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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 186


Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Dangerous Encounter

It's her!

Yun Xi immediately realized who the woman under the waterfall was. Yun Xi looked at her knee-long black hair, enchanting face, perfect slender legs and soft feet. She just stood there, but could naturally catch his eyes. Unlike the immature Starwings Knight girls, even a glance from her would let any man descend into madness.

She was the only Water God's bride candidate in Yun Que's scrolls that wasn't a member of Yun Xi's Starwings Knight.

No! I should stop snooping!

Yun Xi's nose almost started to bleed. He covered his nose and quickly looked away. If he had continued to look, he would have seen some weird things that were popping out from the waterfall. They were green gem slimes, which looked different from ordinary green slimes. Their bodies were much greener and they had crystal-like cores in their bodies.

After gushing out from the waterfall, those green gem slimes scrambled to attach themselves on the black-haired woman's skin and instantly turned into green lights, integrating into her body.

Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword was increasing the speed of her third stage.

’’Hiss!’’ After Yun Xi averted his eyes, the dark shadow queen stretched herself under the waterfall. She frowned as she touched her slender legs awkwardly.

After a while, she had put on her black spider web robe and wore a gorgeous spider-style headdress, like a queen of darkness. She slowly walked on the path leading to the village. Now, she was only about a kilometre away from the village. With every step that she took, there would be green slimes jumping onto her from the bushes or stream, integrating into her body.

When she appeared at the entrance of the village, all the men looked at her and were amazed. Compared to the figure Yun Xi saw through his Water Mist Field, her true body was more seductive. Her eyes were cold and void, but it made her become more mysterious, making people want to conquer and obtain her. Her perfect body shape, slender legs, and full breasts contained fatal attractions to men.

’’Water God's... apostle...’’ The dark shadow spider queen licked her lips. She didn't mind the people's eyes and walked straight to the square where Yun Xi was.

When she walked, the people around her all fell into silence. Her charm hadn't only enthralled men, but also fascinated females. They could barely believe that such a beautiful woman really existed in this world.

’’No... she is coming...’’ Yun Xi had a guilty conscience. Naturally, he had already noticed her.

She isn't looking for me! She isn't looking for me! We are not involved. It was just a misunderstanding! She shouldn't have noticed me!

Yun Xi sweated profusely. He stood up and was ready to run away.

He had a foreboding that this black-haired woman wasn't easy to deal with. She wasn't at the same level with the Starwings Knight girls and the innocent native girls.

Unfortunately, his strong sense of foreboding came true. The dark shadow spider queen ignored everyone else in the village and directly walked up to Yun Xi. As a hunter in the dark void, the dark shadow spider queen naturally knew how to find its prey. In the whole village, there was only one hero-ranked human. He was as bright as the sun in the sky and could never hide himself.

’’I found you... it's you...’’ The dark shadow spider queen walked to Yun Xi's table and lowered her head, gazing at Yun Xi who was at a loss now.

’’Y-yes? What can I do for you?’’ Yun Xi nervously gazed at the dark shadow spider queen.

Why? They just looked at each other but Yun Xi felt extreme strain.




His heart pounded wildly, but he was sure that he just saw the black-haired woman eye to eye for the first time!

’’You are the man who was looking at me, aren't you?’’ The dark shadow spider queen exposed Yun Xi's disguise without mercy.

He was the only hero-ranked person here. It couldn't be anyone else who was peeping at her just now. Besides, she sensed a trace of mist around Yun Xi, which put her on guard just now. She was a top-class hunter in the void. She wouldn't mistake it.

’’Sorry... I didn't mean to...’’ Yun Xi had to raise his arms in surrender. He had realized that his disguise was useless.

’’Water Mist... are you a Water God's apostle?’’ The dark shadow spider queen hid her murderous intent and asked. However, her eyes were still empty and vacant.

In fact, she wasn't using her eyes to observe the world. All spiders had bad eyesight because they didn't need eyes to see things in the dark void.

She used her ’’web’’ to hunt. Not only the web made by her darkshadow thread, but also included her ’’web of sense’’. At this moment, the dark shadow spider queen had locked onto her only enemy in the village, Yun Xi, in her web of sense.

’’Peng! Peng! Peng!’’ Yun Xi's heart beat faster. He swore that he had never felt so nervous in the face of any woman.

Why? Why couldn't he stop his heart from pounding when he looked at the mysterious black-haired woman?

This was just their first meeting!

’’Well... do you want to eat bread?’’ Yun Xi suddenly had an idea. He took out a fourth-ranked butter loaf of bread, which he was prepared for proposing to the Starwings Knight girls.

’’Food?’’ The dark shadow spider queen paused for a short while.

Darkshadow spider race always suffered hunger in the void. They wouldn't waste a bit of food at any time. Moreover, Yun Xi's bread wasn't some common food, but a fourth-ranked butter loaf, which could significantly replenish one's energy and vitality.

If Yun Xi hadn't taken out the bread but something else, the dark shadow spider queen would have captured Yun Xi and taken him away.


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