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Tempest Of The Stellar War - Chapter 281


Chapter 281: Wall-crashing Rabbit

Wang Zheng was a little worried about the training situation, but Huiyin had dispelled his worries. It had all been arranged. Her reputation was credible enough for three days of rest. Plus, if he failed after being away for so little time, his capabilities would be way too weak.

When he heard Huiyin say that, Wang Zheng didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

After putting on their disguises, the three of them spent the entire day touring Paradise Island. More accurately, the three of them with Angela hiding in the shadows.

Wang Zheng gave Lin Huiyin a soft rabbit toy. It had an exceptionally long body, like a cylinder. It could function as a pillow.

"What do you girls think this looks like?"Wang Zheng suddenly asked, giggling.

"A cute rabbit,"answered Lin Huiyin, happily hugging the huge rabbit.

"It's not meant to be hugged this way. Here, look,"Wang Zheng flipped the rabbit over and made a heroic pose. "See, doesn't this guy look like the wall-hitting rabbit? Every time I see its head, I want to bang it against the wall."

Huiyin snatched the toy back. "Hmph. Bad person. Don't you dare bully my rabbit."

Wang Zheng and Aina held hands, fingers interlocked. This was the only way to reflect the emotions they'd been trying hard to suppress.

The three of them spent the whole day sightseeing on Paradise Island. It wasn't peak season on Paradise Island, but it was indeed one of the most well known places of interest in the Solar System. It was nothing to Aina and Lin Huiyin. It was, at best, a different style in a foreign land. But the main point of their trip wasn't the scenery, it was the company.

Angela brought along some men and tried to minimize the distractions for the three of them. Inside, she felt speechless at how confident this guy was. She was well aware of how promising, young Aslan men got tongue-tied in front of these two princesses. Yet this guy dared to tease the princesses!

Was this one of the benefits of Earthlings'overconfidence?

Time passed quickly when they were having fun. After Huiyin pestered him to, Wang Zheng could only return to his own room. He didn't get to spend time alone with Aina. Moreover, he could sense the distance and coldness deep down in Angela's eyes.

It was clear she didn't want him to affect the two princesses.

Wang Zheng had not actually asked for anything. This relationship itself was bliss.

It was not that Wang Zheng was enlightened or anything, but compared to himself, he hoped more for Aina to be happy.

When alone, Wang Zheng worked on the revised Primordial Regression Technique. He was no longer considered a newbie, and even though it was a little awkward a first, after a full day, he realized that it was indeed different from the original one.

As it turned out, even though operating the Primordial Regression Technique brought about strength, it also gave the urge to act out in violence. The new Primordial Regression Technique felt much better.

It seemed like beauty was indeed skin deep. The same went for robots. It looked like the terrifying Student Skeleton had been convinced by Black Charcoal Head.

There were two mysterious characters involved in this - Li Feng and Wang Dong. if they had such awesome pets, no matter who these two people were, they must have been extremely powerful. But it appeared that both of them saw something in him, or shared some kind of fate with him.

Who was the better of the two?

Wang Zheng was getting ready to go to bed at the end of the cyclic day when he heard soft footsteps. He was stunned for a short moment, and then, immediately, jumped out of the bed. He opened the doors and, with one hand, swooped the gentle figure standing in the doorway into his arms.

He closed the doors and then the two of them looked into each other's eyes. Wang Zheng carried Aina in his arms. That bit of weight was nothing to Wang Zheng. A young couple madly in love, the two of them could only wish to spend every single second of their days together, be it the non-human Wang Zheng or Her Royal Highness.

The two of them were just ordinary people in this aspect.

It was obvious that Wang Zheng was not satisfied with having someone between them. Before long, his tongue was pressed against Aina's pearly white teeth. Her sweet little tongue had tried to avoid it but was eventually swept up and intertwined with his. While Wang Zheng thoroughly enjoyed the Princess'sweetness, his big, rough hands kept themselves busy too. They were already up inside Aina's clothes.

As soft as silk and smoother than milk. It was as if Aina's body had been drained of all energy and allowed Wang Zheng to do anything he wanted.

Wang Zheng felt as if he was going to burst. Aina had obviously made a decision, and Wang Zheng really could not take it anymore. He put Aina on the bed. He was going to enjoy the world's most beautiful princess and make her his woman.

Aina bit her lips, evidently nervous. This, for her, was clearly a very significant event. The Princess of Aslan could not lose her chastity, or it would be a ugliest scandal for the royal family. It was Aslan's traditions and pride, and also a way in which Aina wanted to make the royal family acknowledge it - even if it was discovered, it would be too late to stop them.

Of course, it was most important that Aina was willing to do this.

Looking at the angelic, naked body, Wang Zheng burned with desire while his heart was moved. He gently held those soft, vulnerable, silky breasts, and lightly pressed on the little red dots. Aina trembled. Her snow white skin glowed with a layer of light pink.

Wang Zheng didn't want to rush into it. He wanted to have Aina completely. His hands continued downwards, and Aina quickly stopped them. It was an instinctive reaction. Wang Zheng slowly removed Aina's hands. Aina kept her eyes shut tightly.

Wang Zheng suddenly stopped and gently kissed Aina on her lips and cheeks. "My princess, Your Royal Highness, please open your eyes."

Aina bit her lips and asked weakly, "Can I keep them closed?"

"Of course not."

Aina slowly opened her eyes. Those brilliant eyes were so beautiful under the moonlight. Wang Zheng thanked the heavens in his heart. This was the greatest gift in his life.

Alright, that's it. Even if the sky collapsed, it was something to worry about in the future.

Just as Wang Zheng was about to go for it, there was a knock on the door.

"Wang Zheng, Sister is missing, can you look for her with me? I can't fall asleep alone."

Wang Zheng and Aina looked at each other. This...was the universe's single, greatest lightbulb.

The two of them hurriedly put on their clothes, and in the process, crashed into each other by accident. They couldn't help but giggle. "I don't know, I waited for her to fall asleep before coming out. It's your fault!"

Aina said softly.

Wang Zheng put his clothes on faster and gave Aina a hand. He kissed Aina and said, "My Princess Xiao Shi is the best."

How could he not know that Aina had put in a lot of effort in coming to see him?

Even if Aina hadn't come to see him, he wouldn't blame her. There were many things in this world that didn't have an ending.

The door opened. Huiyin, carrying her wall-crashing rabbit, looked at the two of them sleepily. "Ah? Sister, why are you here? Are you secretly playing games?"

"Huiyin, come in."Aina pulled Lin Huiyin into the room and closed the door.

"Actually, I came to came to check on a secret."Aina was suddenly hit by an idea.

"Secret? I love secrets!"Upon hearing that there was something fun, Huiyin's interest was piqued and she forgot about what she wanted to ask before.

"Do you want to know who Skeleton is?"Aina said.

"Skeleton? What Skeleton? Is it the one who's really good?"Lin Huiyin got excited. Anything that gave her musical inspiration also left a lasting impression on her.

Aina glanced at Wang Zheng, and Wang Zheng nodded. It wasn't a big deal anyway.

"He seems far in the horizon, but he's actually right in front of you,"Aina said, smiling.

"No need to admire. I'm just a legend,"Wang Zheng bragged.

Lin Huiyin jumped right up. Thankfully, Aina had caught her in her arms.

The scene of two beauties embracing each other made Wang Zheng understand and not have contempt for those brothers who'd have nosebleeds. It was indeed brutal.

"Oh... that's a secret. I know. I won't tell anybody. Even Angela said you were awesome."

The beautiful night had been callously ruined and put to an end by the evil Princess Huiyin.

Aina and Huiyin slept on the bed, while Wang Zheng and the rabbit slept on the couch. Man and rabbit were staring down at each other.

This... is torturous! He wanted to hit his head against a wall too.

What did it feel like, sleeping with two beauties - or rather, a big beauty and a big beauty-to-be - in a room?

Student Wang knew best. It was pretty much capital punishment.

But Student Wang was very strong-willed, so he managed to get some sleep. As for how many sheep he had counted, he wasn't too sure.

Now that she knew Wang Zheng's true identity, Huiyin pestered Wang Zheng to battle so that she could see it with her own eyes.

Solon would be in tears from gratefulness if he heard it.

Right now, CT's Earth region was Earth region was on the edge of a volcanic eruption.

Solon held his temper well. He formed a team. No matter what, the other party was Manalasuo, the one true strong and capable country. They had initiated a match with Earth, and it was a pretty big deal.

So when the announcement was made, they received responses from countless players. Also, more than 9 million had tuned in to the live broadcast. This was rather significant, and it could only go to show that the Earth region was way too active.

Some failures were not at all terrifying. As long as you displayed and exhibited your level, it could be accepted.

But it was too bad you wouldn't always meet good opponents. This group of people was way too arrogant.

They came from a truly strong country, one that not even Locke could compare to. Arrogance was deeply rooted within their bones. Perhaps it was because they were used to being high and above that they would not and could not stand in the shoes of Earth.

They beat people into pulps and used uncouth language after. It was evident that they had come for Aslan.

Earth was just a victim. The political direction had determined the relations between the people of the two countries.

Forget about three rounds of group battles. A professional player from Manalasuo named "Mechanic"had thrashed Earth's professional players.

His skills were the same as Skeleton's. He had put on all sorts of shows, showing off at the expense of others.

Mechanic used an iconic mech from Manalasuo named the "Blade Demon". It was also a mech used by the Manalasuo Federal Army and was to be used against Aslan of course.

Even Aina and Huiyin had heard of him.

The battles between the two huge CT regions of Aslan and Manalasuo were most frequent. The military standoff ending didn't mean they didn't want to determine who was better.

Mechanic was one of the more extreme players among the royal players of Manalasuo. He frequently battled Aslan and had a foul mouth. But he was undeniably strong and capable, and others were often violently tortured by him. These fights were all broadcasted live on Manalasuo, so he was extremely popular there.

Of course, Aina and Huiyin had only heard of him. They never paid extra attention to him, they only knew he was powerful.

Wang Zheng watched his battle recordings. The blades on a mech like the Blade Demon were interesting. Manalasuo called them the Hundred Refined Blades. It was different from the usual titanium blades and knives. Manalasuo believed that it was more effective than lasers when it came to combat.


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