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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 66


Chapter 66

Luo Lin suddenly raised her hand, and curled her fingers like a claw, then grabbed towards Ye Tianming's throat with lightning speed. This fellow was too terrible, she must teach him a lesson. There was no way he could dodge it in such a close distance.

Just as Luo Lin was getting silently full of herself, her fingers missed. Ye Tianming had leaned backwards and raised his left hand to block in front of him. A ’’pa’’ sound rang out as the two hands crashed towards. Luo Lin's body subconsciously took a step back, while Ye Tianming used the impact of collision to retreat near the door.

’’Haha... Little girlie, you aren't my opponent. I'll come and train with you when I have time,’’ With that, he laughed loudly and walked away.

Meanwhile, the girls in the medic team still didn't know what happened, they merely heard a light ’’pa’’ sound, then saw Ye Tianming walk out the door, while their captain stood there with an ice-cold expression. It was clearly a case of ’’the captain is very angry, the consequences are very severe’’. That's why they all carefully walked to the side of the wall so that they wouldn't get dragged into it. At the same time, they worried about the rascal, Ye Tianming's safety. They were very clear about their captain's temper.

Yet, what shocked them to no end was that even after Ye Tianming walking far away, their captain didn't explode like they had imagined. Furthermore, when Ye Tianming's figure finally disappeared, their captain actually smiled. Although this smile was just a flash, they still saw it clearly, since they were together every day. This was too unbelievable, their captain actually smiled twice today, what's more is that a sparkle that they couldn't understand flashed in her eyes. The little girls were very confused. What was with captain today, did Ye Tianming anger her so much that she went dumb?

On the other hand, Luo Lin didn't know what to feel. She had attacked him twice today, and the delinquent easily blocked it twice. She was called a genius by her family since a young age, and was forced to practice martial arts by her grandfather since she was three-years-old. Right now, even ten odd special forces soldiers might not be able to defeat her. As she watched Ye Tianming's fleeting back, she thought to herself, did her grandpa really not lie to her? Was there really master internal practitioners in the world?

Thinking that, she smiled faintly as her eyes sparkled. Ye Tianming, you won't be able to escape.

’’Achoo!’’ Ye Tianming rubbed his nose and muttered, ’’Who the f*k is cursing me.’’

At this moment, Chen Yang and Long Ye looked at each other and saw the flash of excitement in each others' eyes. Both of them have been beaten up by Luo Lin before, but there was no helping it, this was a place where the strong ruled. The person that hit the hardest was the boss. Since they couldn't beat her, they could only avoid her. What's more, in terms of family background, Luo Lin was no worse than them. Additionally, they couldn't actually say something as shameful as that, if they did, they don't have to live any more. Wouldn't they get laughed at to death since two men got beaten up by a little woman?

Right now, the two of them saw a sliver of hope. Boss was so amazing, as long as they learn a little bit, then they no longer needed to fear Witch Luo. As long as they followed Boss closely, they had a bright future. Thinking that, the two of them laughed idiotically again.

Both of them shouted at the same time, ’’Boss! Wait for us.’’

After a while, when they finally caught up to Ye Tianming breathlessly, Chen Yang asked, ’’Boss, didn't you say that there's other things to talk to us about? What exactly us it?’’

Ye Tianming smirked as he looked at the two people, causing them to be really nervous. Why did Ye Tianming seem so much like a starving wolf, his eyes were brightening up, and the two of them were little sheep that were waiting to get eaten.

Long Ye stuttered, ’’Bo-Boss, don't look at us with that gaze. I'm really worried.’’


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