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Spirit Vessel - Chapter 404


Chapter 404: 404

Poetry added an implicit charm to a woman . Love allowed them to be indomitable .

Hongyan’s white dress was red now . Her pretty and elegant eyes were capable of seducing others but she was the one seduced in this case .

A spirit flew out of the Voidbreaking Sword . It was a blue qilin appearing on the sword tip, carrying an unstoppable sharpness capable of slicing through the firmament and shattering great mountains .

“Pa!” Nangong Hongyan took out her purple zither . This was left behind by a senior from the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, made from violet sandalwood for the base and icy silkworm for the strings . So many courtesans adored it so it had an ancient and beautiful fragrance accumulated through time .

She flicked her finger and a sound wave surged forward . It turned into a round formation and ten shields to stop the Voidbreaking Sword .

“Boom! Boom!” The power at the half-step level was no match for a Giant and a spirit treasure . The sound wave was shattered and disappeared into the wind .

Blood oozed out from her mouth and down her white neck before stopping by her fair chest .

She had never lost so much blood before but there was no sense of pain .

“Boom!” She directly attacked with her zither but it was split into two . Both fell down at a corner of the prison .

Meanwhile, she turned into a fiery shuttle to head for the bottom of the prison .

“Where are you going, die!” Yue Chongzi raised his finger . Waves of energy condensed at the tip and turned into countless sword shadows rushing forward like a flood to chase after the plume of flame .

“Pluff!” Hongyan uttered a miserable cry . She stumbled and fell onto a pool of her own blood . Nevertheless, she got up and continued to delve deeper into the prison .

“Die!” Yue Chongzi became serious . He stepped on his sword and turned into a ray to give chase . If Hongyan were allowed to see Feiyun, his master wouldn’t let him off easy .

“Open!” Dark flames engulfed Feiyun’s hands as his muscles bulged and tore his sleeves . The chains stopping him were pulled out all the way and on the verge of snapping .

Another flame rose from Yama’s spine with the power capable of pushing mountains . Feng Feiyun’s hair was standing straight up with sweats running down his body . He pushed up on the formation with the same difficulty as if he was pushing up a world .

The hard stones on the ground had a foot deep mark of his soles with pebbles everywhere . He roared to show his rage .

At this time, he saw something and his red eyes became gentler . Nevertheless, he felt distressed while looking at the supreme beauty outside .

In the end, he still couldn’t break for formation created by Feng Mo . The formation pushed down again . He dropped the chains next to the pillar full of runes and felt as if a knife was carving out his heart . His throat felt dry as he hoarsely spoke: “Hong . . . yan…”

She stood outside with blood everywhere . There were more than ten wounds;a broken blade was still stuck on her back .

He had never seen her injured in this manner . Such an incredible woman had allowed herself to be in this sorry state .

Her voice was also dry and feeble: “I… I came on time, didn’t let you down, right?”

“Why are you here?! You shouldn’t have come here!” Feiyun was nearly screaming with his eyes becoming wet .

Hongyan smiled bitterly: “Where you are is where I should be . It’s fine, the only thing I know is that I’ll be be lost once you are dead . ”

“Why must you do this?”

Hongyan stubbornly replied: “Feng Feiyun, you haven’t told me that you love me . ”

“I love you!” Feiyun never thought that he would say this to another woman but these words came out faster than anything .

“You still haven’t heard me say that I love you . ” She sighed .

She wasn’t a woman who would utter these words so easily but she was afraid that there would be no other chance . She felt that she didn’t have long to live and might go even earlier than Feiyun .

“I’ve been waiting to hear it . ” Feiyun reached out, wanting to wipe the tears and blood on her face but a lightning bolt forced him back .

Hongyan’s eyes grew weaker . She fell down into a new puddle of blood with tears in her eyes: “I don’t know how to describe love . I only know that each night under the stars, I feel that you are next to me . The southern sky has 38,042, the west has 12,000, the north has 74,561, and the east… the sun is usually up when I get to this point . What about you? How many stars?”

“I…” Feiyun shook his head while feeling a sting in his heart .

He knew that when a woman was missing someone and feeling lonely, they would count the stars in the sky .

She started in the south because both of them were under the southern sky . Once she made it to the east, the loneliness had usually passed by then .

Feiyun had never counted the stars before so he felt embarrassed . His love came so fast and at an inopportune moment . Meanwhile, her love had been kept secret for a long time .

She has been very lonely without him .

“Clatter . ” A murderous bloodthirst descended from above with a sharp and austere sword shadow sword shadow . However, when Yue Chongzi stabilized himself and looked up, Feng Feiyun was nowhere to be found inside the prison .

‘Not good, did the two got away?’ He was slightly late due to a formation laid out by Nangong Hongyan .

Suddenly, a shadow came in the air without any warning . An ultimate force consisting of numerous thunderbolts struck Chongzi’s back .

This attack was too sudden so Chongzi could only guard when he felt something was amiss . Alas, how could he stop the offensive power of the Thunderfire Jewel? He was directly blown outside .

The skin on his head was heavily damaged . He stared at Feng Feiyun standing right in front of him in disbelief: “You… how did you escape?!”

Feiyun was embracing the bloodied Nangong Hongyan who had already fainted . He glared at the man on the ground a bit before a crimson flame blazed up around his body . He turned into a fiery being and rushed forward .

Feiyun’s power alone naturally couldn’t break the formation prepared by Feng Mo . However, Hongyan gave him both the Invisible Cloak and the Crimson Phoenix Garment .

With the two divine gowns, his battle power surged and he was able to shatter the formation to escape .

When Hongyan was without any cultivation, she was still comparable to a half-step Giant just by wearing the two gowns . Feiyun was much stronger than her so even if he couldn’t straight out defeat a Giant, he could still contend against them .

“Hongyan, you can’t die! I will find the best doctor to save you . ” Feiyun gently rubbed away the blood on her forehead and could feel her life passing away . Her body was becoming cold .

She was only at the early Immortal Foundation level . Such grievous injuries were fatal to her since she lacked the same powerful constitution as Feiyun . He could recover completely in just several in just several days .

After taking off the divine gowns, she was no different from other frail women .

When Feiyun made it out of the cave, daylight was approaching from the horizon . The stars by the eastern sky were disappearing .

Would dawn really come after the night?

“Rumble!” Suddenly, winds broke out in the sky . Rays rushed down from the central peak towards this particular cave .

A dozen or so people with monstrous aura were present . They were all half-step Giants with eight of them real Giants . These were the current top experts of the Feng Clan .

They have lived for hundreds of years and were once ancestors of the great powers . Recently, these people came in here to curry favor from the Enlightened Being after the big changes at the Celestial Paradise .

“Feng Feiyun, you actually made it out? But do you think you can leave today?” Four half-steps that were guarding the cave entrance leaped out as well to join the bigger group .

All of them focused their aura on his body . This powerful pressure added immense weight to him . Even a mountain would collapse instantly .

“It’s not up to any of you whether I can leave or not!” Feiyun was determined even if the sky was falling down . He took out the Ascension Platform and turned it into a sacred tablet towering for thirty meters . The runes flowing on the surface carried an eternal and profound strength .

The eighteen remnant souls of the geniuses stopped the aura of these ancestors .

Feiyun summoned his azure vessel and jumped on it . The tablet remained above his head . In one hand, he had Nangong Hongyan, the other the stone saber . He began to make his way forward like a raging dragon going against the tide in the open sea .


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