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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 56


Chapter 56

Hearing Chen Zhonghua's words, Qin Dahai's hands shuddered as he opened his eyes wide, ’’Old Chen, don't scare me, what did the brat Ye Tianming do?’’

Even though Chen Zhonghua couldn't see Qin Dahai's face, he knew exactly what his expression was. He felt amazing, he has never been able to get the upper hand on Qin Dahai despite knowing him for several tens of years, he finally managed it today. Thinking that, he chuckled, ’’Old Qin, this will really cause you a headache. You also know that Yang Yu's family's brat, Yang Chentian is here with me. You should have heard of his personality. He actually dared to frame Ye Tianming, so he got beaten up. He doesn't look anything like a human at all, and is still resting at the medic's right now.’’

’’Report!’’ Just as he said that, he heard someone reporting in. Chen Zhonghua could only frown and shout, ’’Come in.’’

An officer walked in and saluted in front of Chen Zhonghua, ’’Report, commander, the medical team had just reported that comrade Yang Chentian was beaten up this morning at the medical ward. The culprit is unknown.’’

’’What? He got beaten up again? He got beaten and doesn't even know who did it?’’ Chen Zhonghua said in disbelief.

’’Yes! The medical team said it.’’

Chen Zhonghua was truly speechless now, he really didn't know what to say about Yang Chentian. He could only wave his hand helplessly and said, ’’Go out for now.’’

With that, the officer walked out and closed the door lightly.

’’Old Qin, you heard that us well. I think this must be related to the brat, Ye Tianming.’’

’’How is that possible, didn't you put him in confinement?’’ Qin Dahai said slightly shamelessly. He knew that Ye Tianming must have done this, but he could not admit it. Or else, god knows how much stuff is this old fellow, Chen Zhonghua, going to blackmail from him.

’’Hehe. Old Qin, why did you become so shameless. Don't you know better than me what the brat, Ye Tianming, is capable of? Confinement? Can that hold him? If you're going to be shameless, then I'll really send him back. I can't afford to keep a deity like that around here.’’

Qin Dahai said helplessly, ’’Say it, what are the conditions. Just see how I deal with him when the brat comes back.’’

Chen Zhonghua held in his laughter, 'I heard you still have a box of Special Maotai...’’

Before Chen Zhonghua could finish, Qin Dahai shouted, ’’There isn't, didn't you drink all my alcohol? Where am I supposed to find it.’’

’’You, an old brat, is still acting shameless?’’ With that, he shouted, ’’Security, go and bring Ye Tianming here, I'm going to send him back to his original troops in person.’’

’’Fine, you'd done it. Two bottles. There's no more,’’ Qin Dahai said hatefully.

’’Security, quick, bring me Ye Tianming,’’ Chen Zhonghua shouted threateningly. He felt smug in his heart. He has never felt this good in several tens of years.

’’Fine, fine, Chen Zhonghua, I admit defeat. There's just half a box, if you disagree, then just send the brat back here,’’ Qin Dahai clenched his teeth and said.

’’Hehe. That's right. Deal. I'll deal with Ye Tianming's issue for you, but you still have to promise me a condition.’’

’’Old Chen, don't get too over the line,’’ Qin Dahai immediately interrupted him. If he allowed Chen Zhonghua to continue, then he really will cough up blood.

’’Old Qin, don't refuse me just yet. These troops are your effort, you also know that the headquarters are going to do a large scale military demonstration. I just want you to send a person over to help me train my soldiers. We lost way too must face the last demonstration. We are the troops in the old Red Army, we actually lost, don't you feel pained about it?’’ Chen Zhonghua said heavily.


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