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Spirit Vessel - Chapter 392


Chapter 392: 392

The large mountain with springs of blood pouring down and the gray miasma looked just like the tomb of a defeated dynasty .

At the top of the mountain was a crater created by a meteor . Below were plenty of black vegetation and deathly miasma .

This particular crater was several hundred meters deep . Upon jumping down, Feiyun immediately saw a tomb .

It was built with square white marbles carved with yin runes meant for corpses . There were still white lights oozing from the gaps . The grave itself had sixteen white pillars with one tablet floating in front of each of them .

“Ancestor of the Feng’s Third Generation, Feng Jingyi . ” Ancient words were carved on the tablet with time . This particular ancestor had died for more than 1,200 years .

It was the grave of a Giant . An exceptional character was buried within .

These graves were floating in the air with a bronze lion protecting them from any robbers . It would come back to life to attack them in such cases .

“Whoosh!” The white altar flew into the miasma and disappeared without a trace .

At this place, even a heretical lord like Wan Xiangcen was strangely quiet . She didn’t say anything and only stared at the flying altar .

A bit later, they met the second altar . This was the grave of a hero from the Feng’s fifth generation . It also flew away like a shooting star and disappeared from sight .

“Rustle!” Feiyun stepped on the leaves below while still maintaining his composure as he headed for the central area . This was a cemetery with many floating graves, belonging to the top characters of the clan . The weakest was still at half-step Giant .

One or two top prodigies would always come out in every generation . After more than a thousand years, the Feng had dozens of Giants buried in this place .

“No, something is wrong . A Giant’s vitality is too strong . Even after death, it can’t be this quiet . What’s the problem…?”

Feiyun couldn’t help but jump on top of the third altar they saw .

This was the grave of the seventh generation clan master . He took out his saber and destroyed it . What he saw made him shiver . Something had eaten a hole through the grave . There was no corpse inside .

The clan master had died six hundred years ago, he naturally couldn’t climb out himself .

Could it be those corpse controllers from the north? Did they steal the corpses here?

Feiyun found out that this wasn’t the case . He found an arm skeleton in the grave . It was as clear as jade with a monstrous aura .

It belonged to a Giant, ten times heavier than an ordinary bone . A weak cultivator would be killed instantly by the power within .

He also found a strand of hair that was more than ten meters long . It was quite bizarre with a terrifying evil presence, very similar to the Yama Decay Blood .

He didn’t dare to touch this strand of hair at all and quickly left the grave in horror . This hair was left behind by a strange monster . It had eaten the clan master’s corpse .

Just what kind of monster that could treat these dead Giants as food?

Wan Xiangcen stared at the bone with the bite mark and took a deep breath: “It can’t be that legendary creature?”

Someone at her position must have read many books and had access to ancient scrolls not privy to ordinary people . Thus, she was aware of many mysteries .

“What?” Feng Feiyun said .

She looked around with her her bright, crescent eyes and became slightly startled as if she was afraid of something . She quietly said: “I heard a predecessor from the Violetsea Cave had excavated an ancient corpse from a Heaven’s Emergence tomb . This corpse was extremely strange and incomplete, only having a few parts . I’m not sure which parts though . ”

“The predecessor was very excited after finding it and quickly brought it back to the cave . However, a disaster ensued . He was at the Giant level but on the third day, a disciple saw him being eaten by the corpse . ”

Feiyun said with a smile: “A corpse controller being eaten by a corpse, that’s pitifully ironic . ”

“Indeed, but it didn’t end there . This corpse must have been extremely evil when it was still alive, evil incarnate . The corpse-monarchs there were attracted by its aura and got eaten as well . This eventually alarmed the four Nether Kings of the cave . At that point, this sect was more than ten times as powerful now and even more influential in the cultivation world than the Senluo Temple and Mount Potala . The four kings were on the same level as the Jin Emperor with amazing cultivation . They far exceeded the Giant realm . ”

“The four of them worked together yet still needed four years before suppressing this corpse . When the controllers thought that this problem was resolved, something happened to the four kings . All of them strangely died in just three years . ”

“After their death, the place where the corpse was sealed had howls and screams every night for three days . ”

“This was the darkest moment of the cave’s history . The deaths of the four kings were known by the other corpse caves . They used this chance to seize Violetsea . It almost got destroyed by this by this . At the very last second, a disciple from the sect went into the sealing place of the corpse and took out a drop of blood from its body and used it to kill a Giant from the enemy’s camp . ”

“The other disciples also copied this method and used this decaying blood . Just one drop alone was enough to kill a Giant . Alas, they also died instantly with terrible deaths too . ”

“After twenty Giants had fallen, the other powers finally became afraid by the terrible blood and quickly ran . The Violetsea Cave protected themselves and became respectful towards the sealed corpse and began to call it…”

Feng Feiyun became serious and looked at the seal on his chest: “Yama . ”

“That’s right, Yama . In the legends of the corpse controllers, Yama was the lord of the yin realm with control over life, death, and the reincarnation cycle . He was the judge of mortals, cultivators, and immortals . Not only is he the lord of the underworld, he is the master of all things . To give this corpse such a great title showed their reverence towards it . It was definitely countless times scarier than the Evil Woman . ” Xiangcen said .

Feiyun looked at the altars flying away and said: “Not many things could eat bodies of the Giant level…”

“It is virtually non-existent . As far as I know, Yama is the only exception . ” She clenched her fist and stared at the darkness with worries . There were several other altars floating in the air .

At the Giant realm, when their blood fell to the ground, it would burn for several months . Their flesh was as strong as a powerful beast . The power in their corpse would stay there . When ordinary creatures took a bite, they would be killed by this power .

Powerful power .

Powerful creatures on the same level as Giants that have eaten the flesh of Giant would have their own dao being corroded by the Giant’s dao . Eventually, the imbalance of powers in their body would result in their body exploding .

In the Jin Dynasty, only Yama could eat this type of flesh without dying but actually grow in strength .

“Rumor has it that more than one thousand years ago, a gigantic being of several hundred meters like a god descended from the sky to the Violetsea Cave . It shattered Yama’s seal and took it away into the sky . From then on, Yama disappeared completely from the world…” Xiangcen took a deep breath and didn’t finish stating her speculation .

Could Yama be here at the Feng Clan’s ancestral ground?

Feng Feiyun palpitated with his eyes widening . More than one thousand years ago was around when the first clan master of the Feng died a mysterious death and was buried here .

This mountain was created by him to be used as his tomb . Everything was too much of a coincidence and the timeline worked out . It truly made others think .

“That damned monk must know a lot of stuff!” Feng Feiyun felt that Monk Jiu Rou knew the first clan master . Alas, the guy was off to the Beastmaster Camp so there was no way of asking him .

Feiyun must find the answer himself!

He continued towards the darkness . He was already a dead man, there was nothing else to fear .

As he went on, he saw several more floating graves . The bodies inside have been eaten with a tinge of evil energy lingering within . It seemed similar to the aura of the decaying blood but also different . This whole ordeal was full of surprises .


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