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Star Rank Hunter - Chapter 186.2


Chapter 186: Robot Rebellion [Part 2]

3rd generation robots?

Cillin and the others didn't know exactly what the term '3rd generation' was pointing at.

Looking at the diagram displayed on the wall and the group of light dots approaching towards the center point in a circle, they figured that the center point was probably the ancient castle they were in, and the light dots were the traitorous '3rd generation robots' Frentz spoke of.

Frentz operated over the light wall for a moment before turning to look at Falvey, ’’Have all the people you brought with you entered the castle already?’’

’’Other than those left behind on the spaceplanes, they are all here.’’

’’Alright. The castle will go into lockdown. Those traitors are coming to us.’’

Falvey said nothing and headed outside. Since the castle was going into lockdown, then the 'traitors' inside the castle needed to be cleaned out completely.

The 'knights' and 'servants' inside the castle had all turned traitor. The defenders who should be defending had turned against them instead. The blood on the floor all belonged to the Third and Sixth Squad since these robots do not bleed. That was why Falvey and Shawton's hearts were heavy as they stared at the blood traces on the floor.

Regardless of whether their squads were in danger, they had definitely bled a lot of blood.

Perhaps it was because Frentz had activated the castle's internal defense system, but the robot rebels began to receive attacks from all directions. There was nowhere to hide inside the castle, although of course, they wouldn't hide to begin with.

Very soon, the robot rebels inside the castle were cleaned out. The medical personnel were treating the wounded. There were two members of the Third Squadron who had passed away, and there were plenty of others who suffered grievous injuries. Thankfully, there were plenty of high quality medicines and medical instruments inside the castle, so the heavily wounded personnel were all treated in time.

That being said, Shawton and Falvey were feeling pretty bad right now. They were currently trapped inside this ancient castle, and they had no idea how the members inside the spaceplanes were faring. They couldn't contact them, and their communicators couldn't receive any signal at all. Therefore, Falvey had sought out Frentz again to contact the people inside the spaceplane.

The good news was the spaceplanes didn't look like they were attacked. Right now, the people trapped inside were still puzzled as to why they had suddenly lost communication with them.

Earlier, Cillin had only told them to be on high alert, but he didn't tell them to leave this place. This was so as to avoid not having a spaceplane to use in the case of emergency. However, it would seem that they didn't need it right now.

Therefore, Falvey and Shawton ordered the men inside the spaceplanes to leave the planet and regroup with the starships first. They would contact them later for further orders.

Although both Falvey and Shawton very much hoped to take the spaceplanes and leave right now, they would only be shot down before they even came close to the ancient castle. Not all 3rd generation robots were land bound.

Before the Third and Sixth B Squadrons had arrived, Frentz was the only person inside the ancient castle. The rest of the Robert Family members and Frentz's wife and children were all on the other side of the planet. This was just a workplace for Frentz.

After trouble had visited them, Frentz contacted the people on the other side of the planet and activated the highest level of defense. There weren't many 3rd generation robots over the other side, and a large majority of the Robert Family members on the planet were all there as added insurance. Right now, Frentz wasn't worried about that side.

’’A, transmit a wave band signal.’’ Frentz said softly while lying on his chair.

A wave band was transmitted from the ancient castle, and it swiftly enveloped the entire planet. The 4th and 5th generation robots that received the wave band all began to transform. They no longer needed to continue their previous role, and the people Cillin's group had seen at the village and the town, be it man or woman, young or old, had all immediately begun to switch modes.

A while later, Frentz finally left his study and arrived at the grand hall. After all, he as the host had a responsibility to bear over his guests.

He drew something on the wall and changed it into an electronic screen that displayed what's happening outside.

’’The 3rd generation robots had all been infected by the 'Virus'. Right now, I'm naming this virus as 'Rebel', and all the robots that are infected by this virus would no longer receive orders from the original core program and execute their antivirus programs instead. It is also what you've just encountered just now. What's strange is that the 4th and 5th generation robots are all normal. This virus absolutely could've infected the 4th and 5th generation robots, but in reality that is not the case. Therefore, this is a purposeful attack.’’

’’Grim Reaper?’’ Shawton spoke up.

Frentz nodded, ’’It should be. No one in the Robert Family would do such a thing. Cillin had also said earlier that he had received an electromagnetic signal relating to 'Grim Reaper'.’’

No one asked why Cillin was sure that the electromagnetic signal he received was from 'Grim Reaper'. No one asked why he knew these robots would rebel either. Right now, Frentz didn't have the time to mull over such things anyway.

Looking at the images displayed on the wall, Falvey frowned and asked, ’’If the 4th and 5th generation robots you talk about are the commoner-looking robots we've seen before, then they do not look like they can fully hold back the 3rd generation robots even though they have the numbers advantage.’’

After a pause, Falvey continued, ’’Since there are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation robots, shouldn't there be 1st and 2nd generation robots too?’’

Frentz didn't answer this question. He simply looked at the images displayed on the screen.

Outside the ancient castle, the 4th and 5th generation robots were resisting against the 3rd generation robots. However, be it in terms of materials or weapon equipment, they were incomparable to the 3rd generation robots. Still, their suicidal way of attacking had impeded the 3rd generation robots greatly.

On the screen, a 'child' with only half a body left held onto a 3rd generation robot and self destructed. At that range, the explosion was a huge threat to the 3rd generation robot. However, everyone couldn't help but feel a strange kind of oppression as they watched the many other explosion scenes on the screen. They knew they weren't human, but they couldn't help but feel something for them anyway.

There were many people who were looking at the images on the wall, but Cillin no longer paid them any attention after the initial glance. His eyes might still be staring at the screen, but his thoughts were somewhere else already.

The robots' earlier 'gossip' was to figure out if they could understand the meaning behind their transmissions. That was why everything had happened so swiftly after the gray cat pretended that it couldn't understand a thing. However, what puzzled Cillin was: why had the robots chosen this particular timing to act?

Or should he say, why had 'Grim Reaper' chosen this timing to make the 3rd generation robots rebel?

Frentz definitely knew nothing about this. Cillin could see that he wasn't lying.

In that case, what goal did 'Grim Reaper' have this time?

It was most definitely not to kill Frentz, or those robots would've stopped Cillin from going to the study. The reason was because they didn't actually want Frentz dead.

After pondering for a while, Cillin deduced that 'Grim Reaper' was targeting Frentz. However, exactly what they were expecting Frentz to do, he had no way of knowing.

The 4th and 5th generation robots grew fewer and fewer. In the end, many 4th and 5th generation robots were blasted into smithereens by heavy firepower before they could even get close.

The guns equipped on the 4th and 5th generation robots' bodies could only make a small hole or dent on the 3rd generation robots' bodies. Anyone with a discerning eye could notice the gap in strength and predict the final outcome.

’’What should we do?’’ Falvey asked while staring at the screen.

The question was directed at Frentz. No one else had said a word. Cary was rubbing his shoulder cannon, Scarlet was toying with his own fingers probably because he hadn't had enough from the killing earlier, and Snowball was looking very quiet as it slept with its head leaning against Tang Qiuqiu. However, anyone who saw its eyes would know that this white fatty had a lot of 'fun' earlier.

More and more 3rd generation robots were starting to gather around the ancient castle. The Third and Sixth Squad didn't have the patience to calm down. They had no idea how long this ancient castle could last, and they were making preparations to face the robot's attack that might come at any moment.

Frentz rubbed his glabella and said helplessly, ’’A, activate the 2nd generation's activation wave band signal.’’

2nd generation activation? Was he referring to the 2nd generation robots?

What did the 2nd generation robots look like?

On a screen displaying the other side of the planet, there was a mountain area covered in range upon range of mountains. However, gradually, the crowd was stunned by what they saw.

One of the mountain began to transform and break down into many little pieces. Every little piece of the mountain would take on a humanoid shape after they became separated from the mountain.

Are... are those the 2nd generation robots?!

A mountain was huge, and even after it had broke into many smaller robots the ground was still going to be completely covered with them. Their numbers were still much fewer than the 3rd generation robots, but they were the 2nd generation robots after all. They should be stronger, and they shouldn't have any problems taking down the 3rd generation robots.

However, Frentz shouted loudly not long after.


’’While staring at the images on the screen, the gray cat lying on top of Cillin's shoulder shook its whiskers, ’’I think... we've fallen into a trap.’’


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