't seem like normal zhai nans who were fearful with catching glances. Instead, he scanned her closely. Could this person be a fugitive.

At that moement, Xu Wei's heart started to beat intensely.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo didn't bother what Xu Wei would think. The first thing he did was to look at his Silver Heart Grass and then he proceeded to care for all the other flowers as well. Then, he planned to practise a set of fist techniques. However, remembering that Xu Wei was by his side, he greeted her and left.

Seeing Ye Mo image walk out of the door, she finally let a gasp of relief. Thinking about his focused state when he cared for the flowers, she thought to herself that she was thinking too much. Would a fugitive have the heart to care for flowers?

Judging by his clothes, she understood that he wasn't someone well off. She really couldn't understand what he was doing all day.


Qing Du lake garden, it was the closest garden near where Ye Mo lived. Not only was the area big but there was also a clear lake. There were many elderly or those who liked to exercise here. Ye Mo also came here before. Originally, he only liked practising martial arts in the yard. Today was his first time coming here to practise.

The air here wasn't bad and the environment was obviously better than the yard. After finishing a set, Ye Mo was very satisfied. His chi grew more pure. Although it was still far from stage 2, it was good as long as he improved.

’’Your fist technique is nice friend. However, I've seen a lot of fist techniques but I can't tell what fist technique you used. What a shame.’’ Just when Ye Mo was finished up, a 30 year old middle aged man came over and complimented him.


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