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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 86


Chapter 86 - The Standing Committee's Sensation

Ye Tianming called himself down, then turned around to look at Chen Zhonghua, ’’In my eyes, anyone that's useless is trash. I, Ye Tianming, only respect the strong, and there are a limited number of people that I respect. Only you and Commissar Long are able to make me respect you. The reason I respect you is not because you are the number one and number two chief in the military region, rather, it's because of the gunshot wounds and the shrapnel on your legs that have not been taken out yet.’’

Hearing that, Chen Zhonghua and Long Zhengliang's expression improved slightly. That's right! As generals that got promoted due to their military achievements, they didn't like the standing committee members that only know how to point fingers and bullshit behind their back. However, they were unable to do anything since the country was like that.

Ye Tianming looked at Chen Zhonghua without blinking, ’’I, Ye Tianming, was originally a delinquent. From the first day that I became a soldier, I didn't know what was national interests, but I knew that the most important thing was surviving. I didn't know what national interests was on the day when I walked onto the battlefield. The reason I furiously killed my enemies was so that I could survive. When my instructor brought the troops and retreated out of the battlefield, I stayed behind. That wasn't because of national interests either, it was for those brothers that we didn't know the status of.’’

Hearing Ye Tianming's words, everyone in the office was slightly moved. What is a soldier? Perhaps, only someone like Ye Tianming can be considered a real soldier. They can ignore their own life or death for their own brothers, even if they were facing enemies of several tens of times their number. Although Ye TIanming continuously emphasized on how he doesn't know what national interests is, they knew. As a soldier, as long as you picked up a gun and entered that battlefield, that's fighting for national interests.

Ye Tianming continued, ’’As normal soldiers, they are already very excellent. If we were talking about solo combat abilities, perhaps they are among the top of the world. However, the battlefield is a place that will destroy humanity, only if they became crazier than the battlefield, will they survive. They still lack a lot. When they walk onto the battlefield, once they meet the elite enemy troops, only death waits them. The reason I called them trash was to attack their dignity and stimulate their potential so that they will prove that they are not trash. Only when they are trained into killing machines without dignity or emotions will they become true all-rounded warriors. When that happens, even if they face an entire elite enemy troop, they will be able to walk out of the battlefield alive.’’

As he said that, he walked towards the door. At the same time that he opened the door, he said, ’’I, Ye Tianming, am a very lazy person, only my brothers that have been through life and death with me can make me treat them sincerely. However, everything I've done today was because I was moved by two women. It was their unyielding gaze, stubborn personality and powerful will. It made me understand that, as an instructor, as their captain, I have to be responsible for their lives. I will teach them everything I knew, in hope of them able to use what I have taught them to walk back from the battlefield alive on the day that they walk onto the battlefield.

All of the members of the standing committee were moved by Ye Tianming's words. Chen Zhonghua and Long Zhengliang had never seen Ye Tianming act so deeply.

’’Everyone, let's have a chat. How should we deal with this,’’ said Chen Zhongliang.

One of the standing committee member thought about it and said, ’’Commander Chen, I think we should just leave this. If we make a big deal out of it, it'll have an effect for Old Zhao in the future. I think that Old Zhao wouldn't want this to become a big thing.’’


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