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Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 225


Tang Beiwei looked up at Ye Mo in shock. She seemed to be astonished by Ye Mo’s calm temperament. Ever since he knew he was tricked by her, his tone had been getting colder and colder. This was the first time he talked to her with such tone. She felt a sense of being wronged and wanted to cry, but she knew that no matter how she felt wronged, she shouldn’t cry in front of strangers again.

Seeing Tang Beiwei cry more and more, Ye Mo frowned but didn’t say anything. He was waiting. Although he really wanted to go now, Tang Beiwei still hadn’t told him about the bracelet, and he didn’t want to just leave like that.

After a long while, Tang Beiwei calmed herself down and said, "The bracelet was given to me by my mother when she was really sick. She said I wasn’t her biological daughter but was picked up from a temple 20 years ago. The bracelet was left behind before, and my mum said I was one of two children left there. Other than my mother, another couple took a child too. We would use these bracelets to recognize each other, so…."

Ye Mo was suddenly shocked. If what Tang Beiwei said was real, then wouldn’t the other child be him? Was he really picked up from the temple? He thought about the DNA test at the Ye Family, that was actually real? His face suddenly paled. That meant that Tang Beiwei was his real sister but Ye Ling wasn’t.

However, he just made her spit blood. Although his soul wasn’t the original Ye Mo, he couldn’t avoid the blood on him.

Tang Beiwei didn’t look up at Ye Mo and said, "Ye Mo, although I wanted to harm you, I didn’t get the chance to. Since you don’t want me, if you like this bracelet, then take it. Treat it as my compensation. To me, I have no kin other than my mum. After mum leaves, there’s no need for me to keep this bracelet…" Her voice got quieter until it was almost unhearable.

For the first time, Ye Mo regretted what he did and said. Ever since he started cultivation, he had never regretted about anything. This time, he truly regretted. It was because Ye Ling was involved that he was so angry and his words became harsh.

Although he wasn’t completely sure Tang Beiwei was his sister, Ye Mo was now deeply regretful towards his vulgarness.

Tang Beiwei looked down in melancholy but didn’t notice Ye Mo move at all. She subconsciously looked up at Ye Mo. Ye Mo’s face was very pale, perhaps even as pale as her.

"Ye…" Tang Beiwei forgot about her situation and forgot about how the man in front of her was so rude to her.

Ye Mo took a long sigh and stared at Tang Beiwei for a long while. Tang Beiwei couldn’t take Ye Mo’s look and looked down again. She didn’t know what Ye Mo was going to do to her;she just didn’t care anymore.

Ye Mo sat down, helped put a jacket on Tang Beiwei, and put his arm around her bring her to rest on him. Tang Beiwei was shocked, what happened to Ye Mo? He didn’t seem to be right.

"Sorry, Beiwei, my words were too harsh, I apologize to you." Ye Mo thought Tang Beiwei was living quite a harsh life and felt more uncomfortable. His eyes gradually became cruel;no matter who tricked Tang Beiwei over and harmed her like this, he would scatter their bone dusts everywhere.

Then, Ye Mo took a sudden shiver, did that person know they were brothers and sister? If that was the case, this person was too cruel and scary.

Luckily, Ye Mo had his principle and had Luo Ying and Ning QIngxue in his heart. Otherwise, Ye Mo didn’t dare to think about the consequences.

Ye Mo’s eyes grew colder, such malevolent means. If it was really like this, he wouldn’t be able to sleep unless this person was dead. There was such an animal in the world.

Tang Beiwei felt surprised at Ye Mo saying sorry for the second time, if the first time was casual, then this time, Tang Beiwei truly felt Ye Mo’s apology. And, he changed to calling her Beiwei.

She laid in Ye Mo’s arms and had this feeling of not wanting move. If only someone protected her like this all the time, she wouldn’t need to be bullied everywhere.

Just when Tang Beiwei was thinking, she suddenly felt Ye Mo’s body go cold. There was a killing intent from his bones. This made her shiver and suddenly leave Ye Mo.

Seeing Tang Beiwei look at him in terror, Ye Mo knew he spilt his killing intent. He took it back and took a medical pill and gave it to her, "Beiwei, eat this first, I’ll help you strengthen your body.."

Tang Beiwei looked at the pill in surprise and thought for a while but still ate it. She didn’t ask why;if Ye Mo was going to do something to her, she would concede her fate.

Then, Ye Mo took out needles to unblock all the meridians that was blocked due to her extreme sadness. Then, he helped her strengthen her body with spirit chi. Two hours later, he pulled out the needles with sweat all over his forehead.

Tang Beiwei also realized her body seemed to be full of power. She was full spirited and that depressing feeling in her heart was gone. She even felt very light and comfortable.

She saw that many impurities have been squeezed out from her pores and seemed to have realized something. Then, she looked at Ye Mo who sat on the bed full of sweat and had a pale face. Although she didn’t know what Ye Mo did to her, she knew that Ye Mo used a lot of strength to help her improve her body.

Ye Mo opened his eyes and said to Tang Beiwei, "Go take a shower first, I will talk to you later."

Although she didn’t understand what was happening, she went to take a shower quickly.

Ye Mo expended a lot of energy this time. Ye Mo had never helped anyone do this before even for Ning Qingxue. He did it this time for Tang Beiwei because he felt he owed her.

Ye Mo looked at the money he had left in the ring, barely tens of dollars. It seemed he couldn’t avoid borrowing money. He didn’t ask from Ye Ling because he knew she had no money now too.

Tang Beiwei took a shower for almost an hour. When she came out, she had switched clothes but the shirt was still Ye Mo’s.

After she took a shower, she seemed to have had a complete makeover. Because Ye Mo cleansed her body and meridians, she had this indescribable noble temperament on her.

When she looked at herself in the mirror, she was also very shocked. She didn’t know what Ye Mo did for her, but it must be something amazing. And Ye Mo didn’t seem like an ordinary person too.

Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei and felt satisfied. Other than that sorrow that couldn’t be washed away, she was completely different.

"What do you want to talk about with me?" Tang Beiwei had regained her composure. She buried the sorrow in her heart deeply. She had decided to go back to Tan Du immediately. If her mother really couldn’t be cured, she would take her mum away and stay with her. She had done her best. Instead of being harassed everywhere, she might as well go back with her mother.

Ye Mo took out a bracelet and said, "I suspect we’re brothers and sisters because I also have this bracelet."

Tang Beiwei suddenly started to shake. She jumped up abruptly and took the bracelet from Ye Mo’s hands and compared it to hers. It was a pair.

Her red face became pale once again. Her hands were shaking, even her entire body was shaking. She didn’t expect the kin she was supposed to find was the person torturing her. Before she knew who Ye Mo was, she could endure it, but now that she knew Ye Mo was probably her brother, she was about to collapse.

She wanted a brother who loved her and spoiled her, but she couldn’t accept it when the reality was in front of her.

Tang Beiwei’s face grew paler and paler. She suddenly took the bracelet and smashed it towards Ye Mo and dashed out of the door without saying a word.

There was a sense of despair flashing across Ye Mo’s eyes. From a soul perspective, he didn’t have any connections to Tang Beiwei, but this blood relation thing couldn’t be severed.

Ye Mo chased out. He knew that Tang Beiwei must feel really bad now, but he didn’t try to pull here. Perhaps after a while, she would feel better.

Tang Beiwei’s brain was full of chaos. Ye Mo was actually her brother. She would rather never found her brother than have Ye Mo as her brother.

She almost did something unforgivable. If it wasn’t that Ye Mo wasn’t interested in her, she couldn’t even imagine the consequences.

Tang Beiwei kept running. She hated Ye Mo;if he had the bracelet, why didn’t he take it out earlier? There were so many people in the world, why did it have to be Ye Mo?

Tang Beiwei kept running forward tirelessly as though something ahead could set her free. Her brain was chaotic, she wasn’t thinking.

Ye Mo followed behind her worriedly. He knew that Tang Beiwei needed to release her feelings, and after she calmed down, she would be able to accept things.

Ye Mo stopped. He saw Tang Beiwei go up the elevator. It was a glass elevator, when Ye Mo came, it was already going up.

The numb look in her eyes shook Ye Mo’s heart. Why did she go up the elevator? Soon, Ye Mo thought, was she going to jump off the building? He suddenly regretted not pulling her and let her run.

The elevator was getting smaller and smaller and Ye Mo scanned Tang Beiwei nervously with his spirit sense. Luckily, this building was only 70 meters tall, that was still in range of his spirit sense.

Ye Mo was looking at her thinking if he should go up and bring her down. But suddenly, Tang Beiwei opened the window at the top floor and jumped.

Seeing Tang Beiwei jump, he finally felt relieved. He jumped without hesitation, using a spirit chi wall to slow her descent before carrying her just before she landed. Before people could react, he left there.

The moment Tang Beiwei jumped, she felt relieved. Everything was going to end.

But when she woke up again, she found she was in Ye Mo’s arms. She had a fright, did her brother jump too?

"Beiwei, you’re really dumb, why did you jump? If I couldn’t catch you, I wouldn’t forgive myself." Ye Mo’s tone was a little sad. He didn’t know who was right and who was wrong.

Tang Beiwei finally understood that Ye Mo caught her. That depression in her heart finally disappeared. The endless feeling of being wronged rushed up her heart, and she finally couldn’t resist it anymore. She hugged Ye Mo and cried out.


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