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Spirit Vessel - Chapter 398


Chapter 398: 398

The cultivators at the Seventh Hall were alarmed . Several hundred disciples in black flew down like birds from the peak . Wind-breaking noises filled the air .

They were elites with a ferocious aura and were ready to suppress the rebelling Feng children .

“Bang!” Feng Feiyun slashed the sky open . A dragon wave flew out and engulfed the sky . More than ten heretical disciples were killed with blood pouring down from the sky . Their body slammed into the mountain .

Meanwhile, the Feng members were filled with hatred . All of them unleashed their techniques;more than ten thousand beams of light flew up and blasted the group of elites into smithereens .

The first clan master leisurely followed Feng Feiyun and didn’t say a single thing from start to finish . He stared at Feng Feiyun’s back while slightly nodding his head with an approving smile .

Once they made it to the waist of the mountain, some real experts from the Seventh Hall finally showed up . They were three old men dressed in black robe tinged with gold . Their hair was gray with many wrinkles on their face .

They have cultivated for more than 400 years and were at first-level Heaven’s Mandate . This was the elder level of the Seventh Hall .

Heaven’s Mandate had nine levels . Once reaching the first, one would have five hundred years of life .

It was exceedingly difficult to break through each level . More than half of cultivators became stuck at the first level due to a lack of talents . They would eventually die from old age at this level .

For example, if the Jin Dynasty had one hundred billion citizens, only a very sad amount could reach Heaven’s Mandate, around one million . In other words, only one out of one million would be able to do so .

Alas, among this group, more than half would stop at the first level even if they were to cultivate for four hundred more years . Of course, with all of the training and accumulation through the centuries, they were much stronger than ordinary first-level Heaven’s Mandates .

This was a cruel elimination process . The higher the level, the higher the chance for elimination . For example, only one out of ten half-step Giants would be able to reach the Giant level . Fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators only had a ten percent chance of reaching the half-step level as well .

Always only a few people could stand at the apex .

There was a great disparity of power for each of the level . It became harder to surpass levels and win . After all, the top members could reach the upper levels must all have relatively decent talents after a natural filtering process . Because of this, grand historical geniuses could no longer kill someone three levels higher . Even just fighting someone two levels above was relatively difficult;it could even result in defeat .

“Feng Feiyun, release our lord and we won’t desecrate your corpse . ” The skinny one among the three pointed at Feng Feiyun and demanded .

Feiyun carried his saber over towards them and smiled: “Release my family and get the hell out of the Celestial Paradise then I’ll hand her over . ”

“Such impudence! You think you are qualified to negotiate with us?” The skinny old man knew Feng Feiyun was no slouch . He immediately took out his soulbound artifact . His dantian lit up and a bronze vessel flew out just like a blue lightning bolt .

Feiyun didn’t want to fight against them since his goal was to rescue people, not kill . Killing was the business of real masters .

He grabbed Wan Xiangcen and propped his saber by her her neck, resembling a meat-seller uncle at the street market getting ready to kill a swan .

Xiangcen was his swan at this moment . He said in an unyielding manner: “Which motherf*kers dare to come over here? You think I won’t chop off her head?”

His face was still pale without any pink like an ailing youth . He didn’t want others to know that he had cured the poisonous blood . If the big shots from the last generation were to find out, he would never be able to sleep and eat well . They would view him as a thorn and always try to kill him . Thus, he has to keep on pretending to be dying .

Xiangcen’s slender fingers were cracking from her clenching them too hard out of anger . This damned Feng Feiyun actually grabbed her head and pushed her down to the ground before inching his blade on her neck . How could she ever look at anyone after this?

Feiyun indeed scared the three old men back . They were worried that he would panic and do something stupid . If Xiangcen were to be hurt at all, the three of them would disappear from the cultivation world .

Everyone knew that Feiyun didn’t have long to live so he wasn’t afraid of death . That’s why no one wanted to gamble against him .

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Xiangcen’s four female guards also landed from the peak . They had a black cloak and a ponytail . A yellow belt accentuated their slender neck .

All four were at second-level Heaven’s Mandate;they were heaven-defying geniuses . Their thick aura showed that their battle capabilities couldn’t be that much weaker than Feiyun .

An older one among the four escorted a middle-aged man along and said coldly: “Feiyun, do you recognize him?”

His skin was slightly black but it didn’t deter his scholarly and gallant presence gallant presence . His flashing eyes stared angrily at the female guard .

“Second Uncle!” Feiyun’s eyes turned gentle . His uncle had grown older after these last several years .

Feiyun’s grandfather had three sons . His father was Feng Wanpeng, the third son .

This middle-aged man was Feng Wanli, his father’s second older brother .

“Feiyun!” Wanli stared emotionally at Feiyun and couldn’t help tears from coming out . He sighed and said: “You shouldn’t have come here!”

If Feiyun only had the soul of the phoenix clan master, he simply wouldn’t care for familial ties and this human .

However, though he had a phoenix soul, his body was still a human body . The real master soul was the human one from the young master .

Meanwhile, the phoenix soul was more of a gigantic sphere of memories . To a certain extent, it could affect the young master’s emotions and decision-making ability but it was not in charge .

Alas, the hatred towards Shui Yueting had been carved deep into the soul . Even after a reincarnation of sorts, it didn’t diminish at all .

Because of this, Feng Feiyun was kind towards his family and treated him as seniors . Otherwise, he wouldn’t care for this mess .

He smiled wryly: “Second Uncle, don’t worry . Since I dare to come here, I’m completely confident about saving everyone . ”

Feng Wanli closed his eyes and shook his head . The Seventh Hall was too strong for a junior to handle . In order to avoid troubling his nephew, he was ready to kill himself

There was still one more thing he was worried about . He opened his eyes and asked: “Jianxue left with you, is she still alive?”

Wanli was Jianxue’s foster father . He didn’t know that Feng Jianxue was a spy sent by Monk Jiu Rou in order to find the Feng Clan’s cemeteries . Her . Her real name was Nalan Xuejian .

Feiyun slightly paused and said: “She’s… doing well and have met a wise monk, virtuous and good at everything . No one can bully her now . ”

“Good, good . That girl is really lucky then, you need to take good care of her later!” Wanli was finally at peace with his last worry one . He could finally die now .

Feiyun naturally noticed that he was setting up for death . When he wanted to stop Wanli, a fierce lightning bolt shattered the air and aimed for his head .

“Boom!” A top expert wanted to kill Feng Feiyun in one blow with a sneak attack in order to save Wan Xiangcen .

The first clan master standing by his side had a flashing evil glint in his eyes . He wanted to take action but then noticed something in the far horizon . He recalled his aura and stood quietly again .

A majestic and heroic voice came like a heroic bell . It made others feel pain in their eardrums: “Hmph! A half-step Giant ambushing a junior? Have you no shame?”

A second later, the voice was already very close . A stick came from the crowd and destroyed the lightning bolt .

The half-step Giant from the Seventh Hall landed from the peak and stared at the crowd: “Who the hell just did that? Daring to mess with our business? How bold, come out here!”

The voice of this half-step Giant was sonorous as well and caused more than ten kids from the Feng Clan to bleed from their ears .

A hunchback old man with gray hair came out from the crowd . He had a walking stick and a red trouser on top of a broad blade used for chopping . He lost half of his teeth already but was still nibbling on a pear .


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