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Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 223


Ye Mo brought Tang Beiwei to a hotel and walked to the reception and said, "Can you get me another room, I’ll give you the bond tomorrow."

The girl looked at Ye Mo and then looked at Tang Beiwei behind him. She talked as though she had never seen Ye Mo before. "Sorry, sir, you need to pay if you wish to book another room."

Ye Mo didn’t think the reception would be so stingy, he had been living here for four days already.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to talk, he was pulled by Tang Beiwei, "Brother Ye, I’ll share a room with you tonight, don’t spend more money."

Ye Mo thought so too;he was going to be making runes at night, so he wouldn’t be sleeping anyways. He could leave the bed to Tang Beiwei. Now that Tang Beiwei said this, he didn’t want to waste time talking to the reception and nodded. "In that case, let’s go up first."

Tang Beiwei followed to Ye Mo’s room and saw it was a single bed room. She felt this sorrow for some reason. Although she was very grateful to Ye Mo and have decided to give her first time to him to compensate for tricking him when he saved her, but when she was really about to face it, she couldn’t accept it.

But since Ye Mo could bring her to this room, that meant he had that thought too. If he didn’t, why did he bring a single girl into a single room?

When Tang Beiwei was taking a shower, Ye Mo organized the materials. There were still 20 sets. Ye Mo took out the phone and hesitated a long time. He still couldn’t decide if he was going to call Su Jingwen. He sighed and thought he should wait till tomorrow. There were 20 left, and it was enough for the night.

After a while, Ye Mo put the phone away and looked at Tang Beiwei who had finished her shower.

She used a towel to wrap her body, but her long white legs still showed. She had a very slim figure, rendering this stunning sense of enticement.

However, Ye Mo didn’t have any feelings at all. It was as though Tang Beiwei wasn’t as seductive as Jing Xi. He looked curiously at Tang Beiwei and said, "You finished the shower, then go and sleep on the bed."

Ye Mo thought she was going thank him first, but she just agreed and went to the bed. Ye Mo shook his head;she really wasn’t going to act polite.

Tang Beiwei slept on the bed with her heart thumping. She didn’t know when Ye Mo would come. She felt shaky. She wanted Ye Mo to come early, and after it was done, she would feel less guilty. Tang Beiwei’s heart was nervous and conflicted, plus, she had been quite stressed lately, so she fell asleep unknowingly.

Seeing Tang Beiwei had fallen asleep, Ye Mo started to make runes again. Although he tried to be careful and not waste materials. A night was over and he only made 7 from 20 sets of materials. The success rate was still less than a third.

He rested for a long while before sighing. He packed up the things and took a shower. It was almost dawn, and he knew he had to borrow money. If he didn’t, it was impossible to beat Jing Xi with the 30 runes he made. Plus, there might be more than one with Jing Xi’s strength.

Tang Beiwei slept very comfortably. She opened her eyes but didn’t see anyone beside her. Ye Mo didn’t sleep on the bed last night. She sat up subconsciously and realized her clothes were fine, untouched. The blanket slid down and she quickly pulled.

Ye Mo saw Tang Beiwei sit up. He came over and said, "I need to go out for a bit, don’t run around after you get up. Wait till I get some money."

Ye Mo knew that he killed 3 people last night, and although no one knew what happened last night, if they didn’t appear for so long, it would arouse suspicion.

"You didn’t sleep on the bed last night?" Tang Beiwei asked in surprise. Ye Mo’s words made her feel warm and more guilty.

"No, I was doing things last night," Ye Mo casually said.

"Huh…" Tang Beiwei was worried. Ye Mo didn’t take her last night;it was going to be daylight soon, what should she do? Today was the 25th already.

"Brother Ye, can you come up and stay with me for a bit? I…" Tang Beiwei said such embarrassing words for the first time. She felt her body shake heavily.

Ye Mo looked strangely at Tang Beiwei and thought did he look wrong? What else could it be for a girl to ask a man to sleep with her?

Seeing Ye Mo shake his head, Tang Beiwei was worried and pulled his hand. "Sorry, Brother Ye, this is my first time, I , I want to give it to you…"

After saying this, she was full of sweat, and her face was indescribably red. She would’ve never thought she would say something so shameless. However, she had no experience in seducing men and could only express it so straightforwardly.

Ye Mo grabbed her wrist. Tang Beiwei felt relieved;he was finally going to take it. She didn’t know if she was disappointed or happy. There were all sorts of feelings, but she didn’t dare to look at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo noticed the bracelet on Tang Beiwei’s wrist. It was the exact same one his sister gave him, what was this?

Tang Beiwei’s hand was grabbed by Ye Mo, but she didn’t see him do anything for a long while. The rudiness retreated, and she looked up strangely at Ye Mo.

"Brother Ye…." Tang Beiwei called out quietly. Her impression of Ye Mo was getting better and better. If it was a normal person, he probably would’ve done something already. She was the prettiest girl in her school, but Ye Mo still didn’t do anything

Ye Mo sighed. "Tang Beiwei, can you tell me where you got your bracelet from?"

"Huh…" She knew now that Ye Mo grabbed her wrist because he was looking at her bracelet. This was the thing left behind by her mother to recognize her brother, did he like it? If he did, she would give it to him.

Thinking about this, Tang Beiwei took it off and gave it to Ye Mo. "My mum gave this to me not long ago, Brother Ye, you saved me, you don’t want me, but if you like this bracelet, then take it."

Ye Mo took the bracelet and looked at it carefully. It was indeed the same as his bracelet. The jade and imprints were the same, there was no difference.

He passed the bracelet to Tang Beiwei and smiled. "Sleep for a while more, I’m not trying to take your bracelet, just having a look."

Tang Beiwei took the bracelet in confusion. She didn’t understand what Ye Mo meant. Did he really have no intentions for her? Was she not good looking enough for him? If there was anything Tang Beiwei had to be proud of, it was her looks. She never thought she looked worse than anyone.

Ye Mo picked up the phone and was about to call Ye Ling about the bracelet, but he realized his phone was out of battery, so he put it aside to charge. Then, he walked to Tang Beiwei’s bedside and said, "Can you lend me your phone?"

"Huh…" Tang Beiwei saw Ye Mo walk over and her heart started thumping again. However, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to be just borrowing her phone as she quickly said, "Okay, here." Then, she passed the phone beside her pillow to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo remembered Ye Ling’s number and he dialled it. However, the info that appeared made Ye Mo freeze. After he dialled the number, the words Ye Mo’s girlfriend came up.

Tang Beiwei knew Ye Ling? No, since she wrote Ye Mo’s Girlfriend, it meant that she had heard of him, but she asked him for his name before. This girl was acting, Ye Mo looked coldly at Tang Beiwei and hung up for now.

Tang Beiwei was looking at Ye Mo while thinking. But now, Ye Mo suddenly looked at her and his eyes were very cold. She shivered subconsciously. Ye Mo’s eyes were too cold. From yesterday till now, she had never seen such cold eyes from Ye Mo.

Ye Mo walked up to Tang Beiwei’s bed and pulled away her blanket, revealing the wonderful body of hers that only had lingerie on. However, Ye Mo acted as though he didn’t see it, he grabbed her up and walked to the window and coldly said, "This is the sixth floor, if you say one lie, I will throw you down immediately. Tell me, why did you find me intentionally, what is it?"

Tang Beiwei still didn’t wake up from the shock, but when Ye Mo asked her, she realized it. She looked at herself just wearing lingerie on, but was carried by Ye Mo’s hand. She was very embarrassed. Her eyes went red and tears gushed out once again.

Ye Mo didn’t seem to see it and coldly said once again, "You have one minute, if you don’t talk, then don’t blame me."

"Throw me down, I, I…" Tang Beiwei had this sudden sense of being wronged. Instead of living like this, she might as well die. When her mother died, she could stay with her mother. Why live in the world and be abused.

Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei in surprise;she didn’t even fear death, was there a crueller plan?

Ye Ling was his sister, and that was his bottom line. They dared to touch her, then don’t blame him. No matter what, he had to investigate this clear.

He threw Tang Beiwei on the bed once again and coldly said, "Tell me everything, what do you want with me and who sent you?"


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