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Status Meister - Chapter 20


r - Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Getting a new job

While rubbing Milia's buttocks we arrive at the entrance of the forest, it's a small hill.

We go to the opposite side of the hill so that we can't be seen from the town. I bring out the bath.

’’The iron pot ! ?’’

’’Watch what im about to do alright? I trust Milia but keep it a secret okay?’’

I take a Magic stone from my inventory and grasp it. Just like in a manga power flows from my arm to the Magic stone.

No good. Different picture?

I close my eyes and imagine the flow of electicity from my hand to the Magic stone.

This too is useless.

This time I imagine blood flowing from my hand into the magic stone.


’’It's gone!? Nana!?’’

Milia is surprised but we havent even started yet.

It seems I can only manage the magical power if I imagine the flow of blood. Hopefully I got the job.

JOB:M [Adventurer Lv.9] S [Unknown Lv.7] [Villager Lv.1] [Magician Lv.1]

Okay I got it. As expected. I can make use of it later on.

I change my main job to Magician.

JOB:M [Magician Lv.1] S [Unknown Lv.7] [Villager Lv.1] [Adventurer Lv.9]

SKL:[Small MP Increase] [Beginner Magic] [Gods Hand]

First I will try using magic. It is the purpose of this job.

I imagine water flowing down from my hand landing into the bath. I imagine about half a bath of water.


Okay, good.

Next I imagine flame coming out of both of my hands, it covers the lower half of the bath. The flames image persists and keeps heating the bath.


’’na,nana something ! So, how!’’

’’Eh? I got it from the Magic stone which vanished didn't you see?’’

’’I saw! Not! Different! Isnt it!’’

’’Calm down? Take some deep breaths?’’

I cancel the fire magic which was heating the bath and draw Milia closer to me.

’’Poof! Gone! It's gone! Haha!haaahaaa! Haaatsuuu!’’

It's useless. I who can use magic instanltly has resulted in the short circuit of my partner.

It looks like smoke is coming out from her head.

’’Milia, close your mouth and calm down okay? Unless you want another kiss?’’


I feel embarrassed for her. Even with her mouth closed she's trying to say something.

’’Milia! I became able to use magic okay?’’

’’it is, it is!’’

I put my hands on both of Milia's cheeks and look at her eyes.

’’It just became possible now, okay? It's a simple story.’’

’’Puaa! But! Didn't you go through some intense training?’’

Because she was noisy, I silenced her.

Although she struggled for a while, she relaxed in a few minutes and seperated from me.

’’Huh! Oh! Again! You kissed!’’

’’It's because Milia is restless, did I not tell you to calm down?’’

’’Though! I understand... I'll be quiet.’’


Because she calmed down I pat her head.

’’Why can you suddenly use magic?’’

’’I understood when you explained the conditions of Magician to me. So I though why can I get it.’’

'Though.... I tried for many years....’’

’’That method is also true’’

Because she was close to tears I patted her head more.

’’Milia did you finish your magic training a while ago.’’

’’Eh... I recently finished and got it.... But for Takashi?’’

’’It's possible for me, but I think its easier for Milia who is part of the demon family.’’

’’Okay I will try to preform magic!’’

Milia holds out both her hands and starts chanting.

’’O, great flame origin of all things, burn this person!’’


’’I did it! I did It! Even me can do it!

’’As expected of my wife!’’

It's a pretty small fire but it's certianly magic.

It seems Milia needs chant to cast magic? Although watching her chant while wearing gothic lolita clothing is really cute.

Maybe if I give her an eye patch and a bandage. Oh, maybe even a teddy bear.

While smirking and thinking about such, Milia gets mad at me.

’’I'm not a wife!’’

’’Yes, it seems like that is better left until later’’

Milia stops the magic and turns towards me.

「えぇ!? 私一人に仕事をさせて、何処かに行くんですか!?」

’’Eee!? You made me work and you go somewhere?

’’It's special training, see Milia gets to train by boiling the bath water while I will go work up a sweat.’’

’’Training...Is it. I understand! Ill do my best!’’

’’Yes, Im gone-’’

The flame of Milia is considerably small. The chant seems to take several hours aswell. But I guess she'll learn slowly.

’’Then im off!’’

’’Yes! Have a nice trip! Please leave here!’’

Please leave here, that is the flag.

I change my weapon while thinking how to chear up Milia and make my way into the forest.

For the time being I will fight with all my weapons

Since the dagger is easy to use im not using it also the same with barehanded.

I checked my job after defeating a hare but I didn't get it.

When doing the same thing 5 times I got the job.

Apparently in battles you have to do it atleast 5 times.

I repeat the same thing with my other weapons.

I did just as Milia said and aquired Warrior, Soldier and Swordsman.

Because I haven't received a blessing I can't get Priest even when fighting with a wand or a cane.

It takes about 10 minutes while fighting with a cane.

5 times later with the wand, cane. But 10 times with the mace I finally learned Monk and Priest.


Anyway, I'll do it 10 times with other weapons.

I hung around and hunted for 30 minutes. For recovery I used Priest.

I will review the jobs I managed to get.

Warrior:STR:3 VIT:2 INT:1 DEX:3 CHA:1

Solider:STR:2 VIT:3 INT:1 DEX:2 CHA:2

Swordsman:STR:3 VIT:2 INT:1 DEX:2 CHA:2

Archer:STR:2 VIT:2 INT:2 DEX:3 CHA:1

Priest:STR:1 VIT:1 INT:2 DEX:1 CHA:2

Monk:STR:1 VIT:2 INT:4 DEX:1 CHA:2

All of the base values are pretty low. I guess they are beginner jobs.

I also try out Magician which has been raises, soon I arrive back at Milia.

▼Takashi Watanabe Lv.4 Magician Rank.D







STR:4 VIT:4 INT:9 DEX:4 CHA:7 (8)

JOB:M [Magician Lv.4] S [Unknown Lv.7][Villager Lv.1][Adventurer Lv.9][Warrior Lv.1][Soldier Lv.1][Swordsman Lv.1][Archer Lv.1][Priest Lv.1][Monk Lv.1]

SKL:[Small MP Increase] [Beginner Magic] [Gods Hand]

EQP:Iron Mace +2 Iron Shield +1 half-plate Leather Gauntlet +1 leather boots +1

Oh, I am hot.So I will take a bath. But I hope the water is not too hot.

I use the bastard sword I got from the armour shop to cut down a tree.

As a stairway is needed to get into the bath, I line up 3 logs and cut them so they look nice.

I put the machined tree and some big leaves and continue to make my way back to Milia.


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