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Tempest Of The Stellar War - Chapter 234


Chapter 234: Reverse Psychology

"It is good for young people to be aggressive and be driven. However, a business isn't just a game. If it fails, it's a fatal blow to the share price of the company. Do not forget that our competitors won't be just standing aside and watching us."

Ye Bingwen had been watching all this time. He knocked on the table and said, "The company's strategy to develop military-use mecha has been set and the resources that have been poured in are very large. We have no other options but to stick with it. Conservative strategies have been proven to be ineffective. Do not raise it again!"

The other shareholders smiled. It seemed that Ye Bingwen's prestige was still unshakable!

"Chairman, since Zisu is so confident, we will definitely support her to the best of our abilities. Hopefully, we will not let everyone down after they put their trust and faith in us!"

The underlying meaning was that if it failed, he would be held responsible for the failure. The company should not be treated as a game.

"Dear shareholders, the Wind God series will be the future of mecha developments. I have absolute confidence in it. If this negatively affects the company, I will bear all responsibilities,"said Ye Zisu.

Ye Bingwen sighed. This brat was still young, but there were things that shouldn't be said.

"To be objective, the company has always been clear in rewards and punishments. The next step would be to contact CT. Although there might be some difficulty in working with them, if there's a will, there's a way.

Ye Bingwen was aware of it too. This was a good method. On one hand, they could be able to test the competitiveness of the mech and identify any issues. On the other hand, this could also create publicity for them.

However, a sweeping glance across revealed that there was not a single person who was willing to accept the task. You have to be kidding! CT was the hottest platform at the moment. For a company that had been producing agricultural mecha and had just begun the production of military-use mecha, testing their new mecha on CT was considered a dream.

Moreover, such a favor could only be granted to powerful countries.

Rumor had it that Solon was a practical person and that there was nothing that they could exploit for his benefit.

"Keke, if Zisu has thought of this method, she must have a solution for it. Let us just sit back and wait for the good news!"

"You're right! There have been many successful youths in the field of business recently. Zisu is someone that is going to lead OMG beyond the Solar System. Let's leave this entirely to her."

The expression in Ye Bingwen's eyes became sharper. It seemed that this group of people was still unhappy that Ye Zisu had intervened in the operations of the company. However, as the chairman of the board, he would not let them make all the decisions. Just as he was going to say something, the secretary, who was at the side, rushed in.

"Chairman, there is an urgent mail!"

Ye Bingwen frowned. "Leave it there."

He was unhappy that the meeting was disrupted. However, since it was an urgent mail, he still wanted to take a look.

Ye Zisu stood up at this moment. "I will be responsible for contacting CT. In fact, I have already done so!"

Ye Zisu was feeling a little angry. She had always disliked a meeting where people were pushing their responsibilities around. However, she had to attend the meeting as this was part of being in a business.

There was a chuckle in the room. At a glance, they could tell that she was a spoiled little girl. Did she really think that she would be given attention just by mentioning the fact that she was OMG's princess?

Ye Bingwen stood up and his face showed a sense of immense pride. "CT's Solar System headquarters has just sent us an invitation. They would like to participate in the testing of the new OMG mech and promote it within the Solar System. Zisu has done a great job!"

The audience went silent suddenly. What was going on?

Did the sun rise in the west today?

CT had taken the initiative and wanted to be part of it? What the hell? Had Solon taken the wrong medicine or did he not take his medicine at all?

Ye Bingwen flipped through the document sent through mail, and at the top of the document was the stamp of CT. "The other party has sent the draft contract to us. Not only are they willing to promote it, they have even given us relatively attractive terms! Brat, when did you learn to surprise us so much?"

OMG….. was just a company that produced agricultural-use mecha....

An image of Wang Zheng's evil smile flashed past Ye Zisu's mind. Could it have been him?

The shareholders meeting ended well. A group of shareholders was gossiping endlessly about what had happened and couldn't help but feel that this matter was really unbelievable.

Disregarding them, even Ye Bingwen had lots of unanswered questions. This was because he knew that this was not something that he had done. In fact, even if he wanted to, it would likely be rather troublesome. The main issue was whether OMG was able to provide what the other party needed. To have such terms was impossible!

Seeing her father's puzzled eyes, Ye Zisu shook her head and said, "I have a friend who said he would do something about it, but I will have to confirm if it was really him."

However, the sweet expression on her face betrayed her.

Ye Bingwen had a similar experience in the past. He touched his daughter's head softly and said, "If there really is a friend, do do introduce him to your father. Rest assured that your father is absolutely open about it. I will not look at his family background and will definitely support you as long as he has good character and you like him!"

This was not a bluff. Ye Bingwen wasn't someone who emphasized the importance of a person's background. If it was up to him to recommend someone, he would also be able to recommend a few outstanding guys. There weren't many within his social circle that had a bad family background.

However, the most important thing in a relationship was mutual affection. Although OMG wasn't a big company, he would not resort to exchanging his daughter's relationship for anything. He was definitely one of the better few within his social circle. Moreover, as for the other party's ability, he believed in his daughter's taste.

Earth, European region.

A certain fat man was struggling to survive in his dire straits.

"Grrr, who still dares to say I can't do it?!"

Vrooooomm... An Avalon half-beast mech was maneuvering through the complicated landscape, dodging the laser attacks coming from all directions.

The Avalon prototype mech was widely considered to be one of the hardest to operate mecha in the Solar System. In its centaur mode, operating four legs with a pair of hands was not only uncomfortable but also complicated.

Under the control of Luo Fei, it seemed so natural. In fact, he had broken several operating records.

Obviously, this came with a price... In the maintenance room, there was a total of three Avalon prototype mecha that were completely damaged and waiting to be repaired.

Simulation exercises were child's play! Over here, there were real swords and guns being brandished. However, what the fatty felt was that his strength was rising quickly. He had completely changed over the summer vacation!

Damn, if those opponents from the past were to appear before him now, he would completely defeat them.

However, this came at a massive price. The fatty... had slimmed down.

Was there hell in this world? If one was to ask the fatty before the summer vacation, the answer would definitely be a laugh followed by an insult if one was crazy. As for now, the fatty would answer yes with tears streaming down his face.

As of now, even the hardest Avalon prototype mech from the mech vault was mastered! In other words, the retreat was complete and he had been able to master great skills.

"Not bad."

Li Er accepted the results of the fatty's training and nodded his head.

Seeing that Li Er had given him a nod, Luo Fei's eye lit up. It was time for enjoyment! Li Er had promised him beautiful women and various unimaginable services... The real summer vacation was finally going to come!

"Give me your self-assessment,"said Li Er.

For the summer vacation, Luo Fei answered with confidence, "I'm undefeatable!"

Li Er took a glance at Luo Fei and let out a smile. "The summer break is ending soon and you have achieved the objectives of the training session. Are you thinking of having a good time now?"

Luo Fei nodded forcefully, unable to hold back his desire for the summer break. Beaches, beautiful women, saunas, and visiting prostitutes... Nothing could be missing. "Boss, you really understand me the best"

"Great, one last mission and you will get whatever you wish for,"said Li Er calmly.

Fatty's face sank quickly. He knew it!

However, he believed in what LI Er said. If he said that it was the last mission, it would really be the last.

"Boss, you said it... Can I really have what I want? What about beautiful women? I'm talking about those with status."Fatty could barely hold back his saliva.

"What about the female actor in the wallpaper at the head of your bed? As long as you can complete the mission, you can do whatever you desire to her,"Li Er said calmly.

The motivation was too great. However, it also meant that the mission Li Er was talking about would definitely be dangerous. After considering for a while, Luo Fei decided to go for it. "Boss, my life is yours now. I promise you and I will go for it!"

Half an hour later.

A strategic airship took off from the warehouse. After two hours, it had crossed Africa, the Indian Ocean, and entered the deepest part of the South Pole.

"Distance from the destination, 50 kilometers."

The notice from the pilot sounded within the air cabin.

Luo Fei blinked and looked down from the windows of the airship. A snow-capped snowfield. Could it be that Li Er wanted him to train in real battles in snowfields? It didn't seem too difficult. The snowfield environment was clearly a place where he could demonstrate his strength.

A holographic display popped out from Li Er's Skylink. A strategic map appeared in front of Luo Fei. Explanations were given about a base hidden within the snow as it appeared within the display.

At the same time, there were subtitles to explain.

This was the secret base of the Houston Organization. There was a total of three levels.

Grade "A"AI bodyguards...

Eight mech warriors were deployed in the first level...

Six mech warriors in the second level...

Twelve mech warriors in the third level...

Following which was a detailed explanation about the base, the structure of the landscape and etc...

The screen flashed and was switched off. Li Er introduced it calmly, "Your mission is to destroy this base."

Luo Fei's jaw dropped.

If it was only Grade "A"AI bodyguards, it would be alright. However, there was also a large number of mech warriors...

Was this a mission or a suicide run?

"Can I not go? What I mean is to let me practice a little more... A simulation battle... Let me simulate the battle two times, no, once would be enough. Let me simulate the battle once before I come again?"

"What do you think?"

Li Er gave Luo Fei a smile as he looked at him.

Luo Fei was starting to regret it. Why did he boast about mastering his great skills in front of Li Er? He had clearly found trouble for himself.

"We have arrived at the destination. It's time to start the assault, three, two, one..."


The airship accelerated suddenly and emerged from the clouds. The exterior anti-detection invisible plates were opened and the laser beams were charging rapidly.

Intense sirens sounded throughout a base five kilometers away. However, it was too late. In the blink of an eye, the flash cannon of the airship blasted towards it.

The surface was scorched off, revealing the underground space below the base.

At the same time, a mech flew out from the strategic airship and landed in the gap created by the flash cannon.

Inside the mech, Luo Fei's entire body was shaking. He couldn't tell if it was because of fear or other factors.


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