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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 87


Chapter 87 - Offending him is no big deal

Chen Zhonghua covered his forehead helplessly and said, ’’I am clear about why Zhao Changming is picking on Ye Tianming, I think that you guys also know. However, since he's the a member of the military region's standing committee, as long as somethings aren't too over the line, I won't say anything.’’

Then, he looked towards a committee member and continued, ’’Old Wei! Since you want to advise Zhao Changming, then go. I hope that he won't make a big deal out of this, this isn't good for anyone in the end.’’

Wei Chenyue nodded, ’’I think that Old Zhao wouldn't be that dumb to screw over his future for Yang Chentian. As long as we give Ye Tianming a punishment and make him apologize to Old Zhao, we can get over this.’’

Chen Zhonghua laughed wryly, ’’I got Ye Tianming through special means, you guys should also know a bit about it. He doesn't care about punishments at all. In these years that he has been a soldier, he's had enough punishments to file up and get store. Don't even think about getting him to apologize, that's impossible. With his delinquent-like personality, he is able to do anything if we push him into the corner. When that happens, that brat will just slap his ass and leave, then leave a mess behind for me. I won't even have a place to cry.’’

A wave of helplessness sprung up in the hearts of the standing committee members. They didn't know much about Ye Tianming, and had merely heard some rumors about him that they didn't quite believe. However, through this incident with Yang Chentian, they also understood that it's not easy to trick this brat. He is beyond daring, if they were to really push this brat into the corner, causing him to do something then ran away, the people that would have to wipe Ye Tianming's ass would still be them.

Wei Chenyue said with a troubled expression, ’’I'll go and advise Old Zhao, no matter what, just let this pass.’’

As they left, Ye Tianming did not say anything, while Feng Zhen followed behind him, unable to calm down at all. Ye Tianming shocked him too much, but it was not because he dare to point a gun at the standing committee member, but it was because of that killing intent from Ye Tianming. That was an aura that he felt like a real soldier should have. A real soldier should be like a sharp blade in front of enemies, and attack without any hesitation in order to eliminate his enemies with the quickest speed possible. Furthermore, he even saw terror in Zhao Changming's eyes, just how many people did Ye Tianming kill, just how much blood did Ye Tianming's hands get covered in before having such an aura and killing intent.

Suddenly, Ye Tianming stopped, and chuckled while holding the letter of accusation, ’’Old Feng, these brats are rather daring, they actually dared to try and screw me, Ye Tianming, over. It seems like if I don't beat it into them, god knows what would happen in the future.’’

Feng Zhen replied, ’’Captain, you offended Zhao Changming, you should think about how to deal with it. This is very troublesome.’’

’’Haha!!! What the hell is he, Zhao Changming, offending him is no big deal. He better just accept this and let it go, otherwise, I, Ye Tianming, will ensure that he never has a good day.’’

With that, he cursed, ’’F*k! He actually dared to point a gun at my head. I had once swore that no matter who it is, as long as he points a gun at me or my brothers, he'll become my enemy.’’

Meanwhile, Wei Chenyue arrived at the medics'. When he saw that there were only two medics in the office, and they were dozing off, he knocked onto the door. When the two medics opened their eyes sleepily and saw that it was Wei Cheyue, they immediately stood up, ’’Chief, what are your orders?’’


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