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Spirit Vessel - Chapter 405


Chapter 405: 405

A group of dark clouds was gathering on the horizon . It blotted out the blueness of the eastern sky!

Dawn never came, only rumbling thunders . Heavy rain was incoming .

The atmosphere was even heavier in the Celestial Paradise with continuous battle noises louder and scarier than the thunders .

“Feiyun, do you think you alone can stop our entire Feng Clan?” A half-step Giant wearing a purple daoist robe was floating in the sky . A violet light flowed around his body with a taiji mark above his head .

This was one of the four half-step Giants that attacked Hongyan earlier .

They were responsible for protecting the prison, not allowing outsiders inside . However, Hongyan managed to infiltrate successfully so they were in trouble . Only by taking down Feiyun and Hongyan would they be able to avoid the punishment .

That’s why the four were at the forefront and attacked the fiercest, willing to pay any price to get Feiyun back in the prison .

“Your Feng Clan? Haha, is your last name Feng?” Feiyun shouted loud enough that the old man in the purple robe felt a sting in his ears as if he was next to a gong . This made him lose focus .

In this split second, Feiyun gripped his saber with both hands and unleashed a ferocious slash . A wave spanning for one hundred meters in he shape of a dragon rushed out .

“Dragon King’s First Slash!” The sky quaked before its ferocity .

This saber manual relied on great power and domination . The old man was aghast and quickly retreated .

Alas, the saber energy still struck his chest . Nevertheless, a half-step Giant was quite tough and managed to survive .

He thought that as long as he made it back next to the ancestors at the Giant level, he would be safe .

The spirit vessel rushed to the sky like a star . Feiyun stood at the bow with a pale expression but he still added another slash .

“Pluff!” This particular wave pierced through the half-step’s body . The old man screamed in indignation . The violet energy dispersed from his body and became one with nature again .

His old body fell straight down and hit a peak, completely smashed .

A Giant wanted to save him but it was too late . Feiyun was simply too fast, releasing two slashes in an instant .

Feiyun held Hongyan’s waist again and could feel that she was turning cold . Even though he has been sending energy into her body, it couldn’t normalize her heart rate . It was becoming slower .

He couldn’t prolong this! A bit longer and he would only be able to watch her die next to him .

Loneliness would seize him once more .

While riding the vessel, he activated his Swift Samsara and turned into a ray crossing the sky .

He wanted to leave but the Feng experts wouldn’t let him . The three half-step Giants blocked his path and all unleashed a palm strike of dragon-tiger power .

Several dozen shadows gathered into three mountainous seal attack with majestic momentum and billowing force .

“Heaven Punishing Hammer!” Feiyun had learned ten percent of the Minor Change Art . His hammer technique was one level stronger .

Even though it was only a shadow, it contained a trace of aura from the ancient weapon .

The three half-step Giants vomited blood from the impact . Two among them had broken bones in seven or eight places with blood running all the way down their soles .

They had to land to recover and immediately ate some spirit pills before running to a safe spot, no longer able to fight .

The Giants glanced at each other . The two divine garments were indeed mythical for a reason, allowing such an eruption of power after wearing them . This young cultivator was able to resist top members of the last generation .

Though only a short time had passed, Hongyan’s heartbeat has grown even weaker .

Feiyun’s mind was on fire . He controlled his vessel to fly towards the horizon .

“Boom!” It seemed to have hit an invisible wall and trembled greatly . This was a grand formation blocking off the entire area . Countless runes were on the surface and finally appeared after the contact and emitted a blinding light .

“Return!” An old Giant shouted and the runic barrier quickly flew back towards him .

It also forced the spirit vessel back along the way . This power was irresistible, like a fish stuck in a net and now, someone was pulling the net up .

Feiyun naturally wouldn’t wait to die . He noticed that this barrier was also a runic formation . However, it was quite unique, similar to a boundary .

But as long as it was a formation, there must be an eye of the formation .

“Third slash, Dragon King’s Sunpiercer!”

“Aooo!” A white dragon flew out from the blade in a deafening fashion . It pierced through the sky and the barrier . Layers of the barrier broke just like a collapsing wall .

Feiyun had a great comprehension aptitude so he had learned the third slash a long time ago . It was just that his strength wasn’t enough to use it .

Since he had the power of a half-step at the moment, he could even use the fourth slash right now .

A Giant riding a gale beast rushed forward from the mountains in order to stop Feiyun . He was met with another slash that ultimately killed his eight-hundred-year-old gale beast by tearing it into pieces .

The Giant took out an ethereal, liquid expanse to stop the sharp slash and retreated several dozens miles away . He stood on top of a peak and looked quite transcending . He spread out his palm and saw that there was a white mark inside, slightly painful .

The youth will indeed surpass us in time . Feiyun’s attack earlier almost broke through his skin from a thousand meters away, nearly drawing blood .

“With those divine gowns, he’s gowns, he’s comparable to a Giant now . Looks like the five divine garments are no joke . Any of them could boost a cultivator ten times over . ”

These old cultivators were all tempted . Initially, they looked down on these so-called divine garments due to their powerful cultivation . However, watching the garments in action today had broken their perspective .

It looked like the stronger the cultivation, the more effective were these garments .

The Crimson Phoenix Garment could give a mortal the power of a half-step Giant .

The Cloak of Invisibility could hide its user even from Giants . It was the ultimate artifact for an ambush . A top assassin with this garment could even slay a Supreme Giant .

The Nine Doves Gown was rumored to be the battle regalia for a demon . After wearing it, one would gain an unfathomable amount of strength, even more mysterious than the Crimson Phoenix Garment . It would allow for a Paramount Giant to fight an Enlightened Being .

“Boom! Boom!” The sky was full of thunder and lightning . The rain continued to pour down and washed away the blood on the ground without any hesitation .

Meanwhile, Feng Mo was standing on the central peak with nine heavenly palaces behind him . A beautiful woman was standing behind him and held up an umbrella .

The rain issued dripping noises on the umbrella . Wan Xiangcen said: “Ancestor, looks like no one can stop him . ”

“He can’t leave, he must be a Feng . ” Feng Mo’s gaze pierced through the rain and watched the scene . A scheming glint appeared within .

“Boom! Boom!” More thunder assaulted the sky with rumbles . Even the black clouds were trembling .

Fall had always been the rainy season but this rain was fiercer than the rest . The thunder just now had woken many people from their sweet dream .

“Boom!” The spirit vessel that had soared six hundred miles away suddenly stopped and dropped to the ground, creating a large creating a large pit .

Feiyun’s entire body was soaked with messy hair . His eyes showed his current distress as he moved his hand closer to Hongyan’s nose .

The blood on her body was being washed away by the rain . Her pretty face was as white as paper and her arms as cold as ice .

The shade on her white dress was now pink from the water . There was no breathing and her heartbeat has halted…

There was a frozen smile on her face . Meanwhile, Feiyun’s heart was turning cold, cold enough that his blood seemingly froze as well .

She died with a smile in the embrace of her lover .

“Ahh!” Feiyun heartbrokenly screamed under the torrential rain while holding her body .

"For whom the beauty smiles as youth is passing by? In this mundane realm, the heart will not age, but without you, the world is a waste . Don't climb all alone till gray hair flutters on the steep pavilion . With no time remaining, who will draw her eyebrows in the end?"

The wondrous voice and the melodies of her enchanting zither replayed in his mind . Even a goddess wouldn’t be able to replicate her song .

No other girls in this world would be able to smile as beautifully as her last . She no longer needed to be afraid of growing old, losing her fair complexion and gaining white hair .

The maple leaves were fluttering wildly due to the storm like red butterflies . Alas, all of them eventually fell into the mud .

Feiyun stood in the rain . It looked like the heaven was mocking him, sending down the rain to hit his face .

He could faintly hear her other song: “At first, when we set out, the willows were fresh and green . Now, when we return, the snow will be falling from clouds . ”

The strong gale eventually blew away her hushed voice inside his mind, leaving behind a lonely and sorrowful man .


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