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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 52


Chapter 52

Ye Tianming quickly snuck back into his confinement cell. When he saw Xu Liang still sleeping there soundly, he laughed. Then Ye Tianming picked him up, drug him outside and stood him up against the wall, then he walked back inside the room and locked the door.

When the morning sunlight shone in through the door, Xu Liang was still unable to understand how he had managed to fall asleep. He had to stand guard all night because the two comrades that got him to take over their shift begged him for a long while since they had other business to attend to, they even promised to treat him when they have time. If the chief knew about this, then would he be skinned alive.

At the same time, Ye Tianming heard messy footsteps from the outside. His door was opened with a ’’chi’’ sound, then one of the disciplinary senior colonel officers stood outside the door with two soldiers and shouted, ’’Ye Tianming, come out.’’

Ye Tianming jumped off the bed and stretched. Then he said with a smile, ’’What? You've investigated the case properly, and are going to let me out?’’

The officer acted like he knew about what Ye Tianming did yesterday, he merely said with a livid face, ’’Come with me.’’ Then he turned towards Xu Liang and said, ’’You come with me as well.’’

Xu Liang was felt a confusion and perturbance in his heart, he didn't know what was going on, could it be due to him taking their shifts? Even so, the disciplinary committee shouldn't have come for that. There was no helping it, he could only follow behind Ye Tianming and walk towards the disciplinary committee, and ponder at the same time.

Seeing the worried Xu Liang when he turned his head around, Ye Tianming twitched his mouth and said, ’’Bro, what's with the troubled expression, just don't admit whatever it is, would they dare to kill you?’’

’’Ai!’’ Xu Liang sighed, then shook his head without replying, as if he was done for already. Ye Tianming didn't care, he turned around and wobbled to the front as he sang something that the others couldn't make out.

That senior colonel officer frowned as he looked at Ye Tianming, who merely caused his expression to sullen further.

When Ye Tianming unknowingly turned his head back and saw that senior colonel officer staring at him with a raging expression, he chuckled, ’’What, are you angry seeing me walk like this? You can hit me, don't you guys always do that?’’

’’Heng!’’ The officer ignored Ye Tianming's provocation and just snorted coldly. Xu Liang looked at Ye Tianming provoke the officer in disbelief, and in his heart, he started to admire this sort of attitude that's not afraid of anything.

The weird atmosphere continued to spread. Ye Tianming hummed as he walked, and then he was taken to the interrogation room he had left not even twenty hours ago.

’’Reporting in!’’

’’Come!’’ A solemn voice sounded out from within.

The officer pushed opened the door and entered, ’’Chief, we brought Ye Tianming here.’’

’’En! Go out first.’’

’’Yes Sir!’’ He saluted, then walked out.

The moment Ye Tianming walked into the interrogation room, he saw the five pickets from the previous night starting at him with swollen faces and eyes that were about to spurt fire.

Ye Tianming laughed after seeing their expression, then suddenly straightened his face when he just noticed the wounds on their faces and exclaimed, ’’What happened to you guys? Who beat you like this?’’

The five people were unable to say anything due to the rage they felt as they looked at Ye Tianming's despicable expression.

’’Ye Tianming, don't you know what happened to them?’’ The senior colonel officer that interrogated him the previous day asked while forcefully suppressing his own anger.

’’I don't know, what do they have to do with me. Chief, you can't possibly think that I hit them, right. How is that possible, I was in my confinement cell the entire time,’’ Ye Tianming said with a totally innocent expression.


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