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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 79


Chapter 79 - Stamina Training

Saying that, Ye TIanming's evil smile brightened even more, ’’But this sort of elimination contest will occur 7 days from today. From tomorrow onwards, I will organize a 7 day stamina training. I hope you guys can survive it, as long as you don't die, you can enter the elimination contest.’’

When they heard Ye Tianming's words, everyone looked at each other and muttered, ’’What do you mean survive, why does Captain's words sound so scary.’’

’’Everyone, go back and organize your bunk, have a good sleep. There's exciting events waiting for you tomorrow, do not disappoint me.’’

Each and every one of them walked towards the dormitory with a nervous feeling, when they recalled Ye Tianming's evil smile, they couldn't help but wonder in their hearts about what sort of inhumane training would befall them the following day.

During the early morning of the next day, Ye Tianming stood on the battle field with Feng Zhen behind him. When a sharp gathering assembly whistle sounded, the soldiers all assembled in less than three minutes. It was as expected of carefully chosen elites.

Ye Tianming gazed at the infinite sky, and saw a cloud flow under clear moonlight. Although it seemed a bit random, it made people feel like it was free and without restraint as a warm wave flowed through their bodies.

When faced with the courageous faces in front of him, Ye Tianming felt an unexplainable feeling surge up in his heart. Right now, he was using his method to give birth to a history of prosperity, and has also proved the existence of something that truly existed without form. That was the military spirit that every Chinese soldier had. Ye Tianming will make it be passed down generations with blood and fire.

When the sun rose from the east, a sliver of sunlight splashed selflessly on everyone's faces, covering them in a layer of gold, making them seem all the more solemn under the flag.

’’Roll call!’’

’’Yes, sir!’’ Feng Zhen took out the register. ’’Wang Dong!’’


Bai Shizhong!’’


’’Huang Zhenyue!’’


’’Zhang Li...’’

’’Report, Captain. 138 people that should be present, and 138 people are present. Please give instructions.’’

’’Take a brief break!

’’I know that everyone here is hot blooded. I don't care how powerful your background is, but since you put on this military uniform, you should do something. Even if you can't leave your glory for a hundred years, you have to leave your bad deeds behind for ten thousand years. You have to live a full life, and play to your desires. Only then, would you not have come to this world for nothing. From now on, start using your own hands to support the future of our people. Use our hot bloodedness and regretless teenage years to support the pride and honor of the 1.3 billion descendants of Zhonghua.’’

With that, Ye Tianming took a glance at them and continued, ’’Seven days. In these seven days, you have to carry 50kg and conduct a 20km cross country training every day. The information squad will carry 30kg, and run 20km. From nine o'clock, it will be special forces compact practice, 11:30 will be your meals. 1:30 in the afternoon will be your stamina practice. 4:00 will be shooting practice. Everyone must fire fifteen thousand bullets until they are all used up. During the night, Vice-Captain Feng Zhen will be responsible to teach your about tactics in the afternoon.’’

When the team members heard about the shooting practice at 4:00 in the afternoon, they were all very excited, and completely ignored the burdened cross country and stamina training. Each and one of them awaited the afternoon so that they could enjoy the fun of gun shots.

When Ye Tianming saw the sparkle in their eyes when they heard about the shooting practice, he revealed his evil smile again, ’’Are you all ready?’’

’’We're ready!’’ An organized voice sounded out loudly and excitedly.

’’Good! Since you're reading, then don't disappoint me. Even if you leave after getting eliminated, walk away with your heads held high. Do not let me look down on you.’’


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