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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 92


Chapter 92 - Return gift

While Chen Yang and Long Ye fantasized lewdly, Luo Lin glared at Ye Tianming with her face red with anger, ’’Ye Tianming, we are irreconcilable.’’ With that, she threw the remaining half of the brick towards Ye TIanming, then with a move of her body, she arrived in front of him. She slanted her body and raised her long and se*y legs to kick towards Ye Tianming's temple.

Ye Tianming moved his right hand in a strange manner, and grabbed the brick segment without a blur. At the same time, he stepped forward slightly and raised his right arm. With a ’’pa’’ sound, Ye Tianming felt his right arm get hit, causing his entire body to wobble a bit. On the other hand, Luo Lin felt a numbness on her leg as something collided with it, causing her to subconsciously take a step back.

Everyone else merely saw a blur in front of them, then heard a soft ’’pa’’, before seeing the two people separate quickly. They did not know who had won the exchange.

Ye Tianming chuckled, ’’Captain Luo, Young Mistress Luo, I told you that you aren't my opponent. There is only one way for you to make me let them off, which is for them to challenge me by themselves. As long as one person defeats me, today's training is over.’’

When everyone heard Ye Tianming's words, their eyes lit up. This was especially true for the few that felt rather good about themselves. All of them were very eager to try. However, when they noticed that the brick in Ye Tianming's left hand fall onto the ground like a pile of sand, they all glared at him in disbelief, at the same time, the flames that were just ignited were instantly extinguished. They stood there with their heads dipped without daring to move. They were afraid that Ye Tianming would misunderstand and pick on them.

The team members only had one thought, and that is ’’Captain is definitely crazy’’. He was actually completely fine after getting hit by a brick, and now that brick was easily shattered by his grip like tofu. If he's not crazy, then what is? Even if they forced themselves to challenge him, they were still going to get raped, so why challenge him? They weren't interested in self-abuse.

During the exchange, Ye Tianming had already noticed Chen Yang and Long Ye smiling lewdly. It was obvious that they did not have any good thoughts. That's why, he smiled towards them and said, ’’Chen Yang, Long Ye, stand forth.’’

Hearing that, the two brats immediately shuddered.

’’If you two defeat me, then there is no need to train anymore tonight.’’

Hearing that, the two of them looked at Ye Tianming pitifully, then turned back and looked towards the other team members.

What they saw was that nobody cared, and some even started an intense round of applause, ’’Chen Yang! Good luck!’’

’’F*k! You disloyal people,’’ with a curse, the two of them inched towards Ye Tianming.

Seeing Chen Yang and Long Ye appear like they were going to get executed, Luo Lin resisted her laughter. She calmed herself down, then resumed her usual coldness, ’’Ye TIanming, if I tell you who gave you the present you're talking about, can today's training be waived?’’

Ye Tianming looked back in confusion, ’’You know?’’

Luo Lin nodded, ’’Yang Chentian did it.’’

Ye Tianming did not think that Yang Chentian would still dare to cause trouble for him. On the other hand, Luo Lin started to regret it after the words left her mouth. Although Yang Chentian was very annoying, she knew that he would at least lose a layer of skin even if he doesn't die since Ye Tianming was going to cause trouble for him again.

’’Ye Tianming, what do you want to do?’’ Luo Lin asked.

Ye TIanming chuckled, then cupped his chin, ’’Originally, I didn't want to cause any more trouble for him. However, it seems like Yang Chentian is determined to oppose me. They say that friendship cannot be one sided. No matter what, I, Ye Tianming, is an educated person. Seeing that he spent so much effort into sending me a present, I do have to return something to him, right?’’


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