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Stranger’s Handbook - Chapter 154


Chapter 154

154. Beast King's fiancee

TL: Dragox

’’Emilia, is my head okay?’’

’’There doesn't seem to be any outwar abnormality. Your Majesty, what do you think about archduke Zest knowing he is so strong?’’

’’Yes! Won't he become my fiancee...’’

’’Good,it is a relief that your thought circuits work as ususal. I am speechless.’’

The prime minister is making a fool out of the interiors of Beast King's head with a lovely smile on her face.

The person herself seems to be satisfied with her treatment, it makes one pity her...

’’It seems she's definitively Her Majesty the Beast King. Well, a soldier wouln't ever think of impersonating her anyway. Hey, Kachua.’’

’’Yes. What is it, papa?

’’Lady Kachua, here is a handerchief, please wipe your face.

Kachua cried so much because of the iron claw that her face is now tear stained, and has a runny nose.

She was blowing hard on the handerchief that Suu casually gave her.

’’Neverthless... How much do I owe to the prime minister, to do such a rude thing to Her Majesty the Beast King. I sincerely apologize.’’

’’What? What for?’’

’’Please forgive him, Your Majesty. The archduke only acted like he did because I requested so.’’

While the look on the Beast King's face was that of astonishment, tthe prime minister was completely blue.

She knows we are in a delicate situation.

’’There's nothing to be worried about, why are you apologizing?’’

’’... It is a formality.’’

’’It is embarrasing.’’

This time the prime ministe got a bright red face.

It seems it's useless to be roundabaout about this.

’’Your Majesty, with the incident that just happened... Do you understand that with just one mistake it could have ended in war?’’


It's useless... Who made such a child a king!?

’’I stopped Your Majesty by the request from the prime minister. With the use of force. Do you understand up to here?’’

’’Yes. Certainly I, and... big sister Kachua were about to fight. And neither of us thought of stopping.’’

’’However, you are clearlye Her majesty de Beast King... Aren't you the king? of course I must apologize so I can be forgiven.’’

’’But I'm the one that was defeated, so I'm the one in the wrong, right?’’

I'm starting to feel a headache while hearing her, but it is possible to endure since I'm used to Albert.

I'm also using a rude manner of speech, but i guess this brat won't understand unlees I use simple words.

I'm already considerably tired...

’’For the time being we need a scenario where I need to apologize. Otherwise it would go something like... 'The prime minister from Gryphon has deceived us, she tarnished His excellyn's honor. Her Majesty the Beast King must be involved in this too. No, this surely must be a conspiracy by the Gryphon Kingdom! All while archduke Zest is an ambassador in the country of elves. However, the Beast King is a coward that attacks by surprise. Moreover, the prime minister must have tricked archduke Zest in all this. Such a country can not be trusted. Lets both defeat the Gryphon Kingdom!'How would you resolve that?’’

’’Eh!? Isn't that mostly made up?’’

’’Yes, that's right. It's just a false accusation. This is the kind of things done in the background for military and economical power are an everyday thing for nobles, when it's done between large countries it is called diplomacy.’’(TLN:)

’’But I don't...’’

’’Since I understand the mindset of hte kemonobito, I know that this isn't the behavior of Her Majesty. Since the pride of the kemonobito wouldn´t allow you to break promises, and respect strength. Isn't that right?’’

’’That's right, since that's the kemonobito pride.’’

She nods with satisfaction.

That's how this muscleheaded idiot says it.

’’Nevertheless, for other races negotiations and dialogue are needed. You as a king must be able to cope with all this.’’

’’Yes. Understood.’’

...Really? Do you really understand?

I reply with a smile, but my heart is full of anxiety.

’’Incidentally, are you going to tell someone about this incident?’’

’’Oh, there's no way I won't tell this to everyone! Archduke Zest is even stronger than what the rumors tell! By all means, My husband...’’

’’Prime minister, I'm begging you... If Her Majesty the King is left alone, this will cause an uproar.’’

’’I have a headache. Since that's my sister's nature I wanted to keep her inside our country... but since the strong one rules the kemonobito, I'm unable to do anything.’’

Inside my heart I feel sorry for Emilia.

She started calling ’’sister’’ to Her Majesty, I guess she thinking something among the lines of: ’’What to do? She will likely tell everyone about this.’’

’’Prime minister, it might be to meddlesome to ask about another country's affairs, but I guess I'm already involved anyways. What kind of education was given to the Beast King?’’

’’I'm so ashamed I have no words to answer.’’

’’What is it? You've been talking about dificcult things all this time!’’

The beast King became noisy after running out of patience, but here is someone that is at he limit of his patience.

For such a brat to be a king... Aren't my hands full enough with the education of the fool prince?

’’Shut up! Children who are unable to understand what's been talked about should remain silent! With just those words one might end up getting killed!!’’(TLN:)

Normally one wouldn't say such foolish things to a king.

But the situation right now leave me no other choice.

’’Is that okay? If the exchange just now gets leaked, there will be great problems. It would be a good chance for those that are against me. I will be put under vigilance, and bad rumors would easily spread.’’

Yes, such interactions are okay in private.

Under the condition that they are kept as a secret.

But I'm too worried that this brat will spill the beans.

’’It's a scheme made by archduke Zest to betray Gryphon Kingdom and the Grunn Empire.He intends to provoke a war... What if those rumors spread? Will you be able to handle it?’’

Since /> Since the Beast King became silent, it seems that she undeerstood.

No, there's still the chance that she didn't understand what I said at all...

’’The king of a country has the power to kill a large number of people just by his words. Just a bit...’’

’’Those are nostalgic words... the former beast king used to say 'you don't understand that one can lose his life with just one of your words'while being angry.’’

’’Archduke Zest, I apologize in advance. My sister has a face that says that she is about to spout nonsense.’’(TLN:)

I have an unpleasant premonition about her words, however Albert, and Suu are fast to react.

Both of them firmly cover their ears... They make it clear they won't be hearing this.

’’I have decided! Let's take archduke Zest to the Gryphon Kingdom! Only he will become my husband! About Grun Empire, let's inmediatly...’’

’’My sister is absolutely useless!’’

’’Papa, it seems tha my hearing's been failling lately.’’

’’I'm also tired of this constant buzz in my ears.’’

While prime minister Emilia is scolding Her Majesty with the looks off a demon, we just silently watch.

... This doesn't seem to be settled anytime soon.

’’I don't want to! Archduke Zest is really strong and majestic. And wouln't he be an excellent leader? Is there any other man like him!?’’

’’He is a foreign authority, and you can't expect to marry an already married archduke! There's nothing but problems with that idea!’’

Even after nagging her for 30 minutes this doesn't end.

We can just resign ourselves to have a tea break.

’’However, how can we reach a compromise?’’

’’Your excellency! rather than that, in regards to the Gryphon Kingdom in the map...’’

’’Albert, that is really foolish as expected...’’

’’Lord Albert please be silent. You are a bother.’’

Albert who was told by his sister that he's a nuisance is feeling down, however I have no time to make a follow up.

This quarrel won't end until Her Majesty the Beast King can make a compromise somewhere.

’’Is there someone that can replace me?’’

’’Albert is strong enough, but he's already married.’’

’’In terms of inteligence there's Sir Katalina or lady Kachua... but they're women...’’

’’... In short, a man who is single, capable of fighting with me and has high intelligence’’

’’Ha? Is there a person like that?’’

’’Master, you don't say...’’

’’How about the Frontier Count Razatonia? He is a bit elder, but he is single right now and really strong. Furthermore, he can plot as much as you want!’’

’’Grun Empire's Shield... There's certainly no problems with him, but His majesty the Emperor won't permit it at all.’’

’’If not as a son-in-law, as a husband certainly... The frontier shield himself...’’

Suu begins making calculations with an evil face for some reason.

It will certainly be favorable for my territory where there ar many kemonobito if I can become distantly related with the Beast King...

Though it seems dangerous to have a direct relationship with this king with the brain of a child.

’’I wish Albert's son was son was a bit bigger...’’

’’!? That's it, master! Lets make Albert's son the future son-in-law!’’

’’OH, there was tha kind of move!’’

’’... Engaging my baby son? What a honor!! Your Excellency, I can't thank you enough!!’’

Wait, isn't your reasoning strange?

Making Albert's son the fiancee with him being such a fool... It should be okay... the other side is in a similar situation after all.

’’But, will it be okay with the kemonobito to engage a royalty just like this?’’

’’It is wonderful, this is the dream of every kemonobito man.’’

’’For a woman is useless, but if it is a man, he can boast about it, and with the partner being her Majesty... This Albert is only able to show his gratitude!!’’

’’S-so it's like that. However, it's still not fixed. First we need to convince Her Majesty the Beast King...’’

’’Master, please do your best’’

’’It all depends on papa's persuasion.’’

’’I will dance at once from my emotions.’’

It seems my task is already decided.

'Make Albert's son Her Majesty the Beast King's fiancee! That will solve all our problems!'

In order to achieve this, I slowly aproach the two kemonobito sister who are quarreling...

’’Hey, archduke Zest. It seems your current wife is the young lady from the frontier territory. Wouldn't I be better suited to be together with you?’’

’’P-please stop, your Majesty! Such things...’’

That's the first thing she says when I get close.

Prime minister Emilia has a pitiful face full of fatigue.

’’The bare minimum requirement for my wife is to be strong enough. I'm worried that her Majesty won't be able to win even against Albert.’’

’’Hah? That young lady of yours is like that? If you say to such extent...’’

’’The black dragons show their belly in submission to her, moreover... Albert, how would you confront Bea in a one-on-one?’’

’’Yes! the moment madam glares at me with her dark magic emanating I can only submit!’’

’’Is that so. Dark atribute magicians are scary. Once I saw frontier count Razatonia in his youth from a distance and, I thought I would leak my pants. Mama is said to have a rare talent in dark magic... I would never think of fighting against her.’’

When the frontier count is clad in black magic at full throttle, it's a complete horror.

Bea has a similar amount of magical power... I guess it's only me that can resist it upfront because of my light magic.

’’Would her Majesty the Beast King be able to win against my wife whom these two can claim they are unable to win? I think it's impossible. And although I'm being highly assessed... I'm afraid I'm just a human in the prime of his life. In the future I'll probably just get weaker.’’

’’Mumumu, but... with you being that strong, it won't matter that much if you get older.’’

’’Sister, you should just give up, with his wife being such a powerful dark magician, it would just be reckless to fight.’’

If she acknowledges Bea's strength, she won't be able to claim me as her husband.

Though it seems she hasn't given up yet.

’’Therefore, considering this, don't you agree that Albert strength is outstanding? He is the man who got this strength after training. It's possible to say that he is hardworking, and also a natural genius.’’

’’I will admit that. It would normally be impossible to find such a strong soldier.’’

As expected from the muscle-head, this might be a quick talk.

’’Then... wouldn't you agree to raise, this genius'son?’’

’’...What do you mean?’’

’’With a young kemonobito, there's room for development. If we can drill into him the foundations of fighting, he can become her Majesty's ideal man.’’

’’Hee, to rise a young man to my liking? that sounds nice...’’

’’Older sistes, please wipe your drool.’’

It seems that the Beast King is about to bite the bait.

She will get a really young fianceéafter all.

'Lets call this off since there's not a good prospect.'

It would have ended like that with one mistake, good thing there was a sacrifice to take my place.

If Albert's son is against this... No, a young man will easily fall in love since the Beast king is a beautiful woman.

Even more so if he is a kemonobito since they adore the Beast King.

’’Well then, lets arrange it like that. Is that okay prime minister Emilia?’’

’’I will have to trouble you with this. As long as her Majesty the Beast King agrees with this.’’

’’Battle genius child... younger... to my liking... a young man....’’

The Beast King Elenora is staring into empty space, while the prime minister seems to be relieved

With the conssent from the prime minister, this case becomes solved.

Im releived, this was really troublesome.

I thought i finally had a moment to catch my breath, but then the news arrived.

’’This is an emergency! The prime minister from the elven country Heinz(TLN: ) is making a fuss saying that his Excellency Zest and lady Kachua have betrayed the empire, and that they are conspiring with the Beast King to usurp the elven country's throne!’’

When Media barged in the room and said this, everyone inside froze in their place.

To turn out like this at this timing... That bastard really did it.

Inside the room where only the rough breathing from Media was heard.

It was Tasel from the inteligence unit that broke the atmosphere.

’’Your excellency, it seems that the background work has been succesful and the elves aren't buying into prime minister Heinz words. Shoukdn't you hurry and make a statement at the banquet hall?’’

’’Understood. I will hurry to the banquet hall.’’

Like this, we all rush to the banquet hall.

Immediatly after this the troubles in the elven country were settled.


1. And this is why I'm grateful for living the life of a lazy commoner :P

2. I feel this is the fastest time in which Zest has snapped twice in a row.

3. Behold my ability to translate something I didn't understand by infering from the context :p

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