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Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 1.1


Chapter 1 Part 1

Is My Doodle Alright?

’’Ye Mo, Ye Mo, are you alright. Get up quickly. The class is about to start. This is Merciless Ice's class, hurry up and get up.’’ A worried voice sounded by Ye Mo's ear. Ye Mo had a very strange feeling.

’’This idiot, he probably doesn't have the face to see anyone, that's why he's covering up his face.’’ Another voice sounded by his ear but now, Ye Mo was awake.

Ye Mo looked around him confused. There was no one he knew. They were all unknown faces.

Seeing Ye Mo's lost face, there was another roaring of laughter. It was quite obvious that all these laughs were directed to him. Seeing that everyone around him was laughing at him, he didn't dare to ask for the time being and could only be vigilant himself in case someone attacked him.

He looked at the student sitting beside him. It seemed that only he didn't laugh at him and it was hie who woke him up.’’

’’Where am I? Who are you? Why does this look like a classroom?’’ Ye Mo asked subconsciously in astonishment.

’’Haha....’’ There was another roaring of laughter.

’’Ye Mo, I think you're so angry that you have become dumb. Do you think Yan Yan is someone you can write a love letter to? It was okay if you were still in the Ye family, but now, you're not. Be careful next time. The next class is English class and the teacher is Yun Bing. Don't be caught by her.’’ Ye Mo's desk-mate whispered in his ear. The voice was so low that only Ye Mo could hear. It could be seen that he was very worried too.

TL note: Yun Bing means cloud ice

’’I really can't remember. My headache was really bad just then and I forgot about a lot of things.’’ Ye Mo said helplessly.

His desk-mate sighed. Of course he wouldn't believe that Ye Mo would forget everything in such short moment. It was just that Ye Mo needed to save his face. Ye Mo still hadn't realised the reality yet. He was no longer Ye Mo of the Ye family.

Ye Mo's head had a sudden pulse of pain. He remember that he and his master Luo Ying was making the Energy Returning pill. Then, those bastards from the Western Flow Group attacked. Then, there were all sorts of explosions and battles. He remembered that his master carried him and used a escape paper charm. But how could he appear here. Was this still the Luo Yue Continent?

By the way, he is still sitting here, but what of his master? His master was only three years older than him. Moreover, the reason that the Western Flow Group attacked them was because his master was too beautiful. The young master of the Western Flow Group wanted to marry his beautiful master but his master rejected him. Then, all that happened.

If his master was in the hands of the Western Flow Group, then the consequences would be unimaginable. Thinking about this, Ye Mo could no longer hold the worry in his heart and suddenly stood up.

’’What is it, don't you know the bell for class has rung?’’ A cold faced young married woman walked up to the class podium with a few books between her arms. She scanned the students laughing in the class coldly and immediately, the laughs quietened down. Everyone knew this English class was run by Yun Bing and she what she hated the most was students creating uproars. If she had her eyes on you, then definitely no good would come out of that.

Ye Mo had already felt that something was not right. Although, he could understand these words, the language was obviously not what he had used before. Was this no longer Luo Yue Continent?

Frowning his eyebrows, Ye Mo wanted to know more. Another pulse of headache came and all sorts of information were remembered by him.

Ye Mo, a member of the third generation of the Ye family. His father Ye Wentian had passed away two years ago. He never had any impression of his mother. After his father passed away, he was completely kicked out of the Ye family. The reason was because he wasn't Ye Wentian's biological son.

More specifically, after Ye Mo's father died, Ye Mo's blood was DNA tested and was said to not be of the Ye family. This caused him to be kicked out of the Ye family.

However, he still has a little sister Ye Ling and a little brother Ye Zifeng. However, they were both not of the same mother as him but of the same father. Three years ago, his father seemed to knew that he owed that Ye Mo and asked his own father to request for a marriage with the Ning family. Ye Wentian quite possibly knew that his body was bad and so he wanted to find a backup for Ye Mo. Thus, he found the Ning family of Beijing.

Being able to have a marriage with the top five families of China, the Ning family was of course very glad to do so. The head of the Ning family betrothed his grand-daughter to Ye Mo. Three years since then, Ning Qingxue who was only 21 was already the prettiest lady in the entire capital.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo became the disaster of the Ye family. The reason was simple. In one hospital check up, Ye Mo was discovered to be naturally impotent. In other words, he couldn't reproduce. Although the Ye family tried very hard to cover this fact, it seemed that all the people in the capital knew in one night. One of the 5 greatest families of China, the Ye family had a naturally impotent member. The Ye family lost the honour on this big time.


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