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Starting From Zero - Volume 4 - Chapter 112


I took ahold of my master sword and pointed it at Big Blade. The other eight flying swords rushed out from behind my back in union, as if a peafowl is show off its tail in pride. All the swords turned their tips towards Big Blade under my command.


"[Steel Slasher]!"

He moved. A simple downwards slash, causing a blurred blade shadow to drop down on me.


"[Blade Barrier]!"

The flying swords surrounded myself while pointing at the ground. They began to rotate. As they moved faster, a round barrier was created around me. Big Blade's skill landed on the rotating swords, causing a metal clash and some sparks. One of the swords was knocked away, but his blade shadow also dissipated.


Since a ranged skill didn’t work, Big Blade charged directly at me. I moved the master swords, ordering the flying swords to leave me and go towards my enemy. Big Blade skillfully knocked each of the swords away while running. However the flying swords would soon turn back on their course, which forced Big Blade to keep defending himself.   


The Phantom Knights already rescued the girls. I noticed Yuri's white robe is now covered in mud and dirt. Okay, this will be ugly.


Big Blade is getting closer. Instead of attacking him, I lowered my sword and pressed a finger on my helmet.

"[Dragon Wasp]!"

800 flying creatures appeared around me. Big Blade halted and looked at me in panic, not sure what I’m planning to do.

"You agreed not to use companions and servants! "


"I’m not. They are standing over there, look. "


"Then what the fuk are these...??"


"Oh, you mean these little ones?" I raised a hand and one of the wasps landed on it. "They're not companions, or servants. Or do you really think I can bring 800 of them? You’re not THAT stupid, right?" I taunted him while poking at the large sting behind the wasp. Ouch.


"But this is not fair!" Of course he knows he isn’t going to win against these mess of enemies.


"Too bad then. You know my main class is Tamer, you are not seriously asking me to have a solo duel with a warrior, eh?" I tossed the wasp into the air. "Okay, shall we finish this? Ready up, my friends!"


The wasps were all resting on the ground while we’re talking. Now they all went into the air, causing a deafening buzzing noise.

"Let’s go taste some delicious blood!"

All the terrible creatures swarmed up on Big Blade, covering him up before he can make another move. I think I hear him screaming. But it is not really distinguishable under all the buzzing which is as loud as an airplane taking flight.



Zirai dropped down towards me from the sky, startling me a bit.

"What's that?" She pointed at the human-shape creature swarm.


"Leader of God’s Design, Big Blade."


"Ew...You really out-did it." Zirai looked at the scene and flinched.


"He deserved it." Yuri joined us. "He slapped my face back there!"


"He what??" I quickly checked her face. "Where? Did it hurt?"


Rose came and pulled me away. "Come on this is a game! And do you think the professional healer, which is me, would allow a scar?"


Coin appeared from one of the roads. She glanced at the now collapsed human figure while running towards us.

"Who are you messing up this time, handsome? Ow, I sure hope I never experience that again. This is worse than what you did last time."


"As I said, I usually go easy on ladies."


"Oh really?" A new voice joined, which caused my hair to stand. "But you never went easy on me." Red Moon walked in front of me.


"I already did my dear lady!"


"Aha. I'm joking!"

She didn’t try to ignite a scene again. Okay, she’s definitely changing, somehow.


Before anyone can speak further, a system notice came up. This one is broadcast to the entire city.

"The Goddess Alliance has successfully broken through God’s Design's council hall. God’s Design city is now occupied. As the city is the main city of God's Design, all guild members will lose three levels. All members of Blizzard Rose and Goddess Alliance will receive 10% EXP as a bonus, according to their current level. Goddess Alliance has acquired a new guild land, the God's Design city is now abolished."


Red Moon suddenly spoke. "We just obtained a medium sized land, and I need to give it a name!"


"Good for you." I nodded. "What are you waiting for?"


"We took the city together. I...can't take it myself."


"Oh don’t worry, I'm here to save people, and recover my lost items." I pointed at the approaching wagon. Hawk already found it. "I've finished all two tasks. Let’s consider the city as a thank-you."


Rose agreed. "We don’t have enough people to manage a city anyway. Just take it."


"Alright then." She finally agreed. "I shall call it the Friendship City then."

We all laughed at our "friendship". But another system notice interrupted us.

"This name already exists, please use another one."

Oh shoot.


In the end Red Moon named the city as the "Present Town".

As a reminder, when Big Blade was resurrected, he sent message to the whole world that he's going to "find and kill all my family". Every time I went back online of before I log off, I use my Star Gaze to find his location, teleport to his side and sting him to death again. It lasted a month before his character is never used again, at least not when I'm here. And since I’m online most of the time, I guess he created a new character for real.

But this is another story.


When we left the Present Town, Hawk and Elfy decided to help me transport the new equipment, while I went back to the shipyard first. Aldeina has already returned to the port with four large water boosters.


Now I'm standing agape in front of this giant, container-like object.

"...This is the booster you mentioned?"


"Something wrong?"


"It's too big!" I knocked at the metal shell. "If I remembered right, those small boats are pretty swift vehicles right? Why does this one look like a small mountain?"


Aldeina gave me a sad look. "I asked the king to help me build these ones, nicely. And you're still not satisfied? Wah--!"

Now I know why AI is not always a good thing!

"Alright alright, it's not your fault. Easy."


I never knew how to comfort a girl, let alone an NPC!

She sobbed a little. "This one is special. The standard ones are never going to push Bi-Lin around so I told them to build these big ones. Did I do something wrong? "


"I'm sorry! I should have known."

She kept crying no matter how I tried.

"Stop it that's an order!"


"Finally." I wiped some sweat off my forehead. "Come on, I’m not blaming you, for real. I was just a little shocked when I saw this giant. You okay now? Tell me how this works."


"Put them behind your ship, and mind these holes back here." She pointed at several pipe-like structures. "They must be below the surface or they won’t provide any power."


"Alright, I'll go tell them to modify the bottom cabin."


"I'm right here, kiddo." The old designer appeared behind my back, nearly giving me another heart attack.


"Oh my gosh...Okay, good timing. So you heard us?"   


"It's a big project mind you!"

The old geezer is trying to rip me off again!


"Fine! Just tell me the price!"


Before he can say anything my private chat came up. The name is...[Commander]? Who is that? And he requested a video chat too.

"Hello?" I hesitated for a bit and decided to answer it.


"Do you ever leave the game huh playboy? Now I have to create my own character to find you here!"




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