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Tempest Of The Stellar War - Chapter 204


Chapter 204: Joining Hands

Ares College only had four mecha, which was nothing compared to the other colleges. Yet this did not prevent Wang Zheng from practicing. Their training method was different from Achilles'. Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan did not consider their mecha to be tools, they viewed them as extensions of their own bodies, and they were not as serious as Achilles during training.

"Wang Zheng, how were you able to use the Demon Wolf so effectively? Do you have any secrets?"Zhang Shan asked in a depressed tone. He wanted to use the Bata as his main mech, but what Zhuo Mu said was true. Whether he used it against the opponent or vice versa, he had to understand the mech in order to master it.

Neither Meng Tian nor Zhang Runan could operate the beast-type mech smoothly either.

"Humans are a kind of animal too. We crawled on all fours when we were young and slowly stood upright and walked on two legs. We do not have to be confined to imitating animals. We need to be flexible in our thinking in order to fully play to the strengths of the limbs, don't you think?"

Wang Zheng said. Having an actual mech to practice with was different, and Wang Zheng trained daily to familiarize himself with the mech. The actual operation of the mech would produce many different kinds of reactions;there was nothing else that could replace this.

Zhuo Mu chuckled upon seeing the four youths debating passionately.

"This Wang Zheng is a natural born warrior. But their current level is still not enough, we won't progress past the second phase like this."

Zhuo Mu said. Having come from a military background, he knew the degree of difficulty. At the moment, they were getting more and more familiar with the mecha. Wang Zheng was progressing at a faster pace now, and he performed well during sparring too. Wang Zheng was a fantastic opponent, and he would help to improve Meng Tian and the others, but sadly, there was no one that could help him improve.

"I know this too. What does Gu Te think about it?"

"Gu Te said that this was something to be brought up to General Meng Ao. A solution will then be reached. Ares College performed well this time, so they should be supportive."

"I hope so."

Li Er was the Earth region's original hope. But who knew that Ares College would prove to also be a contender during this IG?

Zhuo Mu had hoped that these students would go on to achieve great things and not be limited by the conditions.

Wang Zheng shared a few of the experiences he had learned from piloting the mech. But these experiences were learned while actually performing the action, it was not something that Zhang Shan and the others would understand just by listening to Wang Zheng explain.

Practicing on the training ground was not enough, as there were not enough training spaces and the site was too small. Everyone knew this. IG would definitely not give them such a relaxed environment such as a training field. The first phase was Demon Island, so who knew what area was waiting for them in the second phase?

Wang Zheng did not give much thought to it, as the conditions were something he could not change. What he could do was continue familiarizing himself with the mech.

"There is something that I've always been curious about,"Wang Zheng said. Meng Tian and the others laughed.

"There is actually something that you're curious about?"

"Of course, I was wondering if Ability X has a significant impact on the mecha."

This was a sore point for both Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan. Both Meng Tian and Zhang Runan were proficient Ability X users.

Zhang Runan shook her head. "I have no answer for this."

"Ability X is actually divided into many different areas. It is actually very complicated when you delve in to the specifics. But there is no doubt that when using the mecha as an extension of the body, the ability's usefulness comes into play. There are actually some special military mecha that enhance the ability of the human body. Linking the body together with the G material then allows the pilot to seamlessly interface with the mech."

Meng Tian said. Her usage of Ability X with her mech was quite amazing.

"Some abilities are borderline useless, like the ability to breathe underwater, which can only be used under special circumstances. Others, like perceptive abilities, are relatively useful during battles. My ice ability is useful as I am able to penetrate the energy shield to directly attack the mech and its pilot."

The group was stunned...what a formidable ability. Energy shields were totally useless against this Ability X. No wonder the military attached such importance to Ability X.

For Zhang Runan, the moment she was enraged, the mech's capabilities also surged.

Zhang Shan felt dejected. Despite training the entire day as well as putting in double the effort of everyone else, he might not even be a match for them.

Wang Zheng had been doing his own research on this topic, but something always seemed to be missing, and he could not quite put a finger on it.

"In fact, not all the top pilots were Ability X users. Having Ability X made things easier, but it was not absolutely needed to reach the top. Take for an example one of the Aslan Empire's three greatest pilots, Dide. He was not an Ability X user, but he was considered to be one of the strongest."

Zhang Shan thought about it. "Imagine the glory a non Ability X user must feel when he beats an Ability X user."

Ability X was only one part of achieving victory, it was not a critical requirement. There were too many conditions that came in to play when it came to achieving victory.

Actually, Wang Zheng wanted to know what it felt like when Meng Tian or Zhang Runan used their Ability X, but this sort of matter was a highly private one. Even if they were friends, some things were best kept secret.

But Student Wang was very calm. His Primordial Regression Technique had undergone some positive changes recently;perhaps just a little bit more and he would advance it to the next level.

Gu Te had spoken to Meng Ao, but the results were not ideal. Gu Te wanted actual combat operations, but the military would not allow the students to undertake them. They could not be sent for those dangerous combat operations, neither could the students be allowed to tag along, as they might become a liability for the troops. The easy operations gave no training value either.

Gu Te had intended to request Meng Ao to send some military experts to help with training, but Meng Ao's answer was negative as well.

IG was training provided by the military. Why would they allow for a training within a training? What Meng Ao meant was that the second phase of IG would provide students with the time to adapt, as to how it would be done was entirely up to the college.

It was not that Meng Ao was unwilling to help, but rather if he did help, how would he be able to explain it to the other colleges?

If everyone requested help, what should the military do? It would also void the purpose of IG.

Some disadvantages were caused by the person's past choices, and they had to rely on their abilities to overcome them.

The world was never fair.

Gu Te had no choice. He saw potential in Wang Zheng and the others, but reality was harsh. He initially thought that Meng Ao would provide preferential treatment to Meng Tian as she was his daughter, but he did the exact opposite. If word had gotten out that Meng Ao helped Meng Tian, then Ares College, as well as Meng Tian, would be in trouble.

Besides, the Chronos family would not agree to help. Help would have required the Chronos family's sponsorship.

No matter what, money was essential.

At this time, Li Er also started mech training. It was about the same as on the Moon.

Fatty's mouth turned into a large "O"and he drooled…..holy crap, this was too extravagant. Maybe the word extravagant wasn't enough to describe the scene. This was….luxurious!

Being rich was nothing compared to this. Fatty always knew that Li Er and the Chronos family were wealthy, but to what extent? So much that they had their own private island?

Yeah, they definitely had that. But that was not the scariest bit.

This was the Chronos family's base in Africa, the Weapons Research and Development Department.

At the same time, this place held Li Er's personal mecha library.

Rows upon rows of mecha stood as far as the eye could see. There were enough to outfit a contingent, but these were all for Li Er's personal use.

"This solar system's mecha are on this side, on that side are the mecha that the more distinct empires use,"Li Er said.

Bo-...boss….how many mecha are there?!"

"More than a thousand I guess. Some of them have only been used a few times. This is the fifth warehouse."

Luo Fei was speechless. A thousand mecha. Holy crap….it must have cost a fortune for all of them.

"Feel free to use any of the mecha here. The second phase will no doubt be a mecha battle. You can familiarize yourself with the mecha first, I'll arrange a sparring partner for you over the next couple of days."

Li Er said. The sparring partner that Li Er would provide was not going to be easy pickings, the Chronos family had never been that cheap. They liked to hire aces from all of the corners of the galaxy.

"But….if I damage something, will I have to pay for it?"

Fatty always never got the main point.

Li Er laughed. "As long as you don't blow up this entire place."

Ever since that transformation, Luo Fei had caught Li Er's attention. Sometimes, Li Er was even jealous of Fatty's ability.

Luo Fei let out a weird cry and rushed towards one of the Aslan Empire's mech. It couldn't be helped, it was famous.

Li Er paid no attention to his actions. Luo Fei was allowed to do whatever he wanted.

He attached more importance to talents than to material objects.

"Master, the guests have been received,"Drupe said.

"Okay, I will be there shortly. Look for a few other good ones for Fatty to use."

Luo Fei had talent, but his strength was still not up to par. There was still some way to go before he was strong enough. His biggest shortcoming was that he was lazy, thus he had to be ruthless in order to compensate for that.

Drupe shivered in his heart. Luo Fei was young, but he had to go through all this at his age. It was a bit brutal, but it was not rare. But then again, Li Er was able to arrange for it so easily.

Drupe was ecstatic!

The most important quality to power was ruthlessness. Once a person had decided on his goals, he must be decisive.

Li Er's guest was…..Taros.

"Taros, how have you been recently?"

Both of them enjoyed some afternoon tea in the living room. Taros seemed to be in good spirits.

"It is said that the people from Earth know how to enjoy life, it seems like this is true."

While he was visiting Earth for a few days, Li Er had let Taros enjoy the best things in life.

"The Chronos family treats its friends well,"Li Er said. "Our plan in the first phase was considered a success, now it is time for the second phase. Achilles will not be an easy opponent, we best make the appropriate preparations."

"Achilles may be strong;there will be no chance of winning in a one-versus-one. But if we combine forces, he will definitely lose!"

Taros laughed.

Although the two of them were from different groups of people, they were able to cooperate with each other. Taros hated trash like Achilles, and at least there was mutual benefit to be gained by working with Li Er.


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