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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 173


Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Yun Que's Anger

’’What a coincidence.’’ Twelve excellent girls in twelve different villages, and all of them had distinctive charms. What was the probability?

At the least, Yun Que didn't believe that it was just a coincidence. There must be some reason. After closing the twelfth scroll of the candidate brides, Yun Que opened the map she had made.

’’I have collected all the necessary information in this area. It's time to go to the cities. Compared to small villages, it's more likely to find suitable candidate brides in cities.’’

After making this plan, Yun Que frowned as she looked at the map she had made.

’’That guy... is he still in the first village?’’

She didn't want to admit it, but the apostle called ’’Yun Hai’’ was strong. She had even failed to figure out the limits of his power. Both of them had a Water God's Mask, however, his ’’Water Mist’’ was more efficient on the battlefield, which could easily turn the situation in battlefield around.

If he wanted, he could win a war all by himself. Compared to her ability ’’Blood’’, which could only be used in small battles, his ability made him look more like a legendary Water God's apostle.

Maybe this was the reason why Water God chose him to be its apostle. However, since he was so talented, why was he often derelict in his duty and carried out irrelevant business?!

He never took Water God's quest to his heart and whispered of love with his fiancee all day. In her imagination, he must live a dissolute life every night.

What a shameless, salacious man! He didn't deserve to have his great talent!

’’Calm down. Even though this guy is immoral, he is still very strong.’’

Having received the benefit of Yun Hai's Water Mist, they had eliminated most of the green slimes in the area.. His ability was indispensable at present.

’’Ignore him, ignore him! Everything is for finding the most suitable bride for Water God! I must finish this quest!’’ Yun Que took a deep breath.

No matter the sacrifice and whatever the cost, once she accepted a quest, she would never give up on finishing it. This was her principle in life. In order to achieve her goal, she wasn't beneath using unscrupulous tactics.

Even though the man named ’’Yun Hai’’ was a shameless pervert, as long as he would come in handy, she would suffer him patiently and silently.

It's time to move.


’’When will I go to the nearby cities? Yes, of course I will go, but I can't leave before the ceremony.’’ Yun Xi nodded to Yun Que, and told her that he needed more time.

’’Ceremony? What's it? We don't have time to play! Our most urgent quest is to find more and more bride candidates for Water God! Before Shaya Longnis enters the second stage, we must seize every minute and second!’’ Yun Que was exasperated at Yun Xi's attitude. If her sight was as sharp as a sword, he would have been killed.

’’It's for finding a method to fight against the Sky Sword... I can't explain it to you now... Anyway, you can go to the nearby city first, Yun Que.’’ Yun Xi shook his head. He couldn't tell her the truth that his Side Quest Four was the key point to solve the whole event.

’’Why are you so greedy for beautiful girls?’’ Yun Que had reached the end of her forbearance.

You are a hero-ranked Water God's Apostle! You haven't performed your task and instead enjoyed your married life in this small village day and night. What's wrong with you?

Since you call yourself ’’Yun Hai’’, then take on the glory this name symbolized! The real Yun Hai the Sword Master was a legend in the whole Sky Sword God's Domain. He was one of the three ’’deicides’’.

In the Ten Leaves Alliance, the scrolls about him could fill up a room. He was the one who was most likely to inherit the title ’’Unrivalled Sky Sword’’.

After the first Sky Sword God's Domain master, the first ’’Unrivalled Sky Sword’’ disappeared, no one had obtained this title again. The current master of Sky Sword God's Domain was one of the three ’’deicides’’. Because there were three Sky Swords whose power were at the same level, none of them was strong enough to inherit this crowning title, becoming the new ’’Unrivalled Sky Sword’’.

Yun Hai the Sword Master was the youngest and the most gifted one amongst the three ’’deicides’’.

Unfortunately, he had also disappeared for a long time, and the other Sky Swords had no interest to scramble for power, otherwise, it would be still indeterminate who would become the current master of Sky Sword God's Domain.

’’This... In fact, you misunderstand me.’’ Yun Xi looked at Yun Que awkwardly. His impression of ’’him’’ was favourable, but it seemed that ’’he’’ misunderstood him too much.

’’Then why did you propose to Lu Lu? She was very likely to be a candidate bride. Now, she has become your woman and lost her opportunity!’’ Yun Que couldn't understand Yun Xi's thinking loop.

As a Water God's apostle, he actually carried off his god's candidate bride. It was a sacrilege to the god! Why didn't he feel guilty?!

’’My woman... no, you misunderstand us.’’ Yun Xi shook and hesitated for a while, then said, ’’I know you think that I did something wrong, but there is a reason! At least, Lu Lu didn't deny my proposal. Both of us were sincere.’’

Yes, this was the point.

Side Quest Four ’’To love, Starchild!’’ wasn't a quest that could be simply completed by verbal contracts. In order to finish it, the girl who agreed to his proposal must be sincere from the bottom of her heart. He couldn't force nor cheat the girl. If so, it wouldn't be accepted by the stars.

’’You...’’ Yun Que was speechless.

Yes. It seemed that ’’Yun Hai’’ had defied Water God's quest, but actually, he had done nothing wrong. After all, the girl, Lu Lu's smile was real.

She really loved this ’’scum’’. When Yun Que had found her and asked if she wanted to reject Yun Hai's proposal, she had replied, ’’I wasn't forced. I liked him of my own free will. Yes, I love him very, very, very much!’’


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