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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 59


Chapter 59

Ye Tianming was speechless, but he quickly smiled afterwards. This smile caused Chen Zhonghua to blank. Ye Tianming reached out to pick up the Soft Chunghwa 1 on the desk, then retreated a few steps to sit on the sofa. He gave the cigarette box a light tap with his thumb, causing a cigarette to fly out of the box in an arc and land directly in his mouth. After that, he lit the cigarette and sucked in a deep breath before crossing his legs and shamelessly putting the cigarette box in his pocket.

Now, it was Chen Zhonghua's turn to turn speechless, and all he could do was stare at Ye Tianming.

After a while, Ye Tianming finally spoke, ’’Chief, it's fine if you want me to train the soldiers.’’

Upon hearing that, Chen Zhonghua immediately brightened up. However, just as he was about to say something, Ye Tianming added, ’’But...’’

Eh! Chen Zhonghua forced his words back down his throat and asked with a dark expression, ’’But what? Do you want to talk about conditions with me?’’

’’Hehe. Chief, how can you say that? Don't you remember that I'm just a puny soldier, no one would listen to me without any rank. Don't you think that's the case?’’

Chen Zhonghua couldn't get more annoyed, this brat was asking him for a position. However, the brat did transfer over from Blue Sword, so he should technically be a major. Yet, it wasn't a normal transfer, but a transfer to a job of a lower level, so that was a bit hard. After all, Blue Sword was a special case where they had no ranks, and he had to return there in the future. If they suddenly gave him a file, would Old Qin say something about it?

Thinking that, Chen Zhonghua clenched his teeth and dialed Qin Dahai's number, ’’Old Qin, that brat, Ye Tianming, is here.’’

’’Oh? Hehe, how is it? That brat isn't acting shameless with you, right?’’

Chen Zhonghua laughed wryly, ’’He's refusing to do it without any ranks, what do you say?’’

Qin Dahai chuckled, ’’Aren't you just afraid of me saying something? There's no need, if he wants a rank, then give it to him. When he comes back, don't move his file. How's that? I'm nice enough, right?’’ Qin Dahai was also very happy, there was no doubt about Ye Tianming's ability. He was also happy about Ye Tianming getting advanced to a cadre, although Blue Sword received the best treatment within the Chinese military, there were special regulations, and they had no chance to advance to a cadre.

As for the commanders that joined Blue Sword from the normal troops, their files wouldn't be moved. Blue Sword just stored a backup file. In the future, when they returned to their normal troops, the commanders would be able to be promoted, get a higher salary and be put to good use. This was also why they tried their hardest to get in. There were a few hurdles when getting promoted in the military: the hurdles between a battalion commander and a deputy division commander;and between a division commander and a corps commander. These hurdles were barriers that some people wouldn't be able to cross even when they retired. However, it would be different if they stayed in Blue Sword for a couple of years. The speed at which they got promoted would be equivalent to riding a rocket.

However, normal soldiers didn't have this fortune. After they retired, they either returned home, or stayed in Blue Sword to become an instructor. Even if they got sent down, the military rank they would get wouldn't be too high, and even if they could get promoted, their age would still limit them.

This was a great chance for Ye Tianming, so Qin Dahai would definitely support it. Hearing Qin Dahai's words, Chen Zhonghua also let out a sigh of relief, then hung up the phone and said to Ye Tianming, ’’Sure, I can promise you, but you have to train the soldiers well, or else I'll send you back down.’’

Ye Tianming chuckled, ’’Don't worry, Chief, I promise to complete the mission.’’ However, he did not leave after he finished speaking.

Chen Zhonghua asked in confusion, ’’Why haven't you left yet, I'll send you the appointment notice in the afternoon.’’

Ye Tianming shook his head like he was moving to a rhythm, ’’Chief, I don't know what rank you're going to give me yet. I won't be assured if you don't tell me. You have power, and I don't. When the time comes, if you give me the rank of second lieutenant then wouldn't it be too terrible for me? I won't be able to change it even if I want to.’’


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