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Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 590


Chapter 590

Chapter 590: Tang Beiwei's Encounter

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo made up his mind that if An Ning still disagreed, he would agree to give her 20 million as well as a luminous pearl.

However, An Ning said, ’’I know you want this Yin Yang Fish Eye really badly, but there's no need to trick me. I agree to trade with you, but I don't need your dollars. I think this diamond is enough. Since you want this fish eye so much, though, I'm sure it's no ordinary thing. Hence, I have a few extra conditions.’’

Ye Mo blushed. He didn't expect the woman to be so astute. Weren't diamonds supposed to be the killers of women? How was An Ning still this calm?

What Ye Mo didn't know was that his words had actually succeeded. If this fish eye wasn't as scary at night as Ye Mo made it out to be, An Ning probably wouldn't be willing to trade.

’’Tell me,’’ Ye Mo said casually.

An Ning said coldly, ’’First of all, I understand that you have quite the capabilities, so you must allow me to migrate to Luo Yue. Secondly, tell me how you knew it was a Yin Yang Fish Eye when you glanced at it from that far away. Thirdly, you must tell me why you want this necklace.’’

Ye Mo had a headache because of the last two questions. He would rather have payed more money.

Seeing An Ning look at him like he absolutely had to answer, he could only say ’’The first condition is fine, I can let you move to Luo Yue any time you want. Secondly, I actually looked quite carefully when you bent over, for which I apologize. Thirdly, your Yin Yang Fish Eye is a piece of a broken whole, and I want to gather all the pieces together.’’

An Ning blushed and wanted to rage. How could this guy be so shameless! But Ye Mo was already taking out his two pieces and put them on the table, ’’I have two pieces here, can you check if your Yin Yang Fish Eye is a part of it?

Hmm? An Ning noticed that her piece truly fit the other two pieces. She took out her necklace subconsciously and put it on the table, and it fit perfectly.

’’It really came from the same place.’’ An Ning let go of the necklace subconsciously.

Before she said anything else, Ye Mo picked up the necklace and said ’’Give me your diamond, I can fit it in here for you.’’

’’You know how to do that?’’ An Ning looked at Ye Mo in confusion. Even if Ye Mo knew how to put a diamond into a necklace, there were no tools present.

Despite that, she still gave the diamond to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo switched things around quickly, and he took the Yin Yang Fish Eye.

’’It's done. I used to do this on the streets, so I'm very fast. Here.’’ Ye Mo gave the necklace back to An Ning.

’’Huh?’’ An Ning caught it subconsciously and didn't didn't know what to say. This was too fast! It practically looked as though the diamond had grown on the necklace.

An Ning was sure that even a jewelry master wouldn't have been able to attach it that quickly.

’’Let's go. As for going to Luo Yue, just call this number and tell her that Ye Mo said to take care of it.’’ Ye Mo gave Yu Miaodan's number to An Ning.

’’Looks like Beiwei is back.’’ As soon as he gave the number to An Ning, Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned Tang Beiwei as she opened the door with a face full of fatigue.

’’Brother!’’ Tang Beiwei ran into Ye Mo's arms and started crying.

Ye Mo was shocked and quickly checked her. He found that she was just a bit tired and emotionally distressed. He quickly patted her shoulder and said, ’’Don't worry, just slowly tell me what happened.’’

Su Jingwen and co. also came out. An Ning saw Tang Beiwei in Ye Mo's arms and was shocked yet again.

She rarely saw women as pretty as herself, yet now two women like that stood right in front of her. The girl that was in Ye Mo's arms at the moment also had a certain ethereal temperament to her. It made An Ning feel very strange.

But immediately after, she looked down on Ye Mo. The people related to him were all very beautiful women, and they all acted so intimate. Little did she know that in Ye Mo's heart she was actually a calculative woman calculative woman a far cry from Tang Beiwei and Su Jingwen.

Tang Beiwei looked up and realized that there were a lot of people, so she quickly said hello to Yuanyuan and Jingwen.

Ye Mo didn't keep waiting for Tang Beiwei to start explaining, because she probably had things to say that were not suitable to be said then and there.

’’Young Master Ye, my name is Qiu Zhirang. About today, I'm-’’ Qiu Zhirang walked up to Ye Mo and bowed respectfully.

’’Ye-Qianbei, I'm Han Yan's cousin, Han Dan.’’ Han Dan also came to bow.

No wonder Ye Mo had recognized him! Ye Mo nodded and looked at Qiu Zhirang and said, ’’So you're from the Beijing Qiu family? No wonder you're so rich.’’

Qiu Zhirang didn't dare say anything and just looked on as the four walk out of the Golden Pearl.

An Ning watched them strangely. She really didn't understand why these young masters were so respectful. Who would be able to make the Qiu family act so fearful?

Meanwhile, Zhang Lailin looked lost when Su Jingwen left.


Half an hour later, Ye Mo, Su Jingwen, and Tang Beiwei booked a room at a hotel. Yuanyuan had to go back early.

’’Now tell me: what happened?’’ Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei and asked.

Su Jingwen was also comforting her on the side.

’’As I was with my classmates at Xi Long Restaurant yesterday, when the gathering was about to end, I saw Wei Yongqian! I immediately got furious, thinking, 'I have to kill this animal!'I quickly told Yuanyuan I'd told Yuanyuan I'd be leaving and followed him out.’’

’’Wei Yongqian? The one who tricked you into sleeping with me at Tan Du?’’ Ye Mo immediately remembered the guy that had escaped.

’’Have you already killed him?’’ Ye Mo asked.

Tang Beiwei shook her head, ’’No, although I brought a lot of fireball charms with me, he seemed to have realized that someone was following him. I was planning on giving him a fireball at some far-off location, he was very cunning and called a taxi at a busy place. Nonetheless, I still kept following him, but the car drove very fast, and I couldn't attack. It went all the way to Mount Xian, where he got off and went into the forest, and I followed him.’’

’’Then, he went into a temple. This temple was very old, so I thought Wei Yongqian wouldn't be able to escape, but when I came to the door of the temple, I saw an old dao nun appear there.’’ Tang Beiwei's tone turned shaky - she was obviously still scared.

Ye Mo sat down and grabbed her hand.

Tang Beiwei calmed down a little before saying, ’’I told the nun to move aside and said that Wei Yongqian had enmity with me. But that nun sneered and told me to leave or she would kill me.

But I hate Wei Yongqian to the bones, so I wasn't going to let him go. I shot a fireball charm at him, but that nun easily grabbed the charm, and it turned into dust!’’


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