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Star Rank Hunter - Chapter 187.1


Chapter 187: The 1st Generation Activates [Part 1]

The images in the screen on the wall made everyone shudder.

The 2nd generation robots who had split away from a large mountain, taken form and awakened from their sleep hadn't even started dealing with the rebellion of the 3rd generation robots when they all turned stiff at once.

This so-called stiffness was the robots standing right where they were as if they had been frozen. They maintained their initial posture and didn't move a muscle. Only on occasion that fluorescent red light would flash across their eyes.

That fluorescent red light was triggered by the invasion of the virus. The fact that their eyes were flashing red was an indicator that their programs were being altered as Frentz's control over the robots grew weaker and weaker. Despite doing everything in his power to save the situation, he couldn't stop the virus from hacking the robots.

These 'Rebel' programs were incredibly invasive. Some of the 2nd generation robots' tool control programs couldn't be completely altered, and some of their encrypted microsystems couldn't be fully hacked. The 'Rebel' virus obviously took longer to infect a 2nd generation robot, and it had to forcefully wipe away some programs that couldn't be altered.

Therefore, when the 2nd generation robots started moving again after they were infected, they didn't move as smoothly as they could've.

’’It seems that the viruses hasn't completely taken over the 2nd generation robots.’’ Shawton said.

Falvey and the others let out a small sigh of relief. The 3rd generation robots were acceptable enemies;at the very least they could still deal with them somewhat. However, the 2nd generation robots were troublesome. Five 3rd generation robots might not necessarily be capable of dealing with a 2nd generation robot.

’’No, it's not over yet!’’ Frentz's fingers danced across the light panel that had popped up.

Eudy, Beaver and a few others slowly figured out some clues.

’’The viruses are improving!’’ Eudy said.

Frentz didn't answer him. It was obvious that he agreed with Eudy's words.

’’Does this mean that someone on this planet is modifying these virus programs?’’ Falvey asked.

A Third B Squadron member nodded, ’’It should be. Otherwise, these 'Rebel' viruses wouldn't have invaded with such purposiveness and improved this quickly.’’

The 'Grim Reaper' who spread the viruses artificially was right on this planet.

The 3rd generation robots were moving more and more smoothly. This meant that the viruses had invaded more and more parts of the 3rd generation robots. The command programs inside the robots were getting more and more unified, and resulting in increasingly quick movements. It was a given that the two contradicting orders sent out by Frentz and the other person controlling from behind the scenes would cause the robots' reactions to slow, but as Frentz lost more and more control over the 3rd generation robots, their movements grew smoother over time.

The situation didn't allow for any optimism. If they were facing only the 3rd generation robots, at the worst they could charge outside and make a bold gambit. However, now that the 2nd generation robots had joined the fray, a reckless charge was suicidal.

Right now Frentz couldn't be bothered to wipe the sweat on his head. His hands never stopped moving, and he didn't even dare to slow down. Cillin said, ’’If you can't do it alone, then let some of us help you. There are some technical staff in both our squadrons who know about this stuff.’’

Shawton and Falvey looked at each other face to face before casting a glance at the quiet Frentz. They frowned and shook their heads.

The Robert Family robots had their own special control methods and special coding procedures. These were all knowledge that couldn't be taught to outsiders. For example, Frentz was typing code right in front of them, but no one understood what he was doing because the code he typed were all special symbols that represented a different kind of meaning each.

Moreover, as a reputable robot family in GAL, the Robert Family possessed their own special programming language that was different from the common programming language used in GAL. Only a member of the Robert Family would understand the programming language that belonged exclusively to them, not to mention some exclusive development formulas and execution instructions too. If the two squadrons' technical staff were to join him, Frentz would have to reveal some relevant information. Otherwise, there was no way the technical staff could help at all.


Frentz swung his fists at the wall strongly.

The screens continued to display some complicated data and unrecognisable symbols, but even if the crowd couldn't understand what they meant, they all understood that the viruses had completely taken over the 2nd generation robots just by looking at their smooth movements and speed that exceeded the 3rd generation robots, as well as Frentz's action of punching the wall with both hands.

In reality, the group was mistaken as to the reason behind Frentz's anger. He wasn't furious because the 2nd generation robots were completely hacked by the viruses. He was furious because he found out the reason why they were hacked this quickly.

It was a hole;a hole that had been ignored for the longest time.

The core reason the Robert Family's robots could imitate a human so closely and still possess the super calculation ability and the martial strength of a robot was due to the liquid nucleus chips at the robot's brain.

The liquid nucleus chips were different from the solid chipset possessed at the core of other machines. The chipset in the robot's brain was in liquid form and contained inside it a nucleus. As compared to solid chips, they possessed greater flexibility and upgradeability. Their compatibility with machines were far better than the former as well.

This time, the 'Rebel' viruses were affecting the nanothreads at the outer shell of the nucleus. They couldn't invade into the nucleus, but after affecting the nanothreads they could cut off the liquid chips inside the nucleus from the execution circuits outside and make these execution circuits transmit the viruses' instructions instead.

Right now, both the infected 2nd and 3rd generation robots had lost their ability to execute super calculations and branch divergence programs. They were now just a weapon with a much lousier hit rate than before. This could be considered good news to them.

But to Frentz, this was without a doubt a figurative, painful slap to the face.

He couldn't believe that the nanothreads and super nanofibers outside the nucleus could be cut off directly. While he had thought about this risk before, back then most of his family members thought that it was impossible to do such a thing. After all, the only way to stop the connection and control of the nucleus over the external execution circuits was to cut off every super nanofiber and nanothread between them. Since most people thought that that was impossible, they didn't research too deeply in this regard. Therefore, every time the robots were upgraded the upgrades were directed at some other aspects.

However, Frentz wasn't one of those foolish people. While he did produce his robots later according to the standards set by his family, his own proudest inventions hadn't followed a similar design.

Frentz had sunk huge efforts into the development of a robot's nucleus. In fact, he even went as far as to put layer upon layer of encryption in every section of the super nanofibers and nanothreads' terminals. Because that part of the project was overly arduous, it was also the only time he created the robots using that particular method. The robots he produced later on were all similar with the standard robots used within the family, and they were the current 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation robots. As for the 1st generation robots, they were the batch Frentz spent the most effort, heart and soul to create. However, Frentz wasn't willing to activate them. If he did this city would be crippled. The operations he was engaged in for so many years would become wasted...

While thinking, Frentz slammed his fists against the wall again.

Cillin thought that the Robert Family members held a kind of obsession in their minds. It was a kind of obsession that forced them to believe an obvious lie that was dangled right before their faces. They had the right to be proud of themselves, but they were also too proud and too confident. Their attitude made them overlook many things.

Oh well. Cillin couldn't be bothered to comment about another person's affairs anyway.

Cillin flicked the gray cat's ears and asked, ’’How is it?’’

The gray cat cast him a confident glance.

Cillin returned it a faint smile. There were far more people greater than the Robert Family in terms of machinery than the common masses thought. It was just that the Robert Family was too bright that they outshone the other stars.

The gray cat had already deciphered Frentz's unfamiliar symbols. It had even unraveled some data related to the nucleus.


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