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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 54


Chapter 54

When the medics ran to the ward, they saw that Yang Chentian's face, that had nearly returned to normal, swell up even worse than in the day. His already small eyes were sewn shut by the bruise, his lips also swelled and bled. Yang Chentian shouted with bruises all over his body, ’’Shouldn't you guys quickly help me treat the wounds? What are you blanking out there for? Aiyo!’’ With a scream of pain, Yang Chentian covered his face with his hand, since talking had pulled on his bruised muscles.

Seeing his appearance, the medics wanted to laugh, but didn't dare to, causing all of their faces to go bright red. An eighteen or nineteen years old medic quickly walked over to the bed with the medical alcohol to help him disinfect his wounds. She had a round face, large sparkly eyes and two cute dimples on her face when she smiled. Her timid looks caused any men to want to take her into his arms for protections.

’’F*k, lighter, do you know how to do it? If you don't, then f*k off,’’ She was clearly a new soldier that just joined not long after graduation. Hearing Yang Chentian's words, her eyes reddened as tears rolled down from her eyes, while she stood there, unsure of what to do.

The medics at the doorway were pissed, but they didn't dare to say anything, and could only look furiously at Yang Chentian. Just at this moment, a cold voice rang out, ’’Yang Chentian, clean your mouth, other people might be scared of you, but I'm not. How did someone as uncivilized as you come from the Yang family.’’

’’You f*king...’’ Yang Chentian forced his own words back down his throat before he finished his sentence. He saw a female major walk in. She was a bit taller than 170cm and had short hair that went down to her ears. Although she was wearing a military uniform, it was unable to cover her curvy, nearly perfect body. Her delicate features could be perfect to the extreme, it was hard to imagine that such a perfect woman could be seen in a military camp.

She stood straight in front of Yang Chentian's bed as she let out the unique atmosphere that only female soldiers would. She looked coldly at Yang Chentian with eyes full of anger, ’’Xiao Wen, back off, I'll do it.’’

Xiao Wen nodded and went to the side, while quietly reminded her, ’’Luo Lin-jie, he's so fierce. Be careful.’’

Luo Lin smiled, took the medical alcohol from Xiao Wen's hand and poured it onto Yang Chentian.

’’Ah!’’ Yang Chentian let out a terrible scream. The medical alcohol caused him to suffer in pain as it fell onto his medical alcohol. Just as he wanted to curse, he remembered the terror of this woman, so he could only shut his mouth obediently. Other people were scared of the people behind him, and would only get angry at his actions without saying anything, but this woman wasn't.

Nobody knew of Luo Lin's background. She had once singlehandedly subdued seven criminals with knives. Two of them got heavily wounded, while the remaining five got their limbs broken. This incident had once been known through the entire military region. Yang Chentian also knew about this. What's more, Yang Chentian has been beaten up by her before, and had to be hospitalized in the military region's hospital for three months. Nobody knew why Luo Lin had to beat him until he was hospitalized, and the higherups had once sent people to investigate. They were unable to find any results, since Yang Chentian couldn't speak of the reason.

Luo Lin barbarically helped Yang Chentian patch up his wound, then walked out without looking at him. Right afterwards, a round of laughter exploded out in the corridor. Anyone could hear that the laughter was completely laughing at Yang Chentian's demise. At this moment, Yang Chentian really wanted to die, not only did he not know who beat him up, he was even bullied by these women. Now he could only cry silently as he swore to take revenge.

’’Captain, you did great, he actually died to scold Xiao Wen, this bastard was truly looking for it,’’ said a medic very angrily.


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