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Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 3


The Psychotic Who Sells Charms

After thanking Wang Ying, Ye Mo returned to the school. He had nowhere to go now except for the school. He was unfamiliar with this place but at the school, there were at least some things he could learn. On top of that, the spirit chi here was very scarce but it seemed to be better inside the school.

After the last class, he didn't go to his English teacher. For him, there was no difference whether he got full marks or zero marks. He didn't need to listen to a woman ramble on. Although he hadn't yet cultivated, his memory was extremely strong. If he wanted to learn things, he could just go straight to the library.

In the following days, Ye Mo would go to the library if he wasn't cultivating. He would occasionally go to a few classes he liked. As for not being able to graduate for ditching too many classes, he didn't care at all.

The dormitory had originally 4 people, however, one of them was at the internet caféall day long while another was renting outside with another girl living the couple life. The third person was living in the city centre. Ye Mo often cultivated in the small forest walks inside the university. Each time he cultivated, it would often be a whole night so this dorm was often completely empty. The person who lived in the dorm the most would be Ye Mo. Every three days, he would come back for a good sleep, the rest of the time would be spent on cultivation.

Although he knew that there would be no result in cultivating in a place like this, perhaps he would be able to reach Foundation Establishment even by the time he died, his long term habits had resulted in him without anything better to do other than cultivating. He had a strong memory. He would remember things he liked with one look and that saved him large amounts of time.

Ye Mo who kept a low profile in his past life became lower after coming to this strange environment. However, after the lover letter event last time, he still received a nickname, called lover outside of the bedroom. However, Ye Mo wouldn't care about it at all, things were still how they were to be.

At the beginning, any people felt that he had a thick face for entering the dining hall and library very apathetically. But after some time, no one would notice it anymore. It was as though he was an insignificant drop of water in the ocean, just insignificant.

After two months, Ye Mo barely reached the stage 1 of chi gathering. This owed to him cultivating day and night as well as spending the 20,000 dollars Wang Ying brought him all on Chinese herbs and making it into soup.

However, he also knew that without external things to help him, stage one of chi gathering would probably be the final state he would reach in his entire life time.

Although his cultivation progress wasn't much, he had acquired quite a lot from the library. Not only did he use two months to learn everything from primary school to high school, but he also scanned through all sorts of books about medicine as well as other metaphysical things.

Although he felt that these metaphysical things were very shallow in this would, he did not completely waste his time. After all, he was only stage one chi gathering now.

During summer holidays, the school library was going under reconstruction and Ye Mo had nowhere to go. But now, he was in a financial crisis again. There wasn't much money left on him. He only had about 2000 or so. If he didn't go find a job in the summer holidays and earn money, then eating would become a probably much less herbs for cultivation.

If it was just finding a normal job, perhaps it would be fine for other people but not Ye Mo. He needed to cultivate and that had become a habit. Only cultivation would give him some sense of direction in life. Without money, this would be impossible. On top of that, his salary from a normal job would be a joke for cultivation.

He knew how to concoct pills. However, he was only stage one chi gathering and couldn't concoct pills. Even if he really could, were there spiritual herbs? Were there pill cauldrons?

He gave up on the thought of concocting pills. Good thing was he also knew how to make charms. He was only stage one chi gathering and couldn't make high level chars but he could make some low level spirit cleansing charms, ghost repelling charms, protection charms or even the simple fire ball charms and so forth.

TL note: these charms usually refer to the paper ones. The paper bombs in Naruto is a good indication of what they look like. Most of them are consumables, so they can only be used once.

He bought some charm paper, weasel's hair, cinnabar (special type of red paint) and so on. Although good charms were all made with spiritual beasts' blood and skin, there was no way there were spiritual beasts on Earth. He could make it with cinnabar and chicken blood after some other procedures. Although, he couldn't make high level charms, it was enough for these sub level 1 charms.

Luckily, with the top grade Huang Biao here and a few herbs, he could make it into charms. After all this, Ye Mo's remaining 2000 was almost gone.

TL note: Huang Biao: Yellow paper used to inscribe runes

Cinnabar, rooster blood and a few of the cheap herbs were made into charm making materials with a light aroma. A few thousand dollars were indeed little. He could only made 30 or so charms with these things combined and this didn't include the materials he wasted due to failure.

Good thing was that although Ye Mo was only stage one chi gathering, he was originally a master who could make level 5 charms. But now, the charms he made didn't even have a level.

With material enough for 30 or so charms, he only made 8 charms. spirit cleansing charm, ghost repelling charm, protection charm, fire ball charm. He made two of each.

Although he only made 8 charms, one of the mind clearing charms due to his sudden burst in luck was almost made into something close to a level 1 charm. This was a surprise amongst a surprise.

The eight charms took him half a month. On average, he could even make one charm a day. What he had to do now was sell the charms.

Although he knew that selling charms were thought to be metaphysical propaganda here, the government didn't force a prohibition on it. Ning Hai had a large market ’’Sea treasures and ancient relics trading market.’’ It was also called by some as ’’Sea treasure garden.’’ There were not only all sorts of ancient items and fascinating items sold here, there were also people like Ye Mo selling charms.

Ye Mo also saw the charms people sold here. They were all made with normal Huang Biao without any spiritual chi. It wouldn't have any effect at all. However, they were all sold very cheaply. Ten to tens of dollars a sheet. There were rarely any over 100.

Of course, Ye Mo couldn't sell his charms so cheaply. If he really sold it for that cheap, he might as well go find a job.

In order to prevent him being recognised and thus disturbing his peaceful life or maybe even being captured and used as a lab rat, Ye Mo wore a big pair of shades as well as a hat with a very low rim. He came to Sea Treasure Garden and found a corner to set up his stall like those fortune telling people. He placed a few charms on a piece of black clothes and opened his business just like this.

Although there were many city guards in Ning Hai, there weren't any in Sea Treasure Garden so no one came to Ye Mo to bother Ye Mo, saving him a lot of trouble.

If other people relied on the quantity of their chars for money, Ye Mo knew he could only see his to those who had astute eyes. If it wasn't someone who could tell how good his charms were, they would not buy his charms.

’’Hm, there's ghost repelling charm, what's this, yo, boss, how much is your ghost repelling charm?’’ A man and woman walked in front of Ye Mo with the guy asking.

Ye Mo didn't think that there would be someone to ask for the price as soon as he set up his stall. He immediately stood up with surprised joy: ’’All the charms are 10,000 a piece.’’

’’You psychotic....’’ Before Ye Mo finished speaking, he received those two words as well as the backs of the two people walking off into the distance.


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