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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 84


SFS Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 - This is not training, this is abuse

All of the team members glared at Ye Tianming with anger. ’’Report!’’ Liang Hui called out. He was the young lad that had had issues with Lu Jing and Kang Min entering the special squadron.

The corner of Ye Tianming's mouth twitched, ’’Speak!’’

’’I request that you immediately apologize to us, we are not trash, you are insulting us highly,’’ Liang Hui shouted furiously.

’’Are you very furious right now? However, I, Ye Tianming will not apologize to a group of trash, you are not deserving of my respect. I will only respect the strong here. I'm being nice when I say that you're trash. Actually, in my eyes, you are not even as good as trash. If you want my respect, then you have to have the power I respect. You lose your dinner for tonight. Also, run ten laps around the field. Now, you guys...’’ With that, Ye Tianming pointed to all the other team members, ’’are also going to be punished. The reason is because he challenged my authority, and so you guys were dragged into this by him.’’

Now, all of the team members not only cursed Ye Tianming's ancestors, they even cursed every single one of Liang Hui's ancestors. Chen Yang and Long Ye were so angry that their eyes rolled into the back of their head. ’’F*k! That bastard, Liang Hui, why did he go and annoy Boss, even if he wants to die, he just had to drag us along.’’

On the other hand, Tan Chao didn't think so deeply, his only thought was that he had to continue even if he dies. This was his only chance, if he doesn't make use of this chance, then he could only be discharged and return home. As a soldier from the countryside, their only way out was to stay in the military, otherwise, they could only go back and farm.

The team members ran forward step by step while dragging their heavy bodies along, all of them had a wound on their right shoulder. The blood that had already clotted had started bleeding again, making the wounds terrible to look at. The fact that they could hold on till this point was already a miracle, especially for Lu Jing and Kang Min, both as women and as technicians.

Feng Zhen hesitated a bit, then said, ’’Captain! As professional soldiers, they are already excellent enough.’’

Ye Tianming shook his head, ’’No! Not enough. The battlefield is a territory that will crazily extinguish a person's humanity. Only by turning yourself even crazier than the battlefield can you achieve victory, only then will you have the chance to survive! They've not done enough, they still have far too much to do.’’

Feng Zhen shook his head, he understood that he had no right to say about anything about the battlefield. He had one idea in his head right now, which was to start training with the team members the following day, as well as asking Ye Tianming to be his shifu.

After the first day of training finished, all of the team members only ate two buns and drank a bowl of soup without any vegetable at all. Then they took off their clothes back in the dormitory. When they did, they saw that their right shoulders had swollen up and turned a green color. When they carefully took off their shoes, they noticed that their socks were already stuck to their feet with blood. Even moving them a little would cause pain that would cause their entire body to tremble. There was no helping it, they could only put soak their feet in hot water, then use a pair of scissors to slowly cut open their socks to take them off.

As Wang Bo looked at his meat mush of a foot, he said with a grimace, ’’This isn't training, this is abuse.’’

Jia Gaoming said, ’’I'm worried whether I can make it through the training tomorrow.’’

Luo Qiang looked at the two of them and said, ’’No matter what, I have to continue even if I die. I have to make Ye Tianming see that I'm definitely not trash.’’

As this was happening, Ye Tianming and Feng Zhen received Chen Zhonghua's call, telling them to head over to the headquarters.


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