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Stealing The Heavens - Chapter 33


Chapter 33 - Ruthless

In front of a roadside shop, two pointy haired kids were playing happily. Suddenly, the people on either side of the street started to push each other around and it soon turned into a chaotic mess. The two kids were pushed down on the ground by someone and were dragged and kicked a few steps away from the shop. If the crowds kept on pushing this way, these two kids would soon be killed by the massive crowd of people.

Wu Qi pulled up the front end of his robe and jumped out of the window, immediately pushing away a few men, who were running wildly, and pulled up the two little kids, who had become filled with shock and fear and were, thus, staring out blankly. Wu Qi hugged and carried both of them back to the shop they were playing by just now, handing them to a woman who was crying and yelling after witnessing the great danger her children had just encountered. After that, Wu Qi turned around and walked back to the middle of the street.

A loud noise of a whip came near in an instant, and Wu Qi saw a steel whip was coming his way. Judging by the speed of the whip, the man who swung the whip was trying to kill Wu Qi with this strike. With the amount of force behind this strike, even a huge rock would be shattered by the custom made steel whip, let alone Wu Qi's head.

Wu Qi raised up his hand and grabbed on the long whip, bare handedly. A powerful force exploded from the whip, trying to tear Wu Qi's palm apart. But with the layers of water energy released as a whirlpool in the center of his palm, that powerful force was neutralized and he had firmly grabbed on the whip.

With his full force, Wu Qi pulled the whip toward him and applied a powerful spinning force at the same time. The ugly man who was sitting on his ride could only feel that there was a huge whirlpool that was sucking his body and, in the next second, he was pulled off his ride and thrown in Wu Qi's direction, slamming into the ground with his own weight.

With a powerful kick, Wu Qi stomped on the man's crotch and kept stomping continuously until the small piece of meat had become a flat piece of meat. The man let out a terrifying scream, throwing away the whip in his hand and starting to roll and struggle on the floor, pressing on his crotch with both hands.

Those guards who were whipping the people who got in their way happily, immediately stopped what they were doing, and threw an angry look in the direction that their mate was assaulted.

The old man in the red robe started trembled, due to anger, and he rode forward quickly and pointed his finger at Wu Qi's nose, shouting, ’’Where did this dirty bastard come from? You, how dare you injure a man working for the Marquis! You, what is your name? Where is your birth place? Is there anybody else in your family? On my command, capture all his family members and leave no survivors!’’

Wu Qi rolled his eyes and grabbed the guy on the floor, slamming him toward the old man in red robe with tremendous force.

The man had landed flat on the old man, and both of them let out painful screams at the same time before being thrown tens of feet away. The guy had a muscular body and could still withstand the powerful attack, but that old man was pretty weak, basically being just like ordinary folk, the heavy attack made him choke on his own breath, having a hard time breathing in fresh air.

If those guards didn't hurry to his side and massage on his chest, this old man would have died.

’’Kill my family members? Hmm, all my relatives had dead. If you want to kill them, you need to visit them in the afterlife!’’ Wu Qi stared at the old man, who just begun to regain his breath, and he couldn't help but burst out with a joyful laugh. This old man wanted to kill Wu Qi's family members? Wu Qi didn't mind give this old man a free ride to hell to visit his parents.

The old man in red robe had his face darken as he became extremely angry. With a trembling finger, he, again, pointed at Wu Qi, after coughing out some thick phlegm and having his breath smoothen, he shouted immediately, ’’You bunch of fools, why are you all standing there? Kill this fellow, kill him now!’’

Zhao Chenzui and the other three personal guards had jumped out from the restaurant too, when they heard the anger roar of the old man, Zhao Chenzui let out a loud laugh and said, ’’F*k! This is Little Meng City and you are yelling to kill General? Old fool, I think you must be the product of your mother mating with a wild boar! Why are you so stupid?’’

Simply throwing a hissing arrow high up into the sky, the three-inch arrow soon reached the height of two hundred feet, making an ear-splitting hissing sound along its way up.

In a very short amount of time, a rapid clatter of footsteps could be heard coming from all directions, and all the pedestrians started to get off the street, looking for shelter in those roadside shops. Soon, groups of City Guards had stormed in and surrounded the street. Along the streets there were groups of archers standing by as well, pulling their bow strings tightly and aiming at the old man's group.

Those muscular men who were getting ready to strike Wu Qi became stunned by what happened, and they immediately retreated and stood behind the old man in red.

A City Guard captain ran out from the army and kneeled down with one leg in front of Wu Qi, with a fury and desperate manner he said, ’’Sir, a team of our soldiers at the North Gate has been assaulted, all their limbs were broken and left laying on the ground! This is the group of men who assaulted them! Our men's limbs were broken by their long whips!’’

Wu Qi gazed at the steel whip on the ground, and signaled the captain to stand aside with a hand gesture.

Taking a few steps forward, Wu Qi stared at the old man in red and sneered, ’’So, your men wounded City Guards who were on duty at the North Gate?’’

The old man in red sneered and was just about to say something when an impatient voice came from the back of the City Guards who were standing behind of old man, ’’Old dog, you're becoming useless! I asked you to clear the way for me, why are you taking so long? Why are there so many idiots blocking our way?’’

A group of people appeared at the other end of the street. There was a group of around six hundred soldiers wearing full armor suits and red war robes, who were escorting a few coaches. The leading coach had its door curtain pushed aside, showing half a face that that was angrily glimpsing at the City Guards who had gotten in their way.

The face appeared to be that of a handsome man with a fair complexion. But, when looking into his watery, amorous eyes, there was a perverse look that made anyone who stared at him feel unpleasant. Looking inside the coach, Wu Qi found out this man was totally naked. Also, behind the man there were two pale white naked bodies, both of which were twisting and moving slowly on his back.

This guy was actually having se* in the coach!

Wu Qi glared at that man and, with a sneer, asked, ’’Who are you? Why are you behaving so recklessly in Little Meng City?’’

The man laughed grimly, then he pushed aside the curtain and walked out of the coach. Before he came out, he simply grabbed over a white cloth and tied it around his waist to cover his crotch. The white cloth, stained with a patch of fresh blood, mae people's mind go wild trying to imagine where the blood came from.

Reaching his hand into the coach and pulled out a beautiful and naked teenage girl who was, at most, in her early teens, the man started to kiss and bite on the girl's breast in front of everyone. After a round of lustful actions, the man finally raised his head up and glared back at Wu Qi, ’’Behave recklessly? Pooh! Who do you think you are? I'm a Marquis and I had traveled around the Lu Kingdom. Who dares to call me reckless?’’

The teenage girl was twisting her young body in the man's arms, trying to use her body to rub against the man's sensitive parts.

Wu Qi threw an examining look at the man, and he can't help but twist his lips.

No matter in which world, there was always someone who led a life of luxury and privilege from the moment they were born. The man looked like he was in his late twenties, with the height of eight feet and a near perfectly lean body muscles, his handsome face was simply the icing on the cake. Except for the pair of amorous eyes, there was nothing else on his body could would be complained about.

[ED: StackThatCoins and I checked and rechecked the raw. The man is 8 Chi tall [8.399 feet tall] o.o]

The man reached his hand in between the teenage girl's legs and rubbed few times, then he gazed at Wu Qi with an overbearing expression and, with a cold tone, said, ’’So, you are the General of Little Meng City? No wonder you can summon the City Guards! Hmm, those idiots guarding the North Gate are your subordinates? They were asking us to pay some sort of tax before we can enter here, what bastards they were! I had broken their limbs as the punishment for asking me to pay, are you happy with that?’’

Wu Qi took a deep breath and, with a stern voice, asked, ’’Who are you?’’

Kissed the teenage girl's lips, the man replied with a proud expression, ’’I'm the son of the Lord of Puyang, Marquis Liu Suifeng. I had been long since told that Little Meng City was a place with beautiful scenery and friendly folk, therefore, I'm here today to enjoy the place.’’

Pushed on the neck of the teenage girl and thrown her back into coach, Liu Suifeng licked away some rogue stains on his palm and, together with an off-toned laughter, said, ’’You're just a tiny General of Little Meng City, who are you to get in my way? Do you want to die?’’

All of a sudden, an almost five foot long sword appeared in Liu Suifeng's hand. In the next second he swung it and slashed forward.

With a swooshing sound, an invisible force was unleashed from the sword and, in an instant, the two City Guards who were blocking the path in front of Liu Suifeng cried out horribly, their long pikes had been slashed apart by the force. But, the invisible force didn't stop there. It continued flying forward and hit right onto the chest plate of both soldiers, ripping the armor off and leaving inch deep wounds on their chest.

Blood splashed out immediately, and both City Guards took a few steps backward and sat down on the floor.

Wu Qi narrowed his eyes, he snapped immediately, ’’Zhao Chenzui, save the men!’’

Zhao Chenzui and few other personal guards, who were also ex-rogues, sprinted forward, one of them took out a medicated paste and started to dress up the wounded soldiers. The medicated paste used by rogue was a very effective treatment, even better than the medicated paste used by the army of Lu Kingdom. That's the reason why Wu Qi ordered Zhao Chenzui to save the soldiers.

The old man in red burst out an ear-splitting shout suddenly, ’’Marquis, this is the guy who got in our way! Your servant was clearing the path right in front, he was the one who jumped in our way! This fellow had no respect to the Marquis. The death punishment, he shall be killed! We must kill him by giving him a thousand cuts!’’

Liu Suifeng's expression turned solemn, he pointed at Wu Qi and sneered, ’’Hear that? Kill yourself now, don't get your family into troubles!’’

Wu Qi narrowed his eyes, he let out a bright laugh suddenly. Shaking his head, Wu Qi said, while smiling, ’’I really wish to know, how I can get my family into trouble!’’

After staring at Wu Qi for some time, Liu Suifeng burst out with a crazy laugh, ’’You're gone! All your family members are gone! Your Marquis, me, has decided that I want all the men in your family killed. All the women in your family will take turns being played with by me!’’

Waved his long sword, Liu Suifeng shouted his command, ’’Men, capture him, torture him, and get the information on where he was born! If his parents and family are still alive, get them here for me! If he has no family, capture all his neighbors! Kill all the men. As for the women, get me those pretty and cute girls, I want to f*k them to dead!’’

All the soldiers in full armor and red war robes affirmed his command at the same time. After that, they started to charge forward while riding on their horses. They were charging forward in a street within the city!

These soldiers hold their nearly twenty feet long pike flat, they were targeting the City Guards of Little Meng City!

Wu Qi felt a cramp on his lips. This Liu Suifeng, his ruthlessness simply had no boundaries!

Lawfulness, this was ultimately lawfulness!

Do you really think I, Wu Qi, would be scared of Liu Suifeng?

Simply raising up his hand, Wu Qi shouted in a cruel tone, ’’The barbarians have struke Little Meng City once again. The Marquis, Liu Suifeng, and all his men were killed in the incident! My men, set your arrows free and kill this son of a bitch!’’

Hearing the command from their superior, those archers, who had gotten themselves ready on the rooftops, released their bow string immediately, sending kisses of death down on these visitors.


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