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Star Rank Hunter - Chapter 247.2


Chapter 247.2

Chapter 247: The Ten-Meter Spray [Part 2]

It didn't take long before Guan Feng carried out all the dishes. Cillin suddenly understood why everyone was looking like they were heading towards the gallows as he stared at the table full of dishes.

Color, taste, and smell. The dishes Guan Feng cooked neither looked good nor smelled good, and judging from his senior brothers and sisters' faces he understood that the taste might actually be worse than the other two.

The quartet sat down around the table and stared at the plates before each of them. Guan Feng then added what looked like a big smear of mud into their plates.

Cillin shot a sideway glance at Goryeo and asked wordlessly: What the heck is this greenish shit colored mud thing?

Goryeo signalled a ’’you're on your own’’ with his eyes and looked down just like Pistura and Fu Qingqing, allowing Guan Feng to add stuff into their plates to his heart's content.

The gray cat also had a plate of its own. Its content was exactly the same as Cillin and the others.

The gray cat crouched from a heightened position and looked at the pile of things inside its plate. It restrained its desire to lick the food and test its taste after seeing that no one had started yet.

After Guan Feng was finally done setting food into everyone's plates, he sat down and clapped his hands. ’’Alright, today we welcome Cillin into our midst, and it has been a while since we last had a gathering!’’

Goryeo, Pistura and Fu Qingqing's imaginary mouth twitched: we had a gathering just thirty days ago! Some teachers are totally fine with not meeting their students for hundreds of days!

’’Alright, I shan't waste anymore time. Let us begin. Cillin, this is the first time you eat my food, so make sure you savor it, okay? These nutritious meal incomparable to those meals outside;that food is pure trash.’’

Guan Feng took the lead and ate first. Goryeo and the others also sucked in a deep breath before taking the lunge. Pistura's face was green as he mechanically stuffed food into his mouth. A vein was throbbing at the center of Fu Qingqing's forehead, but she kept her expression perfectly blank.

Cillin understood their feelings completely the moment he put the first scoop into his mouth. Guan Feng was right, it was incomparable to the trash food outside because that food was at least appetite inducing. The only thing that was induced by this ’’nutritious food of love’’ was vomit.

Cillin forced himself to endure the discomfort. If Goryeo and the others could get used to this, the he could to. And so he hypnotized himself and mechanically shoved food into his mouth.

In their heads, they screamed: it's not that we don't want to eat your food, our guts just couldn't handle it!

As for the gray cat... it was chowing down its meal like no tomorrow!

’’Teacher Guan, this is the best lunch I've ever eaten in my life!’’

’’... Cough! Cough cough...’’

Choking, Goryeo had to drink the glass of fruit juice with bitter melon in it to clear his throat. His face looked distorted.

Pistura had also choked on his food. Fu Qingqing stared at the gray cat with saucer eyes filled with disbelief.

The best lunch of your life?

Are you practicing your crosstalk or something?!

Are you sure you're not buttering up Teacher Guan so he might forget the sin you committed against the fishes inside the fish tank?!

After confirming that the gray cat wasn't actually joking, Guan Feng chuckled and answered, ’’You have the best taste, Wheeze, unlike these four whelps!’’

’’Yeah, I know right!’’ The gray cat nodded in agreement.

Like hell you are!

Guan Feng didn't like to speak when he was having his meal. Goryeo and the others didn't like to speak during mealtime either because it would break the numbing process of swallowing food down the throats.

Cillin felt like he fought a hard battle after he had finally finished all of the food. That being said, Cillin quickly discovered that what Guan Feng told them was actually real. The nutritious meal was extremely beneficial to the human body, a fact one only noticed after they consumed the meal.

Pistura and Fu Qingqing looked a lot better after they finished their meals. Even their gazes on Cillin didn't look nearly resentful as before.

At this point, the young man had figured out that he wasn't the cause of a large part of their resentment.

Guan Feng briefly chatted with his four disciples. Pistura, Pistura, Fu Qingqing and Goryeo gave him a short report on their latest training status and the problems they encountered during training. That was all they said, but Guan Feng didn't care either way. He had already made it clear that he wouldn't interfere with anyone's wishes even if the Imperial Guards and Royal Guards were to fight each other one day.

Cillin paid attention the the way they made their reports and the emphasis of those reports. He would do the same the next time he reported to Teacher Guan.

’’You're all doing pretty good.’’ Guan Feng didn't reserve his praise. ’’Cillin, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask them. Come to me if you're really stuck in a problem. Goryeo should've told you all the things you needed to pay attention to, right? In that case I won't repeat them here. Familiarize yourself with your seniors and get along with them.’’

After he said this, Guan Feng left for the second floor.

’’What is Teacher Guan doing upstairs?’’ Cillin asked after Guan Feng went up.

’’Taking his afternoon nap.’’


Goryeo did most of the talking, followed by Fu Qingqing and Pistura. Pistura even kept a stiff and expressionless face during the few moments he opened his mouth.

After chatting for a moment, everyone left the place to attend to their respective business.

’’Shouldn't we bid Teacher Guan goodbye?’’ Cillin asked.

’’He will shoot you for disturbing him with such a trivial matter,’’ Goryeo said with conviction.

’’In that case... shall I deal with this now?’’ Cillin pointed at the fish tank that was now filled with cat piss.

’’It's fine. Someone will change it by the morrow.’’

Cillin stopped asking. If no one cared about the fishes then why should he? And so the young man got back into Goryeo's car while grabbing the gray cat by the scruff of its neck.

Pitura and Fu Qingqing had already left the area. After sending Cillin back to his apartment, Goryeo left behind these parting words: ’’Don't forget to ask for a flying car from Teacher Guan, this way you'll be able to move easier on this planet. Don't worry, Teacher Guan has plenty of flying cars.’’

Cillin got ready to rest after thanking Goryeo, but his doorbell rang not long after he lay down lay down on the bed.

Cillin looked at the group of people on the security display before he opened the door.

Three men were standing outside his house. They were Gen Xingming, Gen Xingyao and an older man who looked slightly similar to the two brothers. He was probably Gen Xingming's oldest brother and the man who was groomed to become the king in the future, Gen Xingchen.

If Gen Xingyao looked calm and steady, then Gen Xingchen was imposing the way of a superior. Even though he hadn't officially succeeded the throne from his father, he still felt oppressive just standing there in silence.

Cillin didn't wonder why they were able to locate his apartment and track down his activities - there was no way they would've shown up at such a perfect timing otherwise - because they belonged to the royal family. Honestly, if they couldn't even perform something like this Cillin would've suspected that the Gen Family had undergone a decline.

’’Come in.’’ Cillin invited the trio into his house.

There were a few more Gen Family members around the area, but they didn't follow the trio into the apartment. Gen Xingchen wouldn't allow them to do so even if they wanted to. He wished to keep the internal matters of the Gen Family a secret even from his most loyal subordinates.

The gray cat had its eyes closed as it lay on the bed. It looked like it was asleep, but the fact that its ears would twitch from time to time was proof that it knew everything that was going on in the living hall.

’’I just moved in, so I have nothing to treat you with.’’ Cillin pulled over some chairs and invited them to take a seat.

’’In that case, let us head straight into the main topic,’’ Gen Xingchen said.

Both Gen Xingming and Gen Xingyao kept quiet because their older brother was around.

Gen Xingchen paused for a second before he turned to look at Gen Xingming. ’’Leave us.’’

’’But why...’’ Gen Xingming swallowed his complaints when he saw the glare Gen Xingchen was shooting him. Then, he muttered. ’’Second brother is here too, and yet you send me out...’’

’’Xingyao, go with Xingming,’’ Gen Xingchen said.

Gen Xingyao clenched his fists so tightly that they crackled in response. As he response. As he narrowed his eyes at Gen Xingming, the latter curled his lips and walked into the bedroom.

Although Gen Xingyao was reluctant, he obeyed Gen Xingchen's orders and stepped into the bedroom too.

’’Should we speak at the study?’’ Cillin asked.

’’It's fine.’’ Gen Xingchen examined Cillin's features closely, but he couldn't find a trace of similarity between him and a Gen family member at all. He then shifted his gaze to Cillin's left thumb. ’’I'd like to see the Fuji symbol on your hand.’’

Cillin took off his gloves and stretched out his thumb so that Gen Xingchen could get a better look at it.

Cillin himself was puzzled as well. Why was the ring still dormant even though the future king was sitting right in front of him?

It wasn't like Cillin never suspected that Genya was where he was because of a set up. However, he Genya had never complained about anything, and he often expressed his longing for his home. Genya's final message didn't mention anything about the Gen Family harboring malice towards him either. On the contrary, it had been Genya's lifelong dream to return to the Gen Family.

That was why Cillin had ultimately decided to reveal the leaf pattern tattoo to Gen Xingyao. He could speed things up this way.

’’It really is the real thing!’’ Gen Xingchen revealed the leaf pattern on his wrist to Cillin too.

The leaf pattern around Gen Xingchen's wrist was very similar to the one around Cillin's thumb, but there were still some minor differences, just like how there were no two fully identical leaves in the entire world.

’’Every person who possesses the Fuji symbol are closely related to King Fuji. For example, Xingming, Xingyao and I have it because our father is the current King Fuji. But what about you? Who are you really?’’

Cillin shook his head. ’’I have made a promise to someone. I will not reveal the reason or the original owner of this Fuji symbol before the ring gives me a sign.’’

Gen Xingchen wasn't surprised by his answer. He had predicted this outcome before he came here.

’’According to my knowledge, my grandfather's generation is the only generation that wields a Fuji symbol like yours. It so happens that my grandfather is also the King Fuji of his time!’’


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