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Tempest Of The Stellar War - Chapter 282


Chapter 282: Untitled

Wang Zheng did not know much about the Hundred Refined Blade even though there were many opinions on it. Wang Zheng felt that this was similar to the Horse Chopping Sword mentioned by Bonehead as they both delivered powerful blows. The Hundred Refined Blade also required some of Manalasuo's unique designs in it to bring out its full effect. The instantaneous high-speed magnetic propulsion of the mech allowed the movement of the mech to be quick and unpredictable while giving it opportunities to get the most out of the weapon.

The most recent battle was between Prince and Mechanic.

The Wind God used by Prince was the most famous mech on Earth at the moment. It was able to feature on the international stage even though it was not being mass-produced. 

The Blade Demon was Manalasuo's signature mech and was highly agile. Each mech had their own strengths, but people would still enjoy finding out which mech was superior. The mecha would not move on their own in a direct comparison of statistics, but in CT, there was a pilot controlling the mecha, allowing one to see the mecha's true potential.

Prince used the Wind God. It was as though the stakes involved included his entire savings, and this resulted in a significant increase in the skill level of the battle. However, the battle still ended up with a slightly miserable result.

The Blade Demon moved about rapidly at a dazzling pace and was always a beat faster than Prince. The mech flashed before Prince and had even made some slashes at him, missing intentionally, with his blade. His actions came off as half-hearted, playful even.

Prince was calm. Based on his experience, he understood that he stood a chance when his opponent was careless and made a mistake.

In a battle, humiliation was worse and more feared than failure.

However, this was what Prince was going through.

If one was strong, he could battle with exquisite techniques that would cause the opponent to surrender. However, what Mechanic wanted was not for Prince to surrender but for the people of Earth to know of his abilities. Were the people on Earth even humans and not pigs?

What kind of outdated place was Earth anyway?

The Wind God sent out its magnetic source while the Blade Demon's slick, wind-like movements allowed it to intentionally move ahead of Prince to attack him with blade after blade. Wherever Prince moved to, the Blade Demon was already there. It seemed as if Prince was digging his own grave.

There was a clear disparity in ability. Prince gave it everything he had. As long as the opponent did not kill him, he would not surrender. Although there was a limit to his abilities, he fought the battle with all his might.

Multiple tricks had exhausted Prince's energy shield. His body and spirit were completely numb and his actions thereafter changed. Moving about in the presence of a series of wind-like movements caused Prince to lose his center of gravity. He tripped on himself and the Wind God fell abruptly.

Mechanic coolly kept his blades and placed it onto his shoulders. He then proceeded to create a public provocation. "Aside from this trash, are there no other proper opponents for me to take on on Earth? It is like a child's playground in here."

Aina and Lin Huiyin were upset by this scene.

"This guy is so irritating!"said Huiyin angrily. Considering that she was raised in a princess-like environment, her words indicated how poor her impression of Mechanic was.

What Wang Zheng saw was not failure but the anger and helplessness Prince must've been feeling. They were once foes and even teammates, so he knew that Prince was a serious person who loved CT. Prince treated it as his full-time career, and even though he was not a real soldier and would not have a soldier's honor, he hoped to leave his mark on the CT world.

He worked extremely hard for this simple objective.

Sometimes, this kind of a person was not afraid of failure but the destruction of his dignity. It was not a simple matter of a competition that was lost, but a person whose dreams had been crushed.

Solon was also frustrated as the group of Manalasuo people still refused to leave. They were already roaming wildly on Earth for a long time with Mechanic as their leader. They organized public challenges in different areas on Earth and had a win rate of at least ninety percent. Mechanic was close to tasting a perfect win rate with multiple rampages. For a mech like the Blade Demon to fall into his hands was incomprehensible.

A mech was a pilot's second life. A player like Mechanic was very special as he was well versed in the usage of blades. As long as he was able to use the Blade Demon, his abilities were second to none in the entirety of CT. If he had to use another mech, then he would not be as strong anymore.

On Earth, Mechanic only used the Blade Demon in his battles and did not allow his opponents to ban the use of mecha.

In Mechanic's words, he liked it if the strongest faced the strongest.

Solon stopped negotiating with Dita when it was no longer necessary to do so. "Earth's gaming atmosphere is ruined. I will bring this matter to the attention of the board for arbitration."

"Solon, please do not be so childish and look for your daddy and mommy when you lose. Relax, I only want to see whether the beloved Wind God mech is terrific,"laughed Dita. "How could this be the wind god? Its more like a crazy god. I've never seen anything as stupid."

Looking at an image of Dita with a flower sign made with his hands made Solon want to punch him. He, however, could not do that. Although the skill level of Earth had improved, the rate of improvement was not that high. The opponent was coming for the Wind God mech, and many of the battle clips and images were already scattered across different places. Manalasuo's aim was to make Aslan understand how poor the Wind God mech was.

Prince was the person in the area who was most familiar with the Wind God. However, it still did not work. If it was another person, he or she would have suffered a worse fate. The opponent was certainly collecting data to be compiled into a video.

The Wind God would have brightened the compilation.

The only way was to hold on and not give in, even if it required the crunching and swallowing of one's teeth.

Solon's device rang and emitted a strange noise.

"Wait a moment, I have some business to handle."

"No problem, all I have is time", said Dita while smiling. Everything happens for a reason. Solon was rising too quickly and was performing well in his career, meaning that he could be promoted to a permanent member of CT. Unexpectedly, Dita also wanted the same role and, compared to Solon, his relationships with people were closer, so he had gotten the news first. Nobody wanted to use a person who failed.

When he saw the email, Solon froze. It was not that he had not thought of finding Skeleton. However, when the last email came, it mentioned that he was busy with his own work affairs and could not appear at a moment's notice.

"I am coming. Please notify me immediately if this situation arises again."

Wang Zheng was a true citizen of Earth, so he could not stand for this.

After replying to the email, Solon raised his head. Dita felt that the wretched insect in front of him suddenly looked different.

Solon started smirking and said, "You ass-selling rotten chrysanthemum, I've been tolerating you for a long time. If you want to fight, then fight all you want!"

"Solon! How dare you scold me?"Dita froze and started shaking slightly out of anger.

"You gigolo!"


"Rotten chrysanthemum!"

Dita was furious and his hand formed a flower sign. "Solon, I am not done with you!"

"I'm not done with you either, rotten ass!"

The video closed and Solon was finally able to catch his breath. He thought to himself, "If he cannot tolerate any more, then he should not tolerate at all. We do not live just for a bowl of rice, we wouldn't starve to death without it."

He dared to say this, but it was not a guaranteed victory for Skeleton. More importantly, there was no need to be that weak anymore.

The officials publicly declared that Skeleton would battle Mechanic.

Wind God vs Blade Demon!

A contest between agility-type mecha.

The battle began an hour after the competition was officially announced. Solon was relentless and utilized the entire force of his officials. All players in the region would receive a reminder through their Skylinks.

Solon was undoubtedly furious. The visitors had come up to their home turf and he swore to brutally beat them.

Solon did have a bit of a gambler's temperament in him. The fact that he had managed to be here today was already a win for him. The concept of safety or retreat was nonsensical to him. In this day and age, those that were kind would be bullied, and if one did not bully someone else, they would be bullied instead.

Victory or defeat did not matter as long as the battle was fought vigorously.

There was a planet named Marr in the Milky Way Alliance. This migrant planet was not big in size and their technological standard was average. Marr had a population of about 3 billion people and possessed a unique, secret mine. They also played an important role in aviation technology and was like a child holding a pile of gold in a market.

However, no country wanted to take advantage of them. There was a simple explanation: their people were soldiers, and they never surrendered. Even if they had one soldier left standing, he would hug a grenade and die with you. If you wanted to destroy the country, the entire planet would be demolished too.

I could lose to you, but I would never let my enemies gain anything from me.

This was Marr's slogan and was proven through action. As such, this little planet maintained peace even through tumultuous times.

Those that were truly brave and courageous were those that did not care about losing their lives, and they were not the minority. Even so, those that were afraid for their lives would still be afraid of those that were mentally deranged.

Earth could use this spirit at times. You could only beat someone on the surface and not on the inside.

At least in the time when Manalasuo attacked, the Earth players were chasing them from behind. They were not discouraged, even though they could not they could not match their opponents. Even though ther left behind ugly battles, they were not scared away by that.

That was because a hero would eventually appear.

Earth was a place where the harder you fought, the braver you became, and you could only mount a strong comeback after hitting an all time low.

"Prince, Skeleton is here!"Hammer immediately opened Prince's door.

Prince was blaming himself for the loss that he incurred while representing Earth for the battle. He locked himself in his room and considered quitting and leaving his beloved CT.

Hammer came into the room and noticed that Prince was not demoralized and sulking but full of energy.

"Come, quick, I've finished preparing."

Hammer was shocked. Although Prince had a face full of hair, his eyes were shining and his confidence appeared to have returned.

What kind of situation was this?

Prince could sense Hammer's thoughts and he replied, "Skeleton sent me an email."

Following which, he smiled and explained why he seemed so uplifted, "He said that my methodology and techniques were not wrong and I only failed to master my rhythm. For the battle later, he will display the Wind God's rhythmic techniques."

"I came here to tell you this. How could this guy only appear now!?"

"He is not a professional player and must be busy with his own affairs. We should rely on ourselves."

"That's true. Haha, everyone has been fuming, but the battle has just begun."

Skeleton and Mechanic's battle was an hour away, but nothing would hinder Wang Zheng from removing this cancer.

Not even if these people he was attacking were people of royalty in Manalasuo.

"We attack as five. Even if we all die, we must get one of them. I do not believe they can evade this."

Several diamond players from the Black Dragon faction had a discussion. The Manalasuo players had opened a room and were waiting for challengers.


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