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Tempest Of The Stellar War - Chapter 166


Chapter 166: Norton Students are Silly and Naïve!

Wang Zheng piloted the Hercules. It was fortunate that this degree of resistance did not require him to exert five times the strength.

Tyrant Su whispered to Wang Zheng, "Boss, the situation looks bad."

Wang Zheng laughed. "I will handle it."

"Gentlemen, Tyrant is just here to accompany me and observe the battle, he will not participate."

The other three Norton star players stomped away furiously at their teammate's arrogance.

"Who do you think you are!? Four against five, are you playing with us!"

"F*ck, should have chosen a better opponent. Are you an actor? Who's the one with the money on the table, I'm going to give him a piece of my mine!"

"Jackrabbit, this is my promotional match. Idiots from Earth, go back to your planet and drink milk!"

"Don't let me see you again. I will kill you, a**holes!"

In front of countless viewers, a verbal battle took place. Even the Norton Star language was used as all kinds of abuse could be heard.

While the relentless scolding took place, the gold ranked players on the other side laughed.

"Trying to play around on the Norton Star? They truly are blind dogs."

"Earth, just what kind of place is that? Even if they were kings there, being able to reach the silver rank here would be considered exceptional."

It looked just like a comedy.

Ross was laughing out loud. This was just too foolish;only those who had never stepped into an arena with five times gravity would fall like that.

"Boss… this…"

"Spit it out!"Ross glared.

"The viewer count on the opposite side did not decrease, it has already broken 12 million viewers."

Ross stood paralyzed. These people must be sick in the mind!

How was it realistic to have 12 million lunatics watching?

The three Norton players continued to spit threats at Wang Zheng.

"Who do you think you are, four against five? Why did we get a penniless farmer!? Go earn enough money and then return to your farm!"

All kinds of insults were shouted that even people made of mud would be offended. Even Wang Zheng himself could not bear it anymore.

"I was mistaken, it is one versus five. You will see."

"F*ck, he really think he's all that. Fine, the three of us will see how you fall. We will count it as your win if you can even walk to the central area."

"What a fool!"

"Damn it, count my bad luck to meet these two inferior fools."

In fact, it was because Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were Earthlings that this actually happened. If not, the opponents would most likely have quit the match. But to chance upon players from another region was a whole new matter altogether.

The Hercules stepped forward steadily.

The opposing five mecha had also arrived in front of him. An agricultural mech without a laser gun actually led the charge.

"I think even my fart can make him fly."

"I will deliver the final blow. Let's show the Earthlings our signature Norton Six Step attack,"the gold ranked guy with the railcannon said.

The other four laughed and did not disagree with that.

Both parties'mecha entered each other's line of vision, showcasing absolutely no intention to hide. Hiding or whatever you call it was also totally meaningless in such a battlefield

The Ninth Generation Norton Knight equipped with the railcannon was already making a beeline towards Wang Zheng. Amidst the storm, the alloy rifle was beautifully drawn and a beautiful arc could be seen in the air.

On the Earthling side, the commentators had started to speak. Old Deer could not help but sigh. "Truly foolish."

This was perhaps the most apt comment. Based on Skeleton's past demonstration of his capabilities, five times gravity certainly was not an issue to him.

As the opposing sides approached each other, the Ninth Generation Norton Knight suddenly exploded forward with a burst of speed. The mech charged forward with a menacing force while firing the railcannon at the Hercules.

With a force this intense, one shot would have done it.

At this time, the Hercules'shovel appeared and two large booms resounded ….

First blood!

The Ninth Generation Norton Knight was bashed apart by one hit of the shovel!

While everyone was still in midst of shock, the Hercules was already charging towards the other four.

The other four immediately instinctively reacted... some pulled out their beam sabers and one pulled out a long spear while surrounding the Hercules.

What a joke, they were going to pierce him to death!

The Hercules had an attack speed significantly slower than the others. The other four mech had already lashed out towards the Hercules.

The Hercules'shovel spun in response, causing a continuous burst of sounds while sending sparks flying as the shovel deflected their attacks.

Such a move was useless. The opposing four were coordinating an attack from every direction. Even if the b*stard's Rotating Shovel could withstand the force, he could only attack one opponent and not defend himself from the other three.

Now the audience count had hit 14 million, of which 4 million watchers from the Milky Way were using VVIP accounts.

The same question was floating on everyone's mind: what was the use of only attacking one opponent?

Yan Xiaosu clenched his fists. The Radiant Knight sent punches up into the air as though he was involved in the battle as well.

For him, his fighting spirit was also considered important.

After a continuous three minutes of frenzied attacks, the Hercules was actually still standing and not destroyed!

Suddenly, from within the mech could be heard a violent roar.

Dear God. Skeleton was pushing the Hercules to its limits! Did he think this was a super mech?

This sort of mech was just technically not as capable!

To push the Hercules to this extent and with all the creaking noises, this opponent was clearly stretching the mech to its limits!

The Hercules suddenly began to spin violently with the shovel smashing out in every direction…


All of the four gold ranked players suddenly felt an irresistible force being emitted from the Hercules. Another deep roar could be heard from the mech. It leaned over violently. This was a common situation, and it could usually be easily overcome with the pilot exerting a counter-balancing force.

Just at that moment, an attack hit all four mecha, causing them to feel nausea and dizziness, momentarily paralyzing them.


Double kill!

One mecha was directly smashed head on and exploded. Although the mecha could no longer move, it was still able to activate its energy shield.


Triple kill!

Quadra kill!

This time it was not the shovel but a hammer that directly smashed the finishing blow on the mech.

At the same instant, the shovel lashed out and pierced through the head of another mech.

Quadra kill!

The head of the mech was sent flying. The energy shield activated, but a burst of sparks flew out in every direction.

Finally, the last mech's energy shield had turned on. It regained its mobility and launched a slash onto the Hercules.

Yet again, the Hercules'shovel started rotating.

Bang bang bang ~~~

The beam saber was disarmed and flew into the air!

The mech was sent flying into the air.


The energy shield burst under the continuous attacks and the shovel was deflected by the shield.

Almost less than a second later, a dark object smashed over.

The hammer!

Penta kill!


What was left of the arena was debris and flames. Only one mech was still intact and standing.

One shovel, one hammer.


Ross's mouth was open to wide that he could easily swallow an ostrich egg… what in the world was that thing?????

"Congratulations, Skeleton, for your first victory in the East!"Goddess Bubbly Foam's voice echoed.

Old Deer had a dissatisfied and complacent expression.

The sound of howls sounded and the flag of the Skeleton Corps was raised. A huge skeleton bathed in flames with a black rose wedged in his mouth could be seen.

The three Norton Players were in a daze.

Were they dreaming?

Was this a farming mech or a secret weapon produced by Earth???

"Folks from the Norton Star, you must be blinded by the power of our Skeleton god. He finished all of you in seconds!"

"Go to hell. Five times the gravity? He could handle even a hundred times!"

Their complacency at the start angered half the audience, but now all of them were enlivened.

This battle really had the Norton players cheering. Even their strongest King could not produce such a level of ability and execution, especially at execution, especially at a five times gravity arena!

This was all solely based on the Earthling's naked strength.

What was even more ludicrous was that he was using a mech used for farming!

Tyrant Su could feel that he was no longer the center of attention and hence lightly sighed. "This sucks, how am I going to shine?"

The other three Norton players were stunned looking at the Radiant Knight. F*ck, these guys were truly playing with us! If we could not even beat farming equipments, forget about facing the Radiant Knight.

"Nortoners, please be more polite, cultured, and educated. None of you are worthy of being my opponents."

The entire audience were shocked. Just who could this Tyrant be? He barely played and yet was putting up such a front.

The three Norton players looked at each other, unable to speak a word. Wang Zheng's performance was indeed too frightening.

How could one be capable of piloting a mech at this level!?

Ross was shaking with anger. He indeed did not think much of these Earthlings. He did not expect this outcome and yet he was left in such an embarrassing state. It was no wonder so many millions were watching… they were awaiting Skeleton's performance.

He should have known just by looking at the number.

Yet he did just the opposite and announced: Defeating the Kids from Earth!

"Boss….. the forum is exploding"

"Sh*t, quickly take down the post,"Ross roared. "To think that you played me like that… I will get my revenge!"

"Get me Yuan Long. Just wait and see, I will turn him into a lunatic with the trauma I will soon inflict! "

Who was Yuan Long? Within Norton CT, he was the strongest King level player, the one who invented the Blitz style of combat.

In reality, he was a student at Norton's Radiant College. He had passed the IG trials and was a representative of the Norton Star.

Yuan Long did not participate much in battles;it was only for entertainment purposes and to meet some friends.

After getting Ross's Skylink, Yuan Long himself was in shock. Some time ago, he had engaged in highly challenging battles whereby he met Ross. It was not his priority to play matches, and he had no ambition to become a professional player.

The other party was, however, quite persistent.

As such, they were acquaintances. Ross went straight to the point and sent a video to Yuan Long to let him decide.

Moreover, Ross had already contacted Solon.

He could not just let the matter pass as it was.


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