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Stranger’s Handbook - Chapter 153


Chapter 153

153. Her Majesty the Beast King and settlement

TL: Dragox

’’For my rudeness, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.’’

It's the first time in a long time that I've earnestly apologized.

I called a ’’fool’’ the ruler of a country, I don't have any excuses.

If it comes to worst this could result in a war.

After that strongest elf became a stain on the crater where she landed, we went to a preparation room to have a conversation.

As expected, I can't leave the matter with the ruler of the kemonobito country, Her Majesty the Beast King alone.

’’Hmmm? It's a party, right? Then, isn´t it natural to forget formalities?’’

’’Her Majesty, that way of thinking is from the kemonobito country.’’

The older sister Beast King who is playing with her blue hair.

She looks like a beautiful, tall model in her late twenties, but one shouldn't be deceived.

She is a monster that wields a big axe with such a fine arm.

’’Politeness and manners are emphasized in other countries. There's no such a thing as understanding each other with fists.’’

The one preaching to he Beast King is a woman that came as an envoy from the kemonobito country for the marriage ceremony.

She's a tomboyish woman with the same blue hair as the Beast King in a short cut.

It's visible that she's a woman though, since she has breasts.

’’This is the reason I was against this. It was obvious that this would happen if Her Majesty the Beast King accompanied me. Really, it seems that only your body grows up... Any dignity as a ruler is yet to appear...’’

’’Ok ok, I entrust you the difficult things. Besides that, Zest! Lets fight!’’

’’Unfortunately, it is bad for me to battle against Her Majesty the Beast King. Moreover, since I am in the middle of celebrating a wedding ceremony, I can not respond to Her Highness's expectations.’’

The older sister Beast King was leaning on her chair, seemingly disappointed.

... This would normally be unreasonable.

’’Is it not okay? Your Majesty. This is the normal response. Is it not our country the abnormal one? This is a conference room with chairs and a desk. This is not a stone stage where one can just simply fight.’’

’’It's a drag to talk, why can't we just settle it as if we were in our country?’’

’’As I said, that is not normal...’’

... I definitely don't want to go to that country.

In short, isn't it a country with people like Albert and the Black Knights?

It's easy to imagine the amount of retorting I would have to do.

I'm thinking this while watching the short haired older sister preach... But i will still go.

It was due my carelessness that resulted in this situation in the first place.

’’I am sorry for the disturbance, Your Excellency Zest. I will introduce myself again. I am from the kemonobito country, Griffon Kingdom's prime minister, my name is Emilia1... now...’’

After the sermon is over, Emilia stretched her back and said.

’’This one is the Beast King, Her Majesty Elenora2’’

’’Elenora is fine. I don't care about naming formalities... Not after I found a long awaited chance for a good fight.’’

She introduced herself with a smug face, the Beast King Elenora seems to be in a good mood.

Though I can sense even a bit of dignity with the way she leant against her chair.

’’Let me greet you once more. I am the Grun empire archduke, first court magician Zest Gaiyus. Is it okay to prepare some tea? Both of you should moisten your throat.’’

When a send a signal with my eyes, Suu gives a greeting while bowing.

’’I am Suu, archduke Zest's steward. I will be preparing the refreshments.’’

There's no way for the king to be the one preparing the tea for the other party.

It would be unfavourable if it is refused... Well, it shouldn't be a problem with Her Majesty.

’’I entrust it to you.’’

’’A pleasure.’’

Hearing the expected answers, Suu prepares tea for everyone.

Prime Minister Emilia, watched Suu's hands as she did, but obviously we won't get offended.

It is natural to watch out for poisoning.

Her Majesty is the first one to pick up one of the three cup´s from the table.

Then Prime Minister Emilia, and I picked up the last one.

They start drinking after confirming that I tasted it first.

’’It seems the rumors are true, you actually have a kemonobito woman as your steward. I heard that humans look down on us, is this really okay? For a noble... moreover the figure of an archduke to act like this.’’

’’It's not like Her Majesty says. Just like Emilia is your prime minister, there should be no problem in Suu being my steward.’’

’’Fufu, Emilia is my little sister. She has my full trust. On the other hand, Zest and Suu aren´t connected whatsoever by blood, right? So, can you say that you can fully trust her?’’

’’She is an excellent woman. Being from another race is just part of her individuality. And even if we are not connected by blood, there is no one more trustworthy than her.’’

’’Yes, until this life of mine is exhausted... No my descendants will obey master even after this life of mine is exhausted.’’

When Suu, says this while lowering her head, Her Majesty the Beast King watches her with glittering eyes.

At that moment the door opens with a loud bang.

’’Your Excellency, this Albert shall assist you! Together, we will kill the enemy with no problems!’’3

’’Papa, Kachua is ready to cast her best magic!’’

With their eyes bloodshot, those two froze in place after barging in.

I guess that's because the saw us get along having tea.

Her majesty, please don't smile while grabbing your axe.

’’To assist...’’

’’Best magic...’’

’’You two, sit there in seiza.’’

I place my cup on the table, and stand up.

I can see two kemonobito collapsed in the hallway through the door that was left open.

You fools, didn't kill the, right? Are they alright?

... It seem I have to apologize for a second time today... A second apology in dogeza.

’’Hahaha, good good. I won't blame the men that are worried about their lord. This is a matter of fact as the Beast King, as it is a natural behaviour for kemonobito. Rather, lets praise them.’’

’’Your Majesty, I request you to put down your axe, please. Since there were no deaths, I understand your forgiveness. However, it will be improper for it to become a battle.’’

The prime minister promptly scolded Her Majesty the Beast King before starting a fight.

Little sister, hang in there... I feel a great sense of affinity.

’’I'm sorry, Prime Minister Emilia. Since it's been a while, I forgot about the Beast King's magic power.’’

’’Stop it, miss Kachua! Just call me Emilia like in the past. Otherwise I would get scolded by the late king.’’

’’If you say so, it will also be easier for me. You two who were so small have become splendid... It's such a shame the early death of that mischievous lad, but her daughters have become this splendid...’’

’’I remember the time when I was little and father brought us to the country of elves. When we returned he said: 'I want to fight miss Kachua again'.’’

’’Fufufu, such a honorable fighter. We were fighting buddies and drinking buddies... For that fellow to go ahead and pass away.’’

’’Miss Kachua...’’

This should be an atmosphere that makes one spill tears from the story being narrated.

But, isn't your conversation strange?

Aren't you saying that you were fighting buddies with the previous Beast King, who you are also calling mischievous lad?

I'm appalled by the wideness of this granny's countenance.

’’I remembered! the predecessor said: 'I thought I would die! I thought it might be possible to gain control of the country of elves, but it will be impossible while that granny is alive.', wasn't that kachua?! I believed her to be a granny in her golden days... But you look surprisingly young.’’

’’... A granny?’’

’’Your Majesty, to talk about an internal talk to outsiders...’’

’’Prime minister, lady Kachua's forhead vein is popping, please take distance from the danger.’’

Standing up while swaying, Kachua enveloped herself in magical power.

The Beast King who saw this, prepared her axe with a smile on her face.

Albert who made a good decision rarely seen from him, evacuated the prime minister... Yeah, that's a rally good decision.

’’Hohohoho, miss Beast King, it seems you already forgot the time when you ended crying while saying: ’’I'm sorry, older sister Kachua.’’ When I hit your buttocks.’’

’’Eleonora is fine, hundreds years-old older sister. You know? One's thinking changes as a Beast King. In Griffon kingdom it's thought as useless to dialogue with an opponent. So we should just skip words... right?’’



Their magic power was strong enough to crack the cobblestone floor.

If they go at it as is, the wedding ceremony might end in an accident.

Hehe... I've been patient like this... I've been patient since it is my daughter's wedding... These idiots!

Isn't it fine to not be patient anymore? Kemonobito seem to have a meat miso brain...

’’Suu, I'm going for a bit.’’

’’... Don't be to hard on them.’’

Okay, it seems I've got Suu's permission.

Now I just have to make arrangements with the prime minister.

’’Hey, prime minister. Is this one really Her Majesty the Beast King? Isn't she just a female soldier that's naming herself Beast King?’’

’’Huh? archduke Zest, what...’’

’’Aren't you the honorable messenger sent as an envoy to the country of elves? In that case you shouldn't be mistaken. However, since my eyes can't see very well due to the cloud of dust from a while back... That being the case, one would have to look closely to clearly be sure that she is indeed Her Majesty the Beast King.’’

The prime minister ponders quietly while looking me in the eye.

After thinking various things, she replied.

’’Could you immobilize that self-proclaimed Beast King without harming her? I won't be able to tell unless I look at her closely. It is okay with this kind of flow ... ’’

’’Entrust the rest to me. There's the need for a bit of punishment... One shouldn't be allowed to behave rudely to Her Majesty the Beast King. And she's impersonating the Beast King.’’

’’Prime minister, when His Excellency shows that kind of look, he becomes dangerous, please hide behind me.’’

After confirming that the prime minister was hidden behind Albert, I fully unleash my magical power.

Unlike, the wait-and-see from a while ago, now I'm really going at full throttle.

’’What!? What a ridiculous magical power!!’’

’’Oh, shoot4! This isn't the usual papa! This is different!’’

When the two turned her head to look, it was already too late.

I've already closed up the distance... Only master and Albert are able to move at this speed.

With both hands enveloped in magic power, I firmly grasp both of their faces.

Being able to make the dragons show their belly in apology, I'm proud of my iron claw technique.

’’Self-proclaimed Beast King, the prime minister is unsure whether you are the real thing. For you to come obediently, should I use a bit of strength? Also, Kachua, aren't you the elven country's first royal magician, and my adopted daughter? Think about your position a bit more.’’

’’Emilia! Y-your sister is dying! I apologize! I'll really become obedient!!’’

’’Papa! My eyes, My eyes will pop out! I'm sorry!!’’

’’Well, it is hard for my ears to hear after the two of you roaring, and unleashing your magical power a moment ago... Could you repeat that again?’’

’’Archduke zest, I understood! I will not fight!!’’

’’Kachua will be a good daughter for papa!!’’

’’Prime minister, Albert, could you hear it?’’

’’Wha!? Err...’’

’’Yes! I could not hear it!’’

’’As I thought... My hearing seems to be a bit poor.’’


Creaking sounds resounded in the room, both voices continued to apologize, and cry for the next thirty minutes.

After the second day, people already have lost it.

While thinking as such... I put more power into my hands.

1. エミリア

2. エレノーラ

3. These kind of lines make my day and help me keep going with the nightmare called mtl :p

4. Not really sure what kind of curse a lolibaba would use in this situation, and ’’ちっ’’ is open for interpretation in my jap dictionary, so I accept suggestions.


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