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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 134


Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Spread

Faster! Be faster!

Like the wind and the thunder, he wouldn't stop! He wouldn't step back! The gap between the mortal rank and the hero rank was wide. Yun Xi had to risk everything on his luck to fight for the smallest chance of winning.

His heart was beating fast, and his blood was flowing backwards due to nervousness. For the first time in Yun Xi's life, he was going to challenge a hero-ranked enemy with only his own strength.

It wasn't a dream or a trial, but a real, life-and-death battle. If he died, he wouldn't be revived! Even though he had died hundreds of times in star's trials, he still had only one life in the real world.

To challenge a fourth-ranked monster as a third-ranked swordsman... Yun Xi never dared to imagine this in his past life.

Then, why did he feel so excited in his heart?

Stepping on the male sword, the information about the dark shadow spider was flowing into Yun Xi's mind. Its body was big, over ten metres long. Half of its eight legs had been broken, which would greatly reduce its movement speed in battle. Its hero-ranked super power was its black threads, which could block the area within a radius of ten kilometres and lock on all the targets within the range.

As a hero-ranked living being, the dark shadow spider's strength, attack, and defence, were all above Yun Xi's. If the dark shadow spider was still at its peak state, Mei'er wouldn't tell Yun Xi that his chance of winning was 10%, but 0%! Its broken legs were Yun Xi's only chance of winning.

Even though it was a hero-ranked living being, when it faced the void crack, it wouldn't be any tougher than paper, unless it became a legendary creature like the eighth-ranked White Holy Dragon, then it would have the ability to break the void.

The dark shadow spider had barely pulled itself from the void into this world relying on its threads. As the price, half of its legs had been broken. Its movement speed had suffered a deadly blow.

Speed! This was Yun Xi's only advantage!

’’Hiss!’’ The dark shadow spider opened its cold compound eyes, locking onto Yun Xi who was rapidly flying in the air with his twin swords.

Indeed. Its greatest weak point was its movement speed. However, its attack range was about ten kilometres. With its inexhaustible black spider threads, its weak point had been perfectly covered.

Originally, dark shadow spiders weren't famous for their movement speed. They were hunters, who usually made traps and waited for their prey to fall into their web, then launched a fatal strike.

The black spider threads immediately turned into ashes after they were cut off by Yun Xi's Crane Wings Twin Swords. But at the same time, the dark shadow spider immediately emitted more spider threads. These black spider threads could instantly extend dozens of kilometres. They were retractable and controlled by the dark shadow spider's mind.

It was rare to find prey in the void. Therefore, once the dark shadow found prey, it could be very patient. It could even spin a web for ten years, then silently wait for the prey to be caught in its web.

With the creepy spinning sounds, the dark shadow spider's web had finally been formed. If one looked down from the sky, one would see that the black web had covered the whole area within a radius of thirty kilometres.

Yun Xi was at the center of that web. The web was like an elaborate trap, not giving the prey the tiniest chance to escape. This was the dark shadow spider's dangerous hunting habit.

Yun Xi's Flying Swallow Sixteen Fold Attack had really taught it a lesson. This time, all the threads of the spider's web were made with over ten black spider threads. The web's intensity was so high that it could even make all mortal-ranked people feel desperate.

Fortunately, Yun Xi's twin swords weren't normal. Even if comparing Crane Wings Twin Swords to all hero-ranked weapons, they were at the top classed and entitled to become a pair of artifacts.

’’Flying Swallow Sixteen Fold Attack!’’

Sixteen after images of sword crisscrossed in the air. Every attack was cut on the same point.

This wasn't a property from Hua Huo's Flying Swallow Sword, but a special ability from Xiao Cao's Mortal's Sword. After practicing her sword skill for a million times, Xiao Cao finally learned her perfect Mortal's Sword, which was as stable as a stalk of grass at any time.

The reinforced spider web was ripped off by Yun Xi's attack again. This time, Yun Xi was only about a kilometer away from the summit of the volcano, where the dark shadow spider was.

To the dark shadow spider, Yun Xi's danger class rose again. He had become a giant killer bee in its eyes. To the dark shadow spider, it was unable to move freely and was going to lay eggs. Yun Xi's lightning speed was really a big problem for it now.

’’Hiss!’’ The dark shadow spider made a weird sound again. It slowly opened its mouth, emitting out a large quantity of black fluids from its mouth.

It's coming! Yun Xi could feel that the next three seconds would decide the battle's result.

The first second!

Black fluids gushed out from the dark shadow spider's mouth, then divided into four sections, spreading in the air. Each divided section was like a mirror, clearly reflecting Yun Xi's figure, which meant that the dark shadow spider had put all its attention to its only threat: Yun Xi.

Four ribbons formed by countless mirror surfaces crisscrossed and floated besides the dark shadow like four snakes. Once the black threads around them were touched by the four ribbons, they were immediately absorbed by them.

After absorbing thousands of black threads, the ribbons turned a frightening dark black in the air and continuously emitted dissonant, horrible sounds.

’’I can't dodge them...’’ Yun Xi observed the four ribbons and made a decision in his heart.

This must be the dark shadow spider's strongest skill, its trump card just like the male fiery dragon's Dragon's Breath.

As a third-ranked swordsman, he had forced the fourth-ranked dark shadow spider to use its strongest skill. It was already an amazing achievement that he could be proud of. However, Yun Xi didn't want any achievement, he wanted to win!

The second second, high-speed shock waves, which could even be seen by the naked eyes, appeared beside the four black ribbons, which had covered half of the island. Around and around, they spread as if they were stones that were breaking the surface of water.

’’Crane Wings Twin Swords, flying!’’ Yun Xi held the twin swords in both his hands.

He launched his fastest, strongest attack towards the dark shadow spider. As if he was a shooting star, in the girls' worried eyes, Yun Xi chose to face the difficulty.


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